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Managing Panic Attacks – Easiest Ways to Manage Panic Attacks

Panic attacks occur due to overwhelming anxiety and fear. Experiencing it, is the most uncomfortable situation in a person’s life. It gives a sense of dying. Difficulty comes in trying to break out of the attacks and removing yourself from the situation which can even make the attacks even more worse. Understanding what it is will bring great relief and will make one realize that it is quite common. Once a person gets to know what it is, he will definitely develop a curiosity to know how to manage a panic attack. There are many tips to manage a panic attack as given below. It can be as short as few seconds or it may last up to an hour. Regardless of how you get them, they are manageable and can be treated.

Managing panic attacks does not always go with taking medicines and consulting a doctor. There are other proper prevention methods which are available to manage such panic or anxiety attacks. The following points are some which could help you to manage these attacks.

  1. Once you feel it coming breathe slowly in and out of a paper bag. A paper bag will help your oxygen levels to return to normal.
  2. Avoid junk foods and drinks outside. Have regular meals to keep your blood sugar level stable.
  3. Don bottle up your emotions. Always find someone may be a family member or a friend and share your thoughts so that you feel relaxed.
  4. Listen to some good music and do a pleasurable task allowing the panic to subside.
  5. Once u sense an attack, close your eyes, breathe slowly and deeply and always keep in mind that you are safe.
  6. Firmly tell yourself that the symptoms you feel are temporary and they are not harmful.
  7. Avoiding exposure to unnecessary stress helps to managing these attacks.
  8. Try to exercise on a daily basis to have a healthy physic which keeps you away from panic attacks.

Managing panic attacks is simple if we get to know the cause for it. It is always better to avoid the circumstances that cause the attack. Severe attacks can be managed by learning how to breathe properly. You can use a breathing technique that you are comfortable with, once you feel an attack.

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The Difference Between Ashtanga and Vinyasa Yoga

Two of the most popular styles of Yoga classes are Ashtanga and Vinyasa. The defining characteristic of Vinyasa is the alignment of movement and breath; and, technically, Ashtanga is a form of Vinyasa. Both styles stem from the Krishnamacharya Yoga lineage, and both highlight breath-centered movement. However, that is where the similarities end.

The biggest difference between Ashtanga and Vinyasa lies in the sequencing. Ashtanga Yoga consists of three series of postures: primary, secondary, and advanced. The series are sequential in that a practitioner must master one before he or she can move on to the next. Each series consists of a predefined order of postures (asanas) that students practice the same way, every time. On the other side of the coin, Vinyasa class sequences vary, and the practitioner might experience an entirely different sequence each time he/she practices.

Each Ashtanga series revolves around a category of asanas: the primary series centers on forward bends, the secondary series focuses on back bends, and the advanced series emphasizes arm-support and arm-balancing poses. As the class progresses, the postures in the series, become more complex. Vinyasa Yoga sequences, on the other hand, often feature a peak pose. The peak pose is a challenging and complex pose that the teacher has selected for a particular practice. The teacher leads the class through a sequence of postures that helps students prepare for practice and recover from the peak pose.

Both Ashtanga and Vinyasa employ a three-pose transition, called a “Vinyasa,” which includes Chatturanga, Upward-Facing Dog, and Downward-Facing Dog. In the Ashtanga practice, the student performs an asymmetrical pose on the right side, moves through a Vinyasa, and then repeats the pose on the left side. In Vinyasa Yoga, a student may link several asymmetrical poses together before performing the Vinyasa and switching to the other leg.

Ashtanga classes can be either teacher-led or “Mysore,” which means self-led. In a Mysore class, each student practices an Ashtanga series from memory, moving at his or her own pace. The teacher walks around and provides individual adjustments and instruction, as needed. In contrast, a Yoga teacher almost always leads a Vinyasa class. The Vinyasa teacher will cue the entire class together and offer some individual adjustments on an as-needed basis.

Finally, students of Ashtanga Yoga do not use props, posture modifications, or music. In Vinyasa classes, some teachers make props available, use background music, and encourage their students to modify postures, as needed.

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Zumba Workout Videos – My Tips on How to Use the Zumba Workout Videos to the Fullest

Zumba workout videos are the new dance fitness craze that is taking America by storm. Originating in Latin America as part of their regular lifestyle, dancing is a natural way of fun that allows many to stay in shape and have fun while doing it.

If you are one of the ones that have a hard time staying on task and motivated when it comes to working out. Not because you don’t want to workout but only because you get bored easy. Then you need to get your hands on some zumba workout videos and join in on the fitness dance that is helping a ton of people to lose weight fast without even requiring you to use any fitness equipment.

Zumba dance is great for anyone that is not afraid of having fun and bringing the skinny back into their life with out having to self sacrifice their own life to get that way. Dance is taught now in many fitness gyms and local small fitness centers. But if you are like most people that just can not get out and make it to the gym. Then you really need to try some awesome workout videos for your own personal home library of fitness products.

Fitness videos at home gives you the opportunity to get in shape fast with out having to go to a gym and spend a ton of money doing so.

Exercise videos do not require a lot to get started and can be used pretty much hands free so a grab a water bottle and lets have some fun!

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Hypertrophy Strength Training For Beginners

How do muscles grow

With increased overload, muscle protein is catabolised before protein from food is used in the re-growth of muscle tissue. In the rest period following work, this means there will be an increase in protein density, thus enlarging the muscle fiber. Strength is not just size, it requires several other factors – motor units involved, neural synchronicity, bio mechanical advantages, neural inhibition. The muscles grow not just from muscle tissue but from an increased capillary density and nerve and other cell densities.

Muscle cell components

Myofibrils 20-30%

Mitochondria 15-25%

Sarcoplasm 20-30%

Capillaries 3-5%

Fat deposits 10-15%

Glycogen 2-5%

Connective tissue 2-5%

Other subcellular substances 4-7%

Methods of overload

Myofibrils 6-12 reps

Mitochondria 12-15 reps

Sarcoplasm 6-25 reps

Capillaries 15-25+ reps

Fat deposits rest and diet

Glycogen diet

Connective tissue 6-12 reps

Other subcellular substances 6-25 diet/rest

Training for size requires more varied loads and more varied reps than a typical strength program but heavy enough to elicit failure in the 6-12 rep range. Rest is short to moderate since it is important to start the next set before full recovery is achieved. You may do 12-20 sets on each muscle group. This higher overall training volume coupled with a moderate training intensity, although lower than for strength training, appears to be optimal for increases in muscle girth. Despite the recognition of 8-12 reps being the classical rep range, hypertrophy can occur anywhere between 1-50 reps.

Other important factors to consider with training for weight gain.

  • nutritional factors
  • mental psyche
  • body and fiber type
  • access to equipment
  • training age
  • time available


There is a relative lack of individual fiber hypertrophy in bodybuilders who possess substantial limb girths. This concludes that larger muscles may be caused by an increase in the number of muscle fibers – hyperplasia. Body builders exhibit a larger absolute amount of collagen and other non-contractile connective tissue. Other cross sectional studies have revealed a percentage of type II fibers in bodybuilders lower than that found in other anaerobic athletes and larger number and size of type I fibers.

Biochemical adaptation to hypertrophy training is similar to strength in gaining type II fiber hypertrophy. Research has shown that the results from training for improvements in strength and endurance at the same time are less effective than training each component individually. Abernathy and Quigley suggest the most effective form of training for improvements in both areas would be to periodise the training. This would enable us to improve firstly one then the other allowing for differences in upper and lower limb adaptations to concurrent training

Strength and endurance training

The interference generated when training for both strength and endurance simultaneously has yet to be completely determined through research. A recent study by Hennessy and Watson found that “strength training alone resulted in improvements in strength, vertical jump and speed while maintaining endurance. Strength and endurance training resulted in endurance and upper body strength gains, but it compromised gains in lower body strength” Therefore the needs of the sport would need to be determined prior to setting up the training of both strength and endurance. Abernathy and Quigley state that” it is not yet known what would be the optimal structure for such periodisations”. Further research is needed to determine the most effective method.

The current information available suggests that when training for a sport that requires one of the particular qualities more than the other then it is best to train one area of fitness and then maintain it while emphasize the other. However the compatibility of strength training and endurance training depends heavily on the training age of the athlete. Both strength and endurance gains will be noticed in some one with little training experience. In the more experienced trainer it is difficult to phase such workouts in to the training week and still allow full recovery from strength workouts and the more taxing aerobic work. Endurance training will not improve the level of strength gained; strength training has the ability to improve an athlete’s endurance.

Integration and interference of strength

Size has a 50% correlation with strength, therefore as a lead up to maximal strength training the athlete may follow a hypertrophy phase to increase lean body mass. If lean body mass is reduced the potential strength level is also reduced. The adaptation that sees a direct increase in maximal strength is mostly a neural one. The intra muscular adaptation decreases the sensitivity in the Golgi tendon organs which increases the net neural and strength output. As the GTO’s are desensitized greater strength training is possible and a greater gain in maximal strength is achieved. Increasing the descending activity of the supraspinal activity decreases the inhibition of the muscle which allows greater levels of strength training. A more efficient neural output increases the potential maximal strength level achieved.

The training program should allow for the improvement of both areas. However the principle of specificity states that training must relate to the actions and abilities required and integrating the training must be done in a periodised manner.

Two most important factors

  • Tension placed on a muscle
  • Duration of the training stimulus


· High number of reps (e.g. 300 reps/workout)

· Reps in the 6 – 15 range

· Sets numbering 3 to 6

· Advanced trainers possible rep range (80% of 1 RM Squats – 4 to 6 reps, 80% of 1 RM Leg press – 20 reps), 5 x 10, 4 x 10, 5 x 6, 5 x 10, 5 x 8, 5 x 6, 5 x 8, 5 x 6, 5 x 5


· Low to moderate

· Significant factor is how much weight you lift in tonnes

· Volume x Intensity of load = Tonnes


· 3 to 4 sec Eccentric, 2 to 3 sec Concentric

Variety of Exercises

· Novice – 8 to 10 exercises, 2 to 3 sets each

· Advanced – 4 to 5 exercises, 3 to 6 sets each


· High training volume requires greater recovery after the workout

· Each muscle only needs 2 workouts per week

· 1 to 3 min recovery between each set or/ HR below 100 bpm

· 10 RM + 1 min rest = surge in growth hormone

· 3 RM + 3 min rest = surge in testosterone

· High cortisol levels reduce strength. Cortisol breaks down the muscle tissue to glycogen (glucose). A drink should be taken immediately to decrease cortisol levels and the ratio between cortisol and testosterone is better so that the anabolic process occurs faster from increased levels of testosterone proportionally.

Reps and Sets

Given below is a general acceptance of what the rep range produces in terms of results. However there is also a general rule that training will occur in any rep range outside that which is currently being trained or has been done previously.

3 x 1-4

· Improved strength

· minimal change on muscle mass

· neural factors most attributed to change in strength

· inappropriate for novices

· stimulation duration critical factor here

3 x 4-8

· Improved neural drive

· some hypertrophy in upper end of this range – assuming all other factors controlled

· novices make most gains here

3 x 8-12

· Significant hypertrophy

· less neural adaptations

· ideal for developing technique in novices

3 x 12-15

· Some hypertrophy

· improved muscle endurance

· weights too light to stimulate maximal strength changes

· improved coordination

3 x 15-25

· Muscle endurance

· some hypertrophy but not from contractile tissue

How many sets?

As a general rule you can use the table below as a guide to how many sets a person should complete. In my experience this table can vary significantly and over the past 20 years I have used reps and sets at different times based on the persons ability to progress and develop those skills essential to multiple sets.

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The Broccoli Diet

Remember the time your mother told you to eat your vegetables? Here’s an additional reason why. If you are trying to lose weight and keep the weight off permanently, non starchy and cruciferous vegetables like broccoli can help if included in your diet plan. A broccoli diet is rich in fibers, great to taste and hassle free to cook.

Make broccoli an important part of your meal.

1. Have at least two servings of broccoli with your meals.

Just chop the broccoli into small pieces and boil till it turns bright green. Serve with a hint of butter and pepper and you have a tasty and healthy side dish. While on the broccoli diet since you are filling your stomach with the low-calorie high-fiber vegetable and not heavy fats and carbohydrates, you lose weight.

2. Broccoli is a great snack option.

Substitute your oily high-fat munchies with a bowl of great tasting broccoli soup. What you eat in between your meals greatly determines how successful your diet plan is going to be. In fact binge eating is one of the main reasons why diets fail despite people consciously monitoring their meals. So snack healthy when you are on the broccoli diet and you will most definitely lose weight.

3. Add variety to your broccoli diet.

This will enable you to maintain your diet for a longer period of time. Throw in some chicken pieces with the broccoli or mix it up with other vegetables every now and then. This will keep your taste buds satiated and also ensure that you stick to your diet and keep the weight off permanently.

Broccoli keeps you feeling full thus you don’t experience hunger. Starvation helps you lose weight only to a certain extent because it slows down your body’s metabolic rate and then you lose weight no longer. But the broccoli diet does not starve you. You keep eating but intake fewer calories. Your metabolic rate remains normal and you keep losing weight.

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Great Prom Hair – Tips and Tricks

How is it that some girls have great prom hair, and other girls don’t? It all depends on how you take care of your hair, and what you use on it. It is not easy. We all know how important it is to look good, and have the latest trend even on our heads. There are a few tricks you could try to get the hair style you want but most importantly, it is always a good idea to take good care of your hair and try to find a great hair doctor to help you with it! By hair doctor, I mean hair stylist at a salon. Most are very knowledgeable and can take a dried out frizz-ball, and nurse it back to a healthy beautiful head of hair. I am guilty of having my own hair doctor, and I am very happy I do!

A few tricks to try and are highly recommend, not to mention fun, quick and easy, are to find some hair extensions to match your natural hair color. I use them, and love them! It is highly suggested to take a close girlfriend or family member to the store to make sure the extensions match your natural color. That is actually the easy part. The more difficult part is to make sure when using them, it is not too obvious there are any extensions in the hair by making sure the clips are hidden well. The only thing to do in this situation is to play with the hair. An extra helping hand and set of eyes won’t hurt either. This experiment would make for a great pajama party to learn how to use them with other hair-extension girlfriends!

There are a few different kinds of extensions to pick from depending on what you want to do. There are individual “chunks” of hair you could buy to just clip or glue onto strategic places where they are needed, or there are more expensive pieces that pin up on half of the head. There are also colorful single “chunks” to purchase at beauty supply stores, but not all carry the colorful strands. These are great to match up with your dress color or for a more rock star look. They can also be used every day for fun to spruce up any hairstyle or outfit. I am also guilty of using them on a regular basis!

Most importantly, take excellent care of your hair. Notice the word used here is excellent? How you take care of your hair directly reflects how it looks. This is obvious, isn’t it? Well, even though most people know this, they don’t follow it. Bleaching hair for summer is a big no, and damages the hair greatly. Yet most people still do it. Bleach blond hair is a thing of the past. Natural and healthy hair is the thing of the present and future, for that matter. Keep in mind that most over the counter colors are okay to use once in a while, but a healthy color is always best if applied by a professional at a salon. Even if you can’t afford a hairstylist on a regular basis, going once to an excellent salon and getting to know what your hair needs and what to use will make a world of difference. If you decide to do more drastic things like coloring your hair, you will definitely need to go more often. It may take a few trips and special treatments to get back to healthy, but it will definitely be worth it.

It is not impossible to have a beautiful healthy hair style for prom or any other occasion. Just keep in mind that it does take a little bit of time, effort, and money. If you’ll be trying to style your hair yourself, it is always a good idea to prep ahead of time and have an extra set of hands to help you out and an extra big mirror. Don’t wait until the last minute either. Doing your homework and shopping around for hair extensions a few weeks ahead of time, will help greatly if you choose to go that route. So, take care of your hair, and good luck styling!

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Natural Hair Regrowth – Grow Your Hair Using the Natural Way

Many people who are living a very stressful life are more likely to be suffering from hair loss and eventually baldness; consequently they end up seeking for various ways to minimize this incident and one of the best methods is the natural hair regrowth which offers the safer way towards healthier hair. Actually one such method is to live a stress-free life because once the pressures of works and other life’s obligations are gone; this problem can be solved as in the case of many people.

Aside from that, another natural hair regrowth method is to modify your meal plans into mostly vegetables with fruits as your desserts. Highly suggested vegetables include the green leafy ones such as lettuce and cabbage while fruits include citrus, lemon, mangoes, pineapple and strawberries. Of course you need protein and carbohydrates so just munch on some moderate amount of red meat, turkey and chicken along with rice. Sweet potatoes are also great; but not the fried ones like French fries. In any case, it best to consult your dietician for the best meal plan well suited for your case.

Furthermore, another natural hair regrowth technique is to take essential vitamins and minerals so that you will be sufficiently supplied with the required nutrition that will help promote development and prevent hair-loss. In some occasions, lack of nutrition is the main cause; hence, supplying yourself with proper nutrition can already improve the situation.

Additionally, you should also share this problem with your physician especially if you are currently taking some medications because there are also medicines that can cause hair-loss. By telling this with your doctor, your physician can modify the prescription with other alternative medicines which does not cause this problem in your case. This should be done especially if you are regularly taking anti-diabetic medicines, anti-depressants, and anti-fungal pills or creams among many others; your doctor is in the best position to give you proper advice regarding these matters.

There are still much more techniques that can greatly help you out with your current problem such as using natural home remedies that are efficient in managing this case; just choose which among the options you want to use that is more convenient and safe for you. Just ensure that when you opt to use the natural hair regrowth system, it should also come along with healthy diet and stress-free lifestyle in order to get the maximum effects for your program.

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Fat Burning Diet Made Easy

When someone is trying to lose weight, they always say “I’m too fat. I’m going on a diet. I have to lose weight”. Do they know what foods cause the fat to go on the body in the first place? That seems to be the biggest problem. Unless dieters are willing to study what foods put on weight and what don’t, then they are wasting their time and weight will pile back on once they are bored with it.

You must include some of the foods below in your diet in order to burn fat:

1. Whole grains, breads, cereals, etc. are needed to maintain energy throughout the day and do a host of other things within the body including keeping you feeling full.

2. Fruits are also complex carbs, because of their high fiber content and slow absorption into the blood stream, keeping our insulin level in check, which is important for less fat storage and a higher chance of our burning stored fat.

3. Lollies, fizzy drinks, cakes, etc are to be kept to the bare minimum, they just add more fat to your body if you’re not careful with how much you eat.

4. Proteins (lean meats, fish, poultry, soy, beans and legumes, etc.) are important to maintain the cell structures in your body and provide the building blocks for the lean muscle you’re after, which is important if you want to burn fat fast.

5. Fats (found in many proteins, nuts, oils, etc.) are also important to maintain certain bodily processes like hair, nail, skin etc. If you are looking at lean protein choices in your meals, then include small amounts of healthy oils, nuts, and seeds in your diet.

Eat as many green veggies as you can, as they’re low in calories and provide more fiber, vitamins and minerals that will be more than acceptable for most people.

Eating smaller more frequent meals throughout the day is the fastest way to fat burning. Try and eat 5-6 smaller meals per day, spaced about 3 hours apart if possible.

In conclusion you can burn fat easily if you focus on nutrient rich foods. You’ll find that this fat burning diet made easy and getting healthy, will seem so natural.

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4 Tips On How To Get Ripped – Buliding Muscle Fast

As a personal trainer, I get asked this all the time. Everyone wants to learn how to get ripped right away!

Well you can make it happen fast, but don’t expect any overnight results. This type of muscle has to be earned through hard work.

Ripped is about 13% body fat. Doctors will tell you that it is healthy to be between 14% and 20% body fat.

1) In order to get ripped my way, nutrition is important. Eating habit needs to be worked correctly, and a diet plan is crucial. Create yourself a program that incorporates a 2000-2500 calorie a day diet.

2) You have to workout 3 times a week, with cardio days every other day. Go ahead and take weekends off, but you can’t miss any other days. This is all about discipline, your workouts need to be planned, not random and sporadic.

3) You need at least six hours of sleep each night, shoot for eight.

Try to keep your schedule consistent. Don’t workout too much either, it is easy to injure your muscles when working them every day.

4) Supplements. A protein shake is necessary, other than that you should stay away from supplements. Multi-vitamins are healthy, but beyond that I would work out the all natural way.

These are just basic tips that every new builder needs to get started.

What next?

Next you need to set yourself a full workout plan that incorporates all of these tips. You need a complete diet, a complete workout schedule, and plenty of information on technique.

You can find answers to all of these questions for free online, but its all about the quality of the information your receiving.

If you are going to dedicate yourself to getting ripped, I highly suggest researching top fitness e-books that setup everything for you.

These e-books are like hiring a personal trainer to build you a full workout plan, which would cost at least $600 at a gym with many visits required.

Some of these e-books are scams so be worried, what you need to do is go with some of the e-books that have been around for years.

Once they’ve been around for awhile, you no people are buying them.

Check out the squidoo lens link below, the lens reviews three of the top e-books out their. See if any of them are right for you.

These e-books aren’t necessary, but they do make getting ripped a lot faster and easier. They are well worth the small investment.

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Acne and the Healing Power of Black Seed Oil

My teenage daughter was suffering from acne so badly, that I felt, I really needed to do something to find out what the alternatives are after trying all kinds of creams and products that were advertised on TV. Since I am a big believer in the natural healing power of certain herbs I started doing my researches on the one herb I was taking all along for myself. It’s Black Seed Oil. It takes care of a lot of conditions people are suffering from. So I found out that acne was on the top of the list as treating it naturally from inside out by balancing your entire body chemistry.

She started taking the oil and after a few months we can see how her skin is slowly clearing up. Of course it doesn’t happen overnight, but we definitely see a major improvement. Especially those bigger cysts started to heal off and what’s left are just some tiny pimples that are also starting to clear.

Black Seed Oil called Black Cumin Oil is special as a natural treatment for acne as it strengthens the immune system.

Black cumin should be taken orally 2-3 times a day in a teaspoon of oil or 2-3 capsules. It is important to make sure that the oil is pure cold pressed black seed oil.

For a more intensive treatment of acne, you can additionally use the oil topically.

Add 2 teaspoons of black seed oil to a bowl of hot water and then put face over the bowl with a towel covering the head and the bowl.

Depending on the severity of the condition herbal remedies such as black seed oil work naturally.

As a natural home remedy for acne this will take time to heal and may need to be administered for 1-2 weeks before any results can be seen.

There are 2 different forms of Black Seed Oil that are the most effective. You can either get the cold pressed oil as the liquid version or go for the more easier way by taking 2-3 gel capsules a day. Both ways the oil is easy to take and it will help you to balance your overall body chemistry and health in general.

Read about all the health benefits and conditions that can be treated with the healing power of Black Seed (also called Black Cumin Oil). Unfortunately, in this country this oil hasn’t become very popular yet while it has been known as a cure for all these many different conditions for thousand of years. Even the old Egyptians knew about the power of those hundreds of natural ingredients that give the body the strength to fight off a lot of nasty conditions. Until the vitamin stores will finally put this amazing herb in their shelves you can only order it online. But make sure it is cold pressed and pure. The page below has a lot of information about the strength of this oil.

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