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Dunking Training – 10 Training Tips to Dunking

1. Stretch based on when your body is feeling relaxed and tranquil around 11 AM and 2 PM. Take time to warm up before flexibility training.

2. After you have finished training, you should make it a habit of consuming some protein. Choose foods that are easily digestible. I, as well as some elite trainers, recommend that you take your portion before the sweat on your body dries.

3. When in training, use dunking techniques that work on your ATP/CP anaerobic system, which adds explosive strength to your jump. But also remember that these fibers burn out quickly. To find dunking drills which work on your anaerobic system find a reliable and trustworthy dunking tips guide or manual which give you dunking workouts to increase our vertical.

4. While using Training Tips to Dunking remember in order to train the most explosive muscles in your body you must rest them every 5-10 seconds after completing a workout set.

5. After an intense workout set, your body’s ATP/CP supply is in a tired state. It takes about 5 minutes to replenish this system back to 90%, so take long rest periods from the dunking workouts.

6. When working out never work on just one part of muscle. Pay attention to the other muscle fiber composition of the other muscles being trained. This maintains a balance of muscle growth and prevents injury from occurring.

7. Above all training tips to dunking, pay attention to how your body replies to the dunking workouts. By being aware of how your body responds will help you take your customized dunking training program to the next level and allow you to work more or less on some muscles.

8. If you want fast, quick results any other dunking training that works the slow twitch fibers dunking exercises such as jogging (usually less intense and longer lasting) will take more time to achieve your goal. In a game, you are not usually (if ever) using your aerobic system. Basketball is 80-100% anaerobic. This means that your dunking workouts ought to be explosive in each way that you train.

9. Reward your body by taking a very hot bath and stay in for 15-20 minutes about one a week. The training tips to dunking gain when you recover, not when you train.

10. Take a proper cooldown for 20-30 minutes from your dunking workouts. The reason for this is to accelerate the draining of acids out of your body, which comes out as sweat.

Thank you for taking the time to read some of my Training Tips to Dunking. I hope they work for you as they have incredibly increased my dunking techniques.

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Abs Diet Guidelines

More than any other areas of the body, the abs are the center of attention for many diet and exercise programs. This is not surprising for aesthetics and health reasons. On one hand, flat abs is good to see on any individual with the exception of pregnant women, of course. On the other hand, fat around the middle has been linked to increased risks for diseases like diabetes and weakened heart function.

One of these diet programs is proposed by the editor-in-chief of Men’s Health Magazine, David Zinczenko, which is called the Abs Diet. Basically, it is a six-week plan designed to flatten the stomach, make for a leaner body and result in a healthier lifestyle. The guidelines for the Abs Diet are fairly simple and very commonsensical, too.

Eat Six Meals a Day

It may seem counterintuitive to flat abs to eat six meals a day instead of the usual three. However, there is a science behind the recommendation that can be simplified as follows: You are creating an energy balance in your body that keeps your body feeling full and satiated for most part of the day. Thus, you feel less need to binge on food later on.

The Abs Diet recommends that larger meals be alternated with smaller snacks. Basically, you eat your mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks two hours before lunch and dinner, respectively, and one mid-evening snack 2 hours after dinner. Of course, you must eat your healthy breakfast.

Eat the 12 Power Foods David Zinczenko came up with 12 power foods that must be included in all six meals of the day. Since these foods can be combined in hundreds of combinations, you will not feel bored with the menu and you get all the necessary nutrients in one meal.

The 12 power foods are also easily remembered by using “abs diet power” as the acronym, thus:

· A- Almonds and other nuts

· B – Beans and legumes

· S – Spinach and other green vegetables

· D – Dairy fat-free or low-fat milk only as well as yogurt and cheese

· I – Instant oatmeal of the unsweetened and unflavored varieties

· E – Eggs

· T – Turkey

· P – Peanut butter, preferably the organic kind

· O – Olive oil

· W – Whole grain breads

· E – Extra protein in the form of whey powder

· R – Raspberries and other berries

These power foods can be made into smoothies, which the Abs Diet also recommends regular consumption for flat abs. An 8-ounce smoothie can be used either as main meal substitute or as a snack. For example, vanilla yogurt, uncooked instant oatmeal, chocolate whey powder and peanut butter can be made into a smoothie as a complete meal in itself.

Of course, drinking plenty of water and abstaining from alcohol are also part of the Abs Diet guidelines. Water helps in fat burning while alcohol helps in fat storage, thus, the advice.

Lest you think that the diet is so strict that you will be tempted to backslide into your old eating habits, think again. The author recommends eating anything you like one meal in a week just as long as you planned for it. And do follow the exercise plan, too, for faster and better results.

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Hockey Training Programs For Teen Players – Picking the Right Off-Ice Workout Plan For Young Players

Hockey training programs are something every teen and pre-teen player looking to meet their full potential should be taking part in. You don’t need an expensive gym membership or a high-priced home gym to train, only the desire to improve, but what you do need is knowledge of how to pick the right training program, because the wrong program could actually hinder a young players progress. Here are some tips for picking the right off-ice training program.

Consider the age of the player carefully:

The difference in body development over the small window between the ages of 12 and 15 can be absolutely huge. Naturally, this means that depending on the player’s age, the workout routine they follow will need to be designed accordingly. At 12 to 14, kids bodies aren’t developed enough to do an adult workout. By 15 and 16, they generally are, and kids can train following the same program as older teens and adults. Make sure the training program you select is tailored correctly by age.

Make sure the program is hockey specific:

You can put a young teen player into any physical training and they’ll benefit from it, but for a player to reach their full potential on the ice, they absolutely need to be in a hockey specific program. General workouts are good, but they don’t necessarily target the areas that make great hockey players. Things like first-stride speed, overall power, agility, and much more can all be improved greatly by following a hockey specific program, and a player on a program designed for hockey will almost always see better results than a player on a generic workout plan.

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Experience Male Hair Regrowth in a Flash

Most people enjoy things done quickly. We live in a fast paced society where time is everything. This same thing applies to regrowing your hair and avoiding baldness.

If you spend too much money and time trying to find a product that will eliminate hair loss, more than likely you will find that they work too slove or not at all.

There are simple ways to jumpstart male hair regrowth . The best part of all if that they are cheap and effective.

Did you know that drinking green tea each day will block the leading enzyme that results in male pattern baldness? This enzyme is called dihydrotestosterone (DHT) and binds to follicle roots destroying them over time.

Consuming green tea will definitely help you out and keep this hair loss culprit away. I haven’t personally given green tea a try because I’m not a big green tea drinker, but I’m sure it will help based upon it’s composition. Saw palmetto I must say will definitely block DHT and stop your hair loss within the first week.

It’s suggested that you get 1,500 mg of it daily and you can purchase this herb almost anywhere.

A very critical key to encouraging hair regrowth is to stimulate the hair at it’s roots. Only by doing this can you really expect any changes as far as growth it concerned.

In my opinion there is no better way to do this than by simply massaging thinning areas over your scalp. This gets more blood to flow to your follicles and will cause a production of healthy hair.

You see your blood contains nutrients that your follicles need to produce hair. you must remember that if you’re not already getting magnesium, iron, zinc, and other hair growing minerals in your system, then they will not be in your blood and thus massaging will serve no purpose.

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Hal Higdon Marathon Training Guide

Hal Higdon’s Marathon Training: The Ultimate Training Guide is a constructive and descriptive among other marathon training guides. A marathon runner that he is (he there’s more to him beyond that), his book has been very influential to every marathon runner across the United States. This is because the program has three divisions for the specification of a trainee. Classifications are for the novice, intermediate and advanced runners.

The training program concentrates in enhancing your endurance for long distance runs at the beginning of the training proper. It’s also very specific in health matters since you need to have a physical examination before immersing to an 18 week marathon training program. Marathon and training for a marathon isn’t an easy sport to conquer but with Hal Higdon marathon training guidance, you’ll surely get your way to the finish line. Hal Higdon has run 111 marathons in his entire lifetime. Seven of which he ran in seven months to celebrate his birthday in 2001 and who else can better impart tips and guide than the man himself who have done and experienced all the physical hardships marathon running has to offer than the author.

Main goal here is, to let you understand the best training guide for your body type.

Marathon training guide is an 18 wk schedule for beginners. It includes programs for four days a week including step back weeks that will allow runners to avoid over training. There is no guaranty everything will be easy by following this training guide but as long as you follow he directions carefully you will have a great marathon experience to look back to. You also have to realize that undergoing full 18 week training will definitely mean compromise with your work, family time and other things you normally do everyday. You will need to plan a way not to miss out on those important things in as much as not jeopardizing your training as well. It’s suggested that you present this training plan to your family and friends for full support. Anything else should be dropped at the moment if you’re serious about running a marathon since it’s always best to focus on one thing at a time.

Earlier, it’s mentioned here that Hal Higdon marathon training program has three classifications. Program involves training for novice. Beginners, basically, need to focus on building mileage run. This is driven by the fact that marathon is a long distance run and you will need all the endurance, stamina and strength you can gather to finish the race. The exercise covers a comfortable run of 3-6 miles and training for about 3-5 days a week. However, other people who have started training for marathon or even those that have run a marathon event, stick to this program. That’s also possible; you should always think and decide what could be best for your body.

Training also offer intermediate and advanced programs for those who want to take marathon racing to another level. Intermediate category have two divisions, the Intermediate I is a step higher difficult than that of the Novice program. Long run starts at 8 miles instead of 6. This level alters your training tasks and resting periods. Intermediate II becomes even more difficult than the previous level. Long runs starts already at 10 miles instead of 8 and by the 8th week (training is reversely counted) your run is already 20 miles.

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Erectile Dysfunction and Stress

Once of the main causes of erectile dysfunction in men is stress. Stress causes men to lose confidence more easily, have less energy, and an overall decrease in sexual appetites. Stress related erectile dysfunction is hard to treat because the stress from fear of failure feeds into itself and creates a loop that is difficult to break out of. There are some things you can do for yourself though to turn the cycle around and become more confident with your sexual prowess. Plus, cutting down on the stress can help your health, your heart and your overall feelings of well being, so it’s well worth learning and putting some effort into.

Relax and Try Something New

It might be difficult to do, but relaxing for a couple of days can do a great deal to alleviate your stress and thus raise your sexual spirits (among other things). Take a couple of days off to relax or even travel to a new location, away from any sources of anxiety. Try some new activities and hobbies too, or complete a project that you’ve been working on for a while. The sense of accomplishment, combined with some rest, will help to regain your confidence and thus put your libido back on track. And get rid of the electronic gadgets! Things like cell phones, laptops, iPads and other things only make you obsessively check for work or other stressful things.

Herbal Remedies

Herbal remedies and natural male enhancement products use ingredients such as ginseng and gambir sarawak to help promote the flow of blood to your penis and delay the orgasm reflex. These things will help you deal with erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation with few, if any, side effects. With this plan, you can use the herbs to build up your confidence and thus reduce sexually related stress. After a couple of successes using the herbal remedies, you’ll feel your confidence come back and be better able to have the sex life you want. Herbal remedies can be more affordable and far safer than the pills that many men turn to, as well as being very easy to use.

Spend Some Time With Your Partner.

Enjoying some time with your partner without the expectation of sex can help you to rev up your engines. Without the expectation of sex, you may feel more ready to perform on the spur of the moment. Men can really feel the pressure to perform and this leads to performance issues such as erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. If your partner alleviates some of the pressure by not making you feel as though you have to have sex, it’s easier to get in the mood and stay there. Try watching some t.v. together, have a romantic dinner, go for a walk, or try some new activities together. It really doesn’t take much to get the romance back; it’s all about putting a bit of effort into things.

Turn Off the Porn

Although a useful tool in moderation, too much porn can make men feel inadequate and furthermore can make your partner seem inadequate as well. This feeling will make you less in the mood for sex and thus deeply affect your performance. Try getting aroused without the use of porn such as through foreplay or eating sexy foods together and you’ll find that your performance will increase again.

Erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation, among other sexual problems, are often stemmed from stress and anxiety. These things are difficult for medicine to deal with, but with some emotional help and some herbal remedies if needed, you can get your sexual confidence back. If you need more extreme help though, you should consult a doctor or get a bit of counseling to get rid of some of the weight on your shoulders. The important thing is to get some help either through your own work or with some outside help so that you can enjoy your sex life again.

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Why You Should Do Yoga

About Yoga

Yoga combines physical, mental and spiritual all in one to find a state of peace. Long term yoga practitioners have reported that they have noticed increase mental and physical health benefits from doing yoga. People also use yoga to help with strengthening muscles and increasing flexibility. There are many benefits to doing yoga regularly.

What it can do for you

Practicing yoga regularly can improve or reduce symptoms of asthma; it also will increase mood and anxiety just like walking world. Doing this frequently may reduce high blood pressure and lower the risk factors for cardiovascular problems. Yoga can be beneficial for lower back pain, and for increasing flexibility with the muscles in the entire back area. You can tone up your body and lose weight while practicing this. There are special movements that pregnant women can do which some women will report that it has made labor easier than if they didn’t do it. In pregnant women it will relax them and may aid with having an easier birth.

What you need

You will have many different styles of yoga pants but you don’t really need to purchase them, you can just wear comfortable pants or shorts, but it is important that they are stretchy material; if you wear something like jeans it will be uncomfortable for you. You don’t need to wear shoes, most of the time this is done barefooted. The shirts that you need are one that is fitted. You will need a mat to prevent injuries from working out on a hard floor. You will also need an open space to do the exercises at.

Why you should do it

Yoga is a great way to relax and to reduce stress. It’s a great way to tone your body, and to increase flexibility by stretching and building strength. It will help increase your balance. It can also tone up muscles that traditional exercising may not be able to do. One of the yoga poses will help tone and tighten the neck muscles which is a hard to reach area using regular exercises. It is more than just stretching, it is a whole package wrapped into one. You can relax during the session by relaxing your mind, concentrate on your breathing and enjoy the benefits of practicing the poses and knowing it is helping your body feel better. If you are unable to do aerobics because of a medical condition, yoga may work out great for you.

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Home Remedies For Hair Loss – Naturally Regrow Your Hair

Rather you’re male or female hair loss can be devastating and can really take a toll on self esteem. For some when you start to lose your hair you begin to feel hopeless. Some may start to withdraw from the outside world only leaving home to go to work. Others may channel or redirect their feelings and pour tons of money into hair loss treatments without doing the proper research. Make no mistake there are treatments out there that work, however, come equipped with high price tags, severe consequences, and possible negative side effects. In addition, many that are sold commercially are solutions made with toxic chemicals. If you’ve experienced some of the feelings previously mentioned, there is hope and there are other more natural remedies to consider. Home remedies for hair loss may prove to be useful for you in helping to deal with excessive hair fall.

Before you start with any homemade remedies take a look inward. Are you eating healthy and consuming meals that are rich in protein? Proper nutrition consisting of proteins such as lean meats, fish, and lentils is one of the best natural remedies for treating your condition. You can also start with drinking a healthy cocktail every morning that consists of alfalfa juice, lettuce (make sure it’s some sort of green leafy lettuce), and carrot juice. In addition to your diet, you may also want to contact your physician to rule out any underlying conditions that may be responsible for your excessive loss of hair.

Home Hair Treatments to Consider

Scalp massages – this stimulates the sebaceous gland if done on a regular basis and gets the blood circulating to promote hair growth. Try massaging with essential oils every other night or before shampooing your hair apply aloe vera to your scalp, massage, and then rinse with warm water.

Onion – very helpful if you have patches of baldness. Twice a day massage the onion on to the patches until they turn red then apply honey (moisturizes the affected area) after the onion.

Wash your hair with a homemade green smooth on a daily basis. Take one handful of romaine lettuce (or green leaf lettuce) and one handful of spinach and mix well in your blender.

Make your own hair loss shampoo by mixing together and boiling amla, reetha, and shikaki with two litres of water. Use this treatment for at least a month to treat baldness and prevent excessive hair fall.

Note: There are a variety of natural remedies available for you…you have to choose the best one for you!

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What Is Functional Fitness Training?

More and more people are signing up to gyms these days, but worryingly a lot of those people seem to believe that the quality of the gym they join depends more on the definition of the TV screens in the treadmills than any definition their torso might see from training correctly. It seems that in the Fitness and Leisure industry, far too much emphasis is being placed on the leisure rather than the fitness… but fortunately there is another option for those who truly want to improve, and more and more people are realising this: enter Functional Fitness Training.

Now there are many Internet articles and threads that simply debate the definition of functional fitness training… this is not one of them. I understand that any training can be classed as functional depending on what you’re training for. For example if you’re job description includes a need to have to largest biceps in the world then yes, 2 hours of bicep curls a day could be classed as functional training.

The goal here is not to argue the vagueness of the term, but to highlight the benefits, so for the purpose of this article functional fitness training will refer to an exercise or group of exercises that mimic, adapt and allow the improved performance of life’s daily tasks for the majority of people, with a reserve left for individual goals.

Here a goal could be, and usually is, to improve quality of life outside the gym; that is to have an increased capacity for recreation and play, whether this be a grandmother having fun with her grandchildren, or a teenager playing football.

Life’s daily tasks include movement in the 6 degrees of freedom, namely back/forward, up/down, left/right, roll, pitch, and yaw. Or more specifically to human movement, push/pull, jump/squat, step, twist, and bend. So functional training is training that seeks to improve as many of these movements as possible through one or a series of exercises. So consider functional fitness training defined… for this article at least!

So, if there exists functional fitness training, does this mean some training is un-functional? The answer to this is a definite yes… and unfortunately it’s all around us, and we’ll be writing an article on the topic of un-functional training shortly, so hold tight.

The many benefits of functional fitness training

Much of what goes on in gyms today is impossible to recreate outside of that environment. Functional fitness training allows you to develop strength in a controlled environment and then apply it to everyday life outside of that controlled environment.

Many favorable improvements gained from functional fitness training are down to the amount of ‘fitness bases’ covered in any one session. Indeed in one movement you could be improving strength, coordination, balance, agility, accuracy, flexibility, endurance and stamina. There are very few activities that can produce an improvement in both neurological fitness (balance, coordination, agility, accuracy) and physical skills (strength, flexibility, endurance, stamina). This is achieved by using a large number of the body’s joints and muscles at once, training your body as one unit… (Your body was designed to be used like this!)

Training your muscles to work together this way means more focus is on training movements rather than isolating individual muscles. Anytime you’re body is moving rather than remaining stationary you rely on dynamic balance as opposed to static balance, and dynamic balance requires a great deal of core stability amongst other things. Functional fitness training will only seek to further improve core stability and strength, which has the knock-on effect of improving most aspects of your moving life, in particular, improved intra-abdominal pressure, posture, and injury prevention. So, functional fitness training boasts numerous physiological benefits, but there is more to it than this…

One of the most important aspects of functional fitness training is that it can be scaled to suit anybody’s level of ability. Intensity, duration, and resistance can be altered on all of the movements trained to match the individual levels of fitness and allow everyone, and anyone to get the most out of their training. On top of this, functional fitness training is constantly varied and is very often different every session, a trait that should be absolutely necessary in any fitness plan or schedule. The ability to not get bored with your training is a luxury that very few people training in conventional gyms have.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, is the return from your exercise investment that you get from functional fitness training. Your exercise investment includes the money you spend (on your gym membership, kit, nutrition, and travel) and the time/effort you put into your training. As alluded to earlier, for most people using conventional gyms the value is more in the luxuries and less in the fitness aspects, where as, when it comes to functional fitness training, the return you get is the increase in your capacity to enjoy your recreations and play having reached your goals. In short, it gives you an increased work capacity over all fitness domains, which means in any given time period you can do more of whatever it is you want to do. Essentially, functional fitness training is real fitness training!

Healthiest Regards

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5 Diet Scams to Avoid

With the need to be healthy, there are many new diet programs that come into the dieting world. However, there are diet scams to avoid. Yes, there are people out there trying to always scam people and the diet niche is no different. By performing a search on the internet, you can find hundreds of diet plans that help and that are scams. But which ones do you go with and which ones do you avoid?

There are many signs that make a red flag go up in some of these new diet scams. The internet world gives their opinions and it is hard to determine whether or not the person is just angry because they tried the plan and failed. This doesn’t always mean the plan is a scam. Here are a few diet scams to avoid.

1. Diet Patches- These are patches which you place in areas where you want to loose weight. This ridiculous diet scam makes no sense and is borrowing from the smoking patch and pain patch. There are some things that a patch cannot solve.

2. Slim suits- This is where you wrap yourself in wraps to trap heat and sweat the fat away. Your sweat in your body is what hydrates your body. By taking away the sweat quickly, you can really hurt your hydration in your body and go into dehydration.

3. Herbal teas- This is healthy for the flushing away toxins in your body, but unfortunately will not flush away pounds. Similar to the “Pee Pill”, herbal tea will not help you loose wait. You will just pee away all the natural dieting nutrients from your body. Plus you might even get a bladder infection if you are urinating too often.

4. Weight Loss Creams- Similar to the patch, creams are ridiculous because they are just that, creams. A cream will not help you loose weight. A cream will only moisturize your skin. Depending what you new weight loss cream contains, you might even get an allergic reaction to the different added chemicals which your body is not used to. The weight loss cream is monopolizing off the pain cream.

5. Diet Pills- There are many diet pills that offer fast energy to burn off the weight quickly. These are a lie. The only pill you need to be taking are vitamins. Diet pills have been a controversy for years and for every pill you take, there is a high possibility of getting a horrible side effect. There is not miracle pill. There is never going to be.

It is always good to read up on every diet plan you are going to take. Consulting you doctor can help with recognizing a diet scam. People are always looking for a good deal and a fast deal. Beware of the fast and easy route. The fast way is not through a diet plan. The good and beneficial diet plans take months before seeing results. The only dieting you can really do is to eat normal portions of food and exercise. After a few months, you will see results. Remember that and good luck.

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