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16 Tips to Awaken Your Senses and Revitalize Your Mood

Sometimes we just sort of fall into a dull place in life. We could really use something fresh and fun to invigorate us, awaken our senses, and revitalize our moods. If you feel like you just need something new and exciting to jump start your mood, you will be happy to find this list of fresh ways to revamp your mood with little or no change in your daily routine.

Work can often put us in a bad mood. And when it isn’t work, it may be errands and having too many things to do, money issues, not having enough time to ourselves, or countless other things draining on us. Sometimes all we need to do to get back into the groove of life is to take a few moments to ourselves and refresh and awaken our senses and flip the switch to put ourselves in a better mood.

If you just need something simple to put your life back on track, or possibly to derail the current direction and change over to a new outlook, consider these tips to rejuvenate your mood.

• Take a hot bath with luxurious bath salts, bubbles, or other bath goodies.

• Try an emotibomb by LUSH Cosmetics. It adds lovely fragrance to your shower experience.

• Go for a ride in a convertible with all the windows down on the next nice day.

• Join a class or do your own yoga or Pilates at home.

• Take the time to meditate on a daily basis.

• Go for a jog outside…. Better yet if you can find safe trails to roam.

• Go swimming, even if the water is cold. Jump right in.

• Plan a tropical vacation, either by plane or on a cruise.

• Treat yourself to new and fragrant bath and body products like lotions, body sprays, and other goodies.

• Spend time outside gardening, doing yard work, or working out. Fresh air can do wonders for your mood and your body.

• Indulge in one delicious and sinful goodie, like triple chocolate cake or a large dish of ice cream.

• Watch a movie that makes you feel good. Or, if you feel like you need to cry but don’t want to cry for your own reasons, watch a sad movie that will let you get that release of tears.

• Call an old friend out of the clear blue sky and catch up.

• Spend time with a family member, friend, or pet. Remember how much you are loved.

• Stop and smell the roses – literally. If you don’t have any flowers in your yard, consider treating yourself to a new potted plant or bouquet to enjoy for a spell.

• Go somewhere peaceful and just relax. A stream, waterfall, or the ocean can be some great places to relax and reflect. You might also consider a hike to the top of a mountain or another pretty location.

No matter how you deal with your stress and mood swings, just remember that you can always try to reverse the negative feelings. In addition to the ideas listed above, consider things in life that make you happy and ideas of what you like to do for hobbies. Be sure to include these kinds of activities to help you eliminate stress.

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