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Vary Your Workout Routine For Fitness Success

Start researching different workout routines and it quickly becomes evident that there are workout plans that encompass every type, amount, and intensity level of exercise. There are workout plans that focus on low impact activities 6 days a week, workout plans for high impact sessions 3 days a week and other plans for all other schedules in between. There is no one workout plan or exercise regimen that is best for everyone, just many options for people to try.

Using different workout routines can have several benefits for your fitness level. Changing up your workout plan can force your body’s metabolism into high gear helping you burn fat faster. Many people also find it easier to maintain an exercise plan that consists of a variety of activities. Below are some different workout plan options; each with their own unique strengths and weaknesses. You may find success with one or more likely a mixture of several.

Running/ Swimming

Running and swimming are all effective workout plans. They combine a good combination of both cardiovascular and muscular fitness. They are also easily scalable to whatever your fitness level may be. If you are just beginning a workout plan these two options are particularly appealing as it is easy to start slowly.

Yoga/ Pilates

Yoga and pilates are quickly gaining popularity as workout plans. Both can be excellent methods of improving strength, flexibility, and balance. There are many different forms of yoga with a variety of focuses. Some forms such as Iyengar Yoga are primarily concerned with alignment while others, including Bikram Yoga, provide a more taxing cardiovascular workout. Pilates workout plans can also cover a range of impact levels and movements.

Weight Training

Weight training is a workout plan that can provide a high degree of muscular fitness and if done correctly flexibility. There is even a type of weight training called circuit training that can provide cardiovascular benefits. Weight training can be a difficult and doctor should be consulted before beginning training regimen. Proper exercise selection, resistance setting and form are imperative for this type of workout plan to be effective.


Even your daily commute can be a workout plan. Walking or biking to work is a great way to a fit a workout plan into your schedule. Even if walking or biking the entire distance is not possible determine if there are certain portions of your daily travels that can be covered on foot or bike. Even small distances can have significant impact of maintained every day. With high gas prices and environmental concerns this workout plan provides more than just fitness benefits as well.

These are just several of the infinite workout plans that if executed properly and maintained can lead to substantial and long lasting health gains. More likely a combination of many workout plans will be most effective in achieving your fitness goals.

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Yoga Asana – The Head Stand Posture

This is probably the most popular postures of yoga. It is one posture that is most widely used to depict asanas. The Sanskrit word for the Head Stand posture is Sirsha Asana which is simply translated into the head posture. This posture is a fairly difficult one and does require some practice to master.

This posture is performed in the following way:

This posture is very difficult for the beginners; therefore we will explain it in two stages. Please, try the second stage only after you have mastered the first one.

Stage 1

  1. While practicing this posture for the first few times, place your mat on the floor in a corner as it will give you the required support if you fall down while doing the headstand. Kneel on the mat with your body facing the corner. Close your hands and interlock your fingers and place them on the corner near the walls.
  2. Then, lean forward and put the upper region of your head in the inner part of interlocked palms. Now, straighten your legs and lift your buttocks region upwards in a way that your whole body makes an arch with only your toes and upper side of the head in the inner side of the palms touching the ground.
  3. Now, slowly lift your left leg in the air and put it against the corner of the wall. You can take the help of someone in doing this.
  4. Then, do the same with your right leg also and stay in this position for about a quarter of a minute. You should remain calm and relaxed during this period. Your breathing should also be calm and relaxed.
  5. Now, bring the left leg back to the floor followed by the right one. You can take someone’s help here also. Make sure that both your legs don’t come down at the same time as that can put strain on your spine and neck muscles.

Stage 2

In this stage, you should start to perform the posture without the help of the corner of the wall. Rest of the technique remains the same with only difference that now, instead of putting the weight of your legs on the wall, you take it all on your head.

This asana increases the flow of blood to the brain which stimulates our brain much better. Practicing this asana increases our memory and brain power which in turn increases our confidence in ourselves. This posture has also been proved to cure ailments like insomnia, tension, headaches, liver problems, fatigue etc. It has also been found to be very helpful for the patients of asthma, constipation and general eyes and nose problems.

Headstand is also very effective in curing baldness as it increases the blood circulation in the scalp which stimulates hair growth. Beside these, this posture gives many benefits to our various muscles, bones and internal organs. Because of all these benefits, this posture is often called the ‘king of asanas.’

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Beauty Salon – Top Reasons to Visit One

Many women love going to the beauty salon to get pampered, but most do not do it very often. In fact, there are some women who rarely go because they do not see the point. If this describes you, it is time to find out the reasons you should go at least occasionally, whether you are into makeup and hairstyles or not. There are some surprising reasons that you should give it a try.

If you have an important occasion coming up, it is nice to prepare with professional hair and makeup for a change. This can not only help you look your best, but also feel your best. Many people think salons are just for when teenagers go to prom or other dances, but adults can enjoy them as well. Going to a beauty salon before a gala, ball, charity event, or company function can be a great idea since you will probably want to look a little fancier than you would for work or regular activities.

Even before a large business meeting or presentation it can be nice to go to a beauty salon. Imagine the confidence you would feel knowing that your hair and makeup looks great. Selling your product or putting on a good show can be easy when you know you look and feel great, and that confidence will be obvious to your boss and your clients.

If you do not have a big event coming up, consider heading to a beauty salon anyway. This can be a great way to get tips on making your makeup and hairstyles look their best. A professional can give you advice on how to apply products, what products to use, and how long to give yourself when getting ready for a big event. You might even acquire free samples, or at least have the opportunity to buy quality products. The help you get from such salons is often worth the price you pay.

If you have some important event coming up that you are nervous about, you can improve your confidence by knowing you look your best. This is a quality that is often forgotten about, but it is how many celebrities and top professionals have risen to the top, as talent and the knowledge that you are doing something right can be invaluable. Start looking for salons near you to start looking and feeling your best as soon as possible.

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Canned Tomatoes and the Candida Diet

Tomatoes are such a big part of my life and although I would love to always have fresh ripe tomatoes on hand it just does not always work out that way. I do use fresh tomatoes in my cooking but keeping these around and in usable condition is a daily or at least a several times a week task. If I buy too many at one time, surprise, surprise, they go bad. This leaves me frustrated at the fact that I have now wasted money and I still don’t have the tomatoes I need to cook with. That is why having canned tomatoes in the kitchen is a must. However, using canned tomatoes becomes very tricky when you a trying to follow the candida diet. A candida diet is used to treat a condition called candidiasis, an overgrowth of yeast (candida) which can be caused by a variety of external factors. Symptoms of this condition vary widely but are usually characterized by a multitude of seemingly unrelated symptoms. These symptoms can range from something as vague as fatigue to mood disorders.

The problem with canned tomatoes and the Candida Diet is that canned tomatoes contain preservatives that have been found to feed candida and therefore exacerbate candidiasis symptoms. The prohibited ingredients most commonly found in canned tomatoes are citric acid and calcium chloride. Since citric acid is the biggest offender and very widely used and since I have found that very few brands of canned tomatoes contain calcium chloride I will only discuss why citric acid is problematic for candida dieters.

Citric Acid is used to flavor and preserve foods. It exists naturally in citrus fruits, but the type used in commercial food products often causes problems for candida dieters. Most commercially used citric acid is produced by fermentation, a process by which yeast is added to convert a sugar form into an alcohol form. This whole process is contrary to the candida diet as adding yeast, sugar and alcohol are all prohibited. So it is not citric acid itself that is the problematic, but rather the process by which it is created. I have seen canned tomatoes with naturally derived citric acid in their list of ingredients all though it is naturally derived from fruit citrus fruit sources it still undergoes the fermentation process.

So what are we candida dieters to do? Must we live with rotten tomatoes and constant frustration? The answer is no. Fortunately I have found a few brands of canned tomato products that do not contain citric acid, calcium chloride or any other preservative. These brands are okay for the candida diet. I have found most brands of tomato paste to be safe. Pomi brand tomatoes have no preservatives and come in sauce and chopped varieties. Cento makes a variety of tomato products without preservatives. Stop & Shop’s Nature’s Promise line also has some canned tomato products without preservatives. Although I use these brands regularly in my candida diet kitchen I urge you to always read product labels as things can change. I hope that this helps fellow candida dieters who were experiencing the tomato dilemma. For more information on the Candida Diet visit Yeast Free Living.

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LISS Cardio – 3 Tips on LISS Cardio

LISS cardio is the exercise you need to get shredded! I’m sure you all have heard of HIIT cardio: High Intensity Interval Training. Well LISS is the opposite end of the spectrum: Low Intensity Steady State.

You may be asking yourself why you would want to do LISS cardio. The answer is simple! To preserve that lean muscle mass you have worked so hard to develop!! This type of cardio essentially bypasses the body using carbohydrates as fuel and instead uses fat.

1) The key to LISS cardio is to keep your heart rate between 65% and 75% of your maximum and to make sure the session last no longer than one hour. Of course you can do more than one session in a day but do not do them consecutively.

2) Examples of LISS cardio:

a. Take your dog for a walk! Perfect LISS cardio for you and great cardio for your dog! It’s a win-win for both of you!

b. Ride a stationary bike at 65 RPM

3) Do not eat anything before you do your cardio! I personally like to do mine right after I wake up and/or immediately after a resistance training workout. Your body will have already used its glycogen stores and long as the intensity is low it will immediately start using fat as energy!

You don’t always have to be jumping, kicking, punching, sweating buckets in order to burn fat. If we use a little bit of science, have faith and try something new you will be pleasantly surprised at the results. I recall when I started using LISS: it was like doing nothing. Fast forward several weeks and I achieved the best conditioning of my life!

It is little things like LISS cardio that will help you get that lean, ripped look you have been working so hard to achieve.

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P90X Equipment Needed – The Truth About What is Needed to Get Results

What’s the recommended P90X equipment needed? Right here is a small amount of background important info.

Tony Horton, the designer of the actual Beach Body Power 90 extreme workout program has put together twelve totally different workout routines which really can be simply performed at home with not very many pieces of apparatus. Certainly no need for a pricey Bowflex, Total Gym, or even a Bioforce TNT which experts claim will cost you 1000s of dollars. Typically the P90X will help you attain your physical fitness as well as muscle development goals and objectives.

Each of these twelve video workouts take you through an amazing twelve week or ninety day program to obtain a trim and a new ripped total body. Believe it or not, it does work!

All you require to have a incredible workout is without question some Power 90 extreme exercise gear.

Here is what you absolutely need:

1.) Some premium exercise bands

2.) Chin up door bar

3.) Push-up handles or simply a perfect push-up

Rather than the strength bands, you can purchase some dumbbells. Unfortunately, you simply must buy multiple sets unless you prefer to be shifting plates. You can purchase the Bowflex Select Tech Dumbbells, however they aren’t low-cost!

The Bowflex SelectTech 552 Dumbbells for example gives you resistance from 5 lbs to 52.5 lbs, and in addition they will run you three hundred and ninety nine dollars. On the other hand, some Bodylastic Terrell Owens handles bands offer 5 lbs to 249 lbs of resistance. At under one hundred dollars and yes it includes a lifetime defects warrantee.

Personally, I favor fitness bands, not only because of the affordable price tag, but nevertheless, simply because they are transportable, convenient plus much more adaptable than a couple of hand weights. If you’re searching for a good quality set of fitness bands. I would recommend either the Bodylastic Home Gym or the P90X Strength Bands. Of the 2 the Bodylastic gives you a lot more choices.

In terms of a pull up bar. There are some possibilities here, if you want low-cost, you will be able to use the exercise bands to do pull downs, as an alternative to doing pull ups. Or perhaps you can purchase a basic doorway chin up bar for around twenty dollars, and it should perform just as well as the fifty dollar P90X chin-ups bar.

When it comes to push-ups do you really need push-up bars or possibly a perfect push-up? The answer is both maybe or maybe not. Both of these pieces of equipment should certainly relieve any risk of strain on the wrists and also help you to go greater in all your push-up. Then again, you can perform push-ups between 2 office chairs and get the identical overall results. Whatever you opt for push up stands or perfect push-up, they’re equally very affordable at approximately $30 for either set.

That is practically the “recommended” Power 90 extreme workout equipment, you can also give some thought to a floor mat for carrying out some of the abs exercises, but it isn’t crucial.

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Anti-Aging Beauty – How to Apply Blush to Look Younger

Makeup can make or break your entire look, and furthermore, it can age you dramatically or make you look fantastic and younger than you really are. Of course, all makeup you wear or don’t wear affects the overall look. When it comes to more mature women, when antiaging is the goal, makeup must be tasteful, even when a blusher is the cosmetic in question. 

Tasteful application of cosmetics is the key.  These tips will help you look appropriate and fantastic:

1. Always choose a color of blush that suits your skin tone;

2. Always use a foundation prior to applying blush so that it applies evenly;

3. Do not use the brush that comes with the blush, it’s too small to apply properly and will streak;

4. Invest in a proper applicator blush brush;

5. If you have dry skin, only then you can use a cream blush, otherwise, you should stick to a powder;

6. Apply the blush from the cheekbone (nearest to the hairline), sweeping forward;

7. Ensure it blends in well for a perfect and natural finish;

8. Before beginning the application, use a moisturizer that is right for your skin.

You should avoid bright reds–no mature woman has that natural tone.  You should be aiming for a natural finish, not one that makes you look fake, or worse, clown-like.  The colors and textures you used when you were younger just don’t work for you anymore.  The skin is different from what it used to be and so is the texture of it.  Rethink it, rework it and you will look fabulous.

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Warrior Yoga Pose

The Warrior Yoga Pose is also known as Virabhadrasana. The name Virabhadrasana is derived from the name of the warrior-sage from the Hindu Mythology, who was created by the ancient God Shiva.

The Warrior pose has three versions:

Warrior Pose I

Warrior Pose II

Warrior Pose III

All the three versions of the Warrior yoga pose have great physiological and psychological benefits. This article aims at discussing each of these benefits in detail.

Physical benefits of the Warrior yoga pose

The practice of the Warrior yoga poses activates almost all the muscle of the body, hence it aids in the strengthening of the overall body. If one is looking for strengthening of one particular muscle, one has to simply concentrate on that muscle during the practice of Virabhadrasana or the Warrior pose. It can bring new energy and vigour to the parts like foot, ankle, hamstring, knees and quadriceps muscles. The Warrior pose is especially recommended for people who are suffering from back aches and Sciatica pain. The pose helps in the elimination of allergies, reduces cholesterol levels and also lessens the probability of heart problems. The Warrior pose is ideal for athletes and sportsmen or anyone who wants to have a healthy and good body. All three Warrior yoga poses are great for warming up before indulging in any serious sports like weight-lifting or tennis. As the stretching of the hand is also involved, these poses help in curing arthritis and rheumatic stiffness. The neck and face as well as the eye are stretched during the practice of the position which helps a great deal in the stimulation of the thyroid glands and helps in improving the eye sight. The pose is highly recommended for people who want to reduce the fat on their buttocks.

Mental benefits of Warrior yoga pose

All the three Warrior poses are great for increasing the power of concentration. These poses have a great ability to uplift the spirits and invigorate the entire being. This is primarily because all the three Warrior poses stimulate the spine centres while doing the position, which results in the exhilaration of the mind. These poses have miraculous effects on people who are under constant stress and are depressed.

The key to gain maximum benefits from these Warrior yoga poses is to concentrate and to really feel as a Warrior during the performance of the pose. This will build confidence and trust in oneself which will help the aspirant into a happier state of mind.

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Hair Regrowth Products – How to Review Them All

People are always on the hunt for products that will help them fight hair loss, but there really is so much to choose from. The market is perpetually saturated with products ranging from simple to complicated, from cheap to expensive. If you think you have found a gold mine of a hair loss product, it is something worth sharing with other people. But how do you write hair loss product reviews that will stand out in a sea of other product reviews? Thankfully, there are tips that will help you get started.

Get Your Information Right: The best hair regrowth product reviews always start out with an easy to understand summary of its technical details. Keep in mind that no matter how serious you want to get with the wording, people will always continue reading stuff that is easy for them to understand – without sacrificing on valuable information, that is. Thus, try to write your product review with simple words and short sentences that will allow the reader to grasp what is really great about your product in an instant.

Get Your Eye Candy Second: It always helps to have good pictures of the items you want to feature in your hair loss product reviews. Short of getting an expensive camera to take crystal clear shots, aim for simple images that give people an idea of how the product is.

Take a shot of the bottle or box and keep a standard item next to it for reference on size (usually, a six-inch ruler does the trick) and also take clear shots of the product itself to show its consistency and color. Remember, people do not just want to take your word for it – they also like to see it with their very own eyes.

The Proof is In the Pudding: And finally, add evidence to your entry. Take before and after pictures of your hair to indicate that the product actually works. No matter how wordy you get, people want to see evidence of how good the product really is. This is the way to convince people that your product really works, thanks to a thorough product review.

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Diet Tea Weight Loss

Drinking diet tea for weight loss is a most popular want to lose excess weight. If you wanting to lose 5 to 10 pounds quickly, drinking diet tea along with a good meal plan, will make the pounds melt off. Most teas are herbal which curbs hunger so you won’t want to eat as much. They also contain natural laxatives which will help loose excess water. Just be sure that you eat healthy too, and don’t just drink the tea and not eat at all. Drink it a few days and then stop drinking it for a couple days to let your body adjust naturally. This is a healthy drink but can be harmful to the bowels and intestines if over indulged for long lengths of time.

Herbal diet tea can be an excellent alternative for weight loss opposed to using diet medication, like diet pills. It many cases it is safer and works just as effective. Herbal teas control hunger, boost energy levels, which helps you burn the calories off faster. They naturally burn fat by creating what is called thermogenic heat, which burns fat and converts calories to energy rather than fat. This is a powerful antioxidant and multifunctional remedy for weight loss, disease, and aging. It also contains a natural substance called epigallocatechin gallate, which is known to fight cancer. The herbal teas contain chromium and it controls and stabilizes blood sugar levels. Bladderwrack is another ingredient in diet tea and it helps balance your hormones, which in turn helps control your appetite. These are all good herbs to find in diet tea.

There are some bad herbs in diet tea. Try to avoid the herb guarana in tea as it is a stimulant that may cause nervousness, sleeplessness and dizziness in some people. Diet teas or supplements containing Ma Huang are dangerous. Ma Huang is just another form of ephedrine which is banned, and known to cause rapid heartbeat and dizziness. There are so many other good herbs that will enhance your energy and burn fat that have zero affect on your sense of health and well being and don’t cause the rapid heartbeat of nervousness.

When on any kind of diet system just makes sure you continue to eat wisely. Don’t skip meals and just drink diet tea alone. Eat healthy and include the diet tea as your meal’s drink. Eat lots of fruits, vegetables and grains for fiber. As you drink you will begin to feel and focus well. You will find yourself also having tons of energy.

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