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FBI Workout Routine – How To Train For The FBI PFT

How To Train For The FBI PFT Test

The undeniable truth is in order to become an FBI special agent you will have to pass the physical fitness test. The justice department wants to know that you are physically ready to do the job of a federal agent. The competition in terms of people vying for the same position is intense. There will be many different people from varies backgrounds aiming for the same position. That is why you want to maximize every phase of the selection process.

Your main goal should be to do well on every phase of the hiring process. In this article I’m going to discuss the physical fitness test since a great deal of applicants do poorly on it.

How to train for the FBI PFT Test – What is The Best Workout Routines?

The best workouts to do as you prepare for the FBI PFT test is one that incorporates both cardiovascular development, as well as strength training simultaneously. The best exercise routine that covers both at the same time is high intensity interval training. I’ve been a certified personal trainer for almost a decade now, and I can honestly tell you that interval training is one of the best fitness improvement workouts ever developed.

If the goal is to get into shape relatively quickly than high intensity interval training is what I recommend for the FBI physical fitness test. The only knock on interval training is of course the intensity needed to finish the workouts. You’ll be gassed within the first 5 minutes, but you’ll be in rock solid shape in 2 months. Actually don’t be surprised if you start seeing results within the first 2 weeks.

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Panic Attacks – Natural Remedies For Panic Attacks

Are you frustrated with finding a cure for panic attacks? Natural herbs and plant based medications may be just what you are looking for. Herbs have been used as effective medications for thousands of years. Even now… in the modern age… about twenty-five percent of all prescription medications are based on herbal remedies. So why aren’t they more popular?

Today’s big business really has no interest in herbal cures. Panic attacks natural remedies are not widely publicized for one simple reason… Money! Big pharmaceutical companies really stand to make no monetary gain from selling herbal remedies. You can not slap a patent on a plant or herb and call it your own. Therefore these companies completely ignore herbal solutions to your panic attack problems.

Why should you opt for natural panic attack remedies? If you suffer from a panic disorder, natural cures should be one of the first things you look too. They are safer and much better tolerated then prescription medication. An herbal solution is all natural and non addictive. These herbs work with your body naturally and effectively… unlike medications that a doctor may prescribe to you.

Herbs do not change your body’s internal chemistry and makeup. They work in harmony with your body. When you suffer from panic attacks natural solutions are a lot safer then drugs and medications. An herbal solution will never cause addiction, side effects, or physical addiction.

One of the most widely used herbal solutions for panic attacks is Valerian root. This herb has been proven to fight panic naturally. Studies have shown that it is an effective tranquilizer that stops anxiety and helps you sleep. It is starting to get more and more popular as “word of mouth” news spreads about it. There are no major side effects that go along with taking Valerian root and it is not addictive.

Valerian is an awesome tool in curing panic attacks naturally. People that take it notice none of the side effects that they typically would with other medications. If you begin a regimen of Valeria root you will not notice the drugged out feeling that people taking something such as xanax will feel. Valerian also does not affect your memory or your motor functions.

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Treating Acne From The Inside Out With Healthy Eating

Many people that have acne treat it with topical methods such as face washes, soaps and ointments but one thing that most acne sufferers fail to recognize is that a major contributing factor to acne is the foods you eat so changing your diet can do a lot more towards fighting these breakouts that any lotions or skin treatments.

Everyone should eat a healthy diet rich in fruits vegetables whole grains and beans but those who suffer from acne should pay particular attention to what they are eating and try to include these foods. While changing your diet to include certain foods you’ll want to avoid others such as milk and milk products, margarine, shortening, anything containing trans fatty acids or hydrogenated oils and fried foods should be eaten in moderation if at all.

It seems like the American diet is one that almost guarantees acne especially for the typical teenager. This diet is high in fried foods, particularly from fast food restaurants which uses the most harmful fats and oils. Combine that with our favorite foods such as bacon, cheese, ice cream and milk and you have a recipe for disaster as far as your complexion goes.

The problem with acne is that it is really caused by bacteria underneath the skin. Pimples and blemishes result from clogged oil glands and hair follicles which could be contributed to by a diet of fried, fatty, processed sugar laden foods.

A diet rich in raw or lightly cooked vegetables can help relieve unsightly blemishes and also leave your skin glowing with health. Green leafy vegetables are particularly good for the skin and contain valuable minerals and fiber. Also, you should eat lean protein such as fish and complex carbohydrates such as whole grains. The fruits vegetables and whole grains will help keep your digestive system clean which will help your body keep acne under control.

Watermelon, broccoli and apricots are rich in vitamin A and these as well as nuts, whole grains and lean beef, which is rich in zinc, can help to reduce breakouts of acne.

In addition to avoiding fatty, processed and sugary foods and switching to a diet full of raw vegetables and lean meats you should make sure to drink enough water each day as this will help flush out the toxins that can help contribute to breakouts as well as keep your skin looking hydrated and healthy.

Treating acne by eating healthy foods makes good sense and is one more weapon in the fight against unsightly blemishes. not only will eating better help with your complexion but it will add to your overall health and help boost your immune system. The foods listed above all contain vital nutrients – vitamins, minerals and enzymes that help disarm antioxidants that can help fight a host of diseases and help you to live a healthier, longer and more radiant life.

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Pros and Cons of Yoga


Stress relieving and anxiety reduction-yoga incorporates plenty of meditation which plays a vital role in stress reduction. When your stress levels go down, you always feel at ease with yourself and you become very productive in your career and business. You also tend to be very happy with life which further makes you more productive. Yoga poses play a vital role in reducing anxiety thus making you feel calmer and composed. This further enhances your productivity and life’s perception.

It improves your brain power-in addition to relieving stress and anxiety, yoga also plays a vital role in improving your brain power. Since the meditation classes in yoga focus on the inner strength, they aid in increasing blood flow to the brain. As a result of this you become more focused and you have improved memory. The end result is that you have an improved brain power.

It’s an excellent workout-yoga posses exercise the body therefore you have increased strength, flexibility, and stamina. The poses also tone your muscles so that you have a great shape.

It’s a great detox for your body-researchers have found yoga to be very impactful when it comes to detoxifying your body. Yoga incorporates various poses such as twisted player pose and many others. These poses bring about detoxification by massaging your internal organs and supplying the organs with oxygen-rich blood which aids in increasing the rate of digestion. When the rate of digestion is high, you easily detoxify your body. As a result of detoxification, you become healthy. You also lose weight.


It can be costly-yoga classes don’t come cheap. On average, yoga classes cost $10-$20 per session. This is usually expensive for most people. Although, yoga classes are costly, there are few things that you can do to reduce the costs: you can always be on the lookout for discount coupons from your local yoga studio. You can also take yoga classes online. In addition to this, you can also take free yoga classes on YouTube.

It’s hard to beat the newbie feeling-it’s common to find yoga poses difficult especially when you are starting out. The unfortunate thing is that many people tend to feel that are not cut for yoga when they find the poses difficult and they quit. If you are feeling like giving up you should realize that many people feel the same at the early stages of yoga and all you need to do is to give it time.

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Super Food Diet – A Fad Diet Plan Based On Healthy Facts or Fiction?

We all know that we should treat our bodies better than we do sometimes. But, more often than we would like, that is easier said than done. Some of us tend to try to burn the candle at both ends, so to speak, and a little to often. Despite our good intentions we can, occasionally, fall victim to a wide variety of temptations that are not too good for us.

One of these temptations is eating in a hurry because we are starving Marvins. In moments of weakness, our old diet habits shift into auto pilot mode and propel us into taking the path of least resistance. We succumb easily to fast and convenient foods because it’s easier not to plan ahead. I am guilty of that too, from time to time. You can do yourself a huge favor by learning to shop differently for food.

How about when we feel we must work harder, more hours, and more often than we like, or had planned? When we put those extra efforts into our work life, and sometimes our recreational life too, we end up short-changing ourselves on sleep. Not getting enough rest or relaxation can be something we have a hard time making up.

As a culture, and on the average, we tend to fall into old social pressure habits. We try to make up for our lack of stamina by fighting our body’s stresses with too much caffeine, using herbal supplements, energy drinks, and often combine these with almost no physical activity. We fool ourselves into thinking there is a quick fix for our lack of go-power somewhere.

So, when you hear about the two new latest buzz words called ‘super foods’, and how they can help make you feel better you are all ears. Unlike other diet fads that have come and gone throughout the years, eating a diet high in a wide variety of super foods really does have a lot of healthy stay power. They are not likely to fall out of grace any time soon due to lack of results, as they really do have health enhancing benefits.

Congratulations, if you are making a real conscious decision to include more of them in your daily diet. However, you will have to do more than just drink a cup of green tea every day, or eat a piece of fresh fruit once in a while to get the full effect of erasing, or reversing, the damage done over many years.

Eating and drinking differently with the intent to get the healthy effects you are looking for takes a certain amount of dedication on your part. You have to understand that going this route will not be a quick solution. Don’t make the mistake of viewing these foods as boring, or as an unsatisfying, diet food plan. Look at it as a complete dietary lifestyle change.

Take small steps as you learn, and until you are feeling more confidant and secure in your new choices. Get comfortable with the idea that this may be a lengthy road you are taking. See it as a happy, ongoing journey of ever learning. Lower your expectations in how long you think it might actually take to reach your goal.

With that being said, technically, the term ‘super food’ includes most all foods in their whole, raw, and unprocessed form, with a few exceptions. Here are just a small few of the miracle health foods to incorporate into a healthy diet plan.

Fruits and vegetables: Eat them freshly harvested when possible, and raw or uncooked. Steaming or stir-fry is acceptable, and considered lightly cooked. Frozen is next best, and preferred over canned. These plant foods are are full of photolytic compounds, antioxidant vitamins, minerals, fiber, and enzymes.

Oils: Fish oils found in cold water fish are high in heart, brain, and joint healthy omega-3 fatty acid oils. Coconut oil is a saturated plant oil that is necessary for optimal health. Try to find a coconut oil that has not been treated with solvents or heated to extract the oil. Olive oil is nutritionally best, although stronger tasting, when consumed as extra virgin. Extra virgin is less refined and higher in vitamin E. A mostly monounsaturated oil.

Nuts: Are chock full of minerals, and have vitamin B-9 (folate), vitamin B-3 (niacin), vitamin E, protein, fiber, and iron. They are higher in monounsaturated oil than polyunsaturated.

Sprouts: Are rich in vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and protein. They are one of the most nutritionally complete of all foods. They are considered a living food because, even after their harvesting, they continue to grow slowly and the vitamin content increases upon refrigeration. They can be fun to grow yourself, and there are many different types of sprouts.

Green tea: Is considered to be the most nutritionally superior of all teas, although other varieties of teas do contain healthful properties as well. Green tea is especially high in antioxidants called ‘polyphenols’. This substance has recently been found to reduce the health damaging effects of HFCS (high fructose corn syrup). It is best, however, to avoid the commercially distributed product varieties and brew your own.

Flax seeds: Is a good plant source of omega-3 fatty acid, a different fat chain of omega-3 than fish oil. A photolytic compound called ‘lignans’ found in flax seeds is also a good source of fiber. Flax seeds are nutritionally better for you than flax seed oil. Grinding the seeds is preferred, as they are very small and are better absorbed by the body. A pepper mill works great for this, and you can eat the ground seeds on cereals, salads, and more.

Tomatoes and carrots: Are a few exceptions to the raw is better than cooked way of eating fruits and vegetables. One theory explains that more of the available photolytic antioxidants like ‘lycopene’ in tomatoes, and ‘beta carotene’ in carrots are released in the cooking process by breaking down the plant cells.

When it comes to fluid intakes, eliminating processed beverages high in caffeine, sugar and artificial sugar, and alcohol is a very helpful move, that has far reaching health benefits. You will be amazed at this one technique alone!

Outside of raw milk, fermented drinks like kombucha tea and kiefer, fresh juiced juices, or home brewed teas water should be, by and large, making up the bulk of your main fluid intake. It should be around three fourths of what to be drinking each and every day.

Don’t forget to add a bit of unrefined salt to your kitchen salt shaker. It is much higher in trace minerals than the cheaper, grocery store variety of refined salt. Increased water intakes calls for adequate salt ratios.

Expect some of these diet changes to taste a little differently to you for a while. It helps to ingrain in your mind a positive mental picture, in that these foods are way better for you than processed. Before long, you will begin to notice they actually do taste, and satisfy, better than refined, processed foods. You can season with fresh or died herbs if you like, to enhance the flavor of these foods even further.

Again, please don’t forget to drink plenty of water with your new diet plan. Water should be considered the ‘super’ body fluid solvent to maximize your new super food diet results.

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Is Insanity Workout Right for Me?

This past year I saw a commercial on television regarding a work out program known as Insanity. I know witnessing it on TV late one night appears really cliche however that is how I learned about it. These folks were training so intensely. Performing high intense movements. It all looked grueling. Of course I was impressed by the before and after pictures. I realized results can be atypical nonetheless I was seeking for a new work out routine to lose unwanted weight. I was weightlifting plus doing some slow steady cardio workouts a few times each week yet I wasn’t shedding the body weight I desired. I in fact gained pounds simply because my eating habits were stuffed with deep fried foods, highly processed snacks, desserts, combined with eating too much. Not very smart I now know.

I proceeded to go online and browse Insanity reviews. I personally wanted to find out what exactly others had to say regarding it. I was satisfied enough to recognize that it wasn’t a gimmick and the final results at the end could be what I was looking for.

First thing you do will be the fit test. It is actually more than the usual test. It feels similar to a workout! You must do specific movements and calculate total number of repetitions you’re able to do. Things such as power jumps, push-up jacks as well as power knees for example.You write it down. Every couple weeks you are going to perform the test again and determine how many you can perform. I was pleasantly shocked to discover my improvement just on the subsequent fit test! It provided me drive to continue going when there were days I didn’t want to workout.

The insanity calendar workout plan has you training 6 days every week. You’ll be performing plyometric cardio circuit, cardio power and resistance, cardio recovery and pure cardio. One each day with a fit test every 2 weeks with a day of rest every week. That’s the first month. The program keeps your body working on different things each and every day so it does not get accustomed to it. Following a month, you will have a 7 days of active recovery. It’s a training session for 6 days with a full day of rest but it is easier to allow your muscle and the entire body to recuperate and prepare for the next month. The second four weeks adheres to the same concepts but every work out routine begins with the word “MAX”. I got through the first four weeks feeling amazing but doing the second month felt like getting started all over again!

There were times when I did not feel like doing a work out mainly because I realized it was likely to be demanding. Performing the warm up on it’s own should have you breathing hard and perspiring each and every time. You’re going to be sore in the beginning because your muscles aren’t used to this. Your body should adapt in time. To truly get great results you have to put in the time and effort.

You will not be capable of doing many repetitions when you start. I realized that the people in the video, who looked to be in excellent shape, needed to take breaks during the routines. They have been going through Insanity longer than I have but still need to take extra breaks. The instructor, Shaun T, encourages it but will keep pushing you to perform as many as you are able to.

To go along with a fantastic workout program, you need to follow a nutritional plan. They include one you could follow or I simply followed something I had been knowledgeable about when I was younger. Typically I had 5-6 smaller meals per day. Breakfast ( very important), lunch, dinner and then a couple nutritional snacks in between my meals. Certainly no fried foods. No sodas. Minimize back on sugars and sodium. Lower fat options. Much more whole grains. One day a week, I had a free day where I dined on anything I longed-for and craved. One free day I ate hamburgers, chips, delicious chocolate chip cookies, more hamburgers, as well as ice cream at night. I ate until I felt so full and then I definitely would not desire to consume food like that the rest of the week and can place emphasis on wholesome eating. That is what did the trick in my situation.

My impression is that Insanity is certainly a challenging work out routine which will undoubtedly test you physically and mentally. If you’re looking to break a little sweat regularly, don’t get this program. If you’re looking for life changing improvements, take a look at Insanity. The final results I got from it were more energy, leaner waist, muscles, more solid core ( abdominal muscles), as well as self confidence to recognize I could complete a program like Insanity. I lost ten pounds in sixty days, which may not appear like much but I wasn’t obese in the first place. Just got very lazy, felt my pants getting snug, experienced frequent head aches, less energy in the course of the day, and came to a realization before it spiraled out of control. I believe someone with even bigger weight loss goals will find bigger final results. 10 pounds probably won’t look like a lot however remember lean muscle is heavier than body fat. So I probably added muscle while burning off the fat.

Regardless of what kind of level of fitness you start out with, you will notice Insanity is challenging to start out with. I’ve read finishers of the P90X program that proceed to Insanity talk about just how intense it truly is! Right after every single training session you will feel vitalized because your endorphins (the happy hormones) will be pumping hard.

Remember losing excess fat takes time and two months is not really that long after many years of adding on the unwanted weight. However with the Insanity work out program, it is quite possible for an incredible body transformation if you work hard and put healthy and balanced meals in your mouth. Take a look at Insanity reviews and get an idea of what people have to say about it.

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Baldness Treatment Options to Stimulate Fast Natural Hair Regrowth

You can use a natural baldness treatment to stimulate hair regrowth. If your hair is thinning, you should start working on remedying this condition right away. If you do not take action, you run the risk of your hair loss becoming permanent. In order to effectively treat thinning hair, it is important to understand what causes it to happen in the first place.

Androgenic Alopecia

Androgenic alopecia is the most frequent cause of thinning hair. If you have not heard of this condition, you are probably more familiar with the term male or female pattern baldness. These are alternate names which are given to this condition.

Androgenic alopecia is caused by dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which is a by-produce of testosterone. DHT inhibits the growth of the hair follicles which causes the growth cycle of the strands to shorten.

DHT clings on to the hair follicles causing them to shrink. As the follicles shrink, the hair becomes weak and thin and eventually falls out. If any new strands grow in the affected region, they are usually much shorter and thinner. If the condition is not treated, this process will continue and the hair will become noticeably thinner.

Androgenic alopecia is more common in men but women can also be affected as well. Men will lose most or all of the hair on the top of their heads. The only remaining strands will be on the lower back or sides of their heads.

Women will usually not go bald but the will notice patches of thinning throughout their heads. To treat this condition, it is best to use a baldness treatment which will lower the production of DHT.

Increase Blood Flow to Your Scalp

A good scalp massage can be a very effective baldness treatment because it will increase blood flow to the scalp. This will allow vitamins and minerals from your body to travel in the blood to your roots.

Herbal Baldness Treatment

Green tea can be used as a natural baldness treatment. It contains compounds which prevent enzymes in the body from converting testosterone into DHT. You can apply the tea directly to your scalp to stimulate hair regrowth.

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Membership Sales Consultants – Top 10 Prospecting Tips

1. Only sell the club tour, not the club itself

When you are on the telephone talking to a potential prospect, it is very easy to become distracted and begin talking about the club, it’s facilities, services and membership fees. This is a great mistake. Selling actual goods and services over the phone is a real skill and requires a very different approach than selling an appointment or club tour. As soon as the prospect begins to ask about the club, or wants some details about membership fees, then you need to turn these into reasons why they should book a club tour/appointment. Simply suggest that you can cover these fully when you get together

2. Make appointments 3-4 days in advance

This will serve three purposes:

  1. It will create the impression that you are organised, professional and busy!
  2. There is more likely to be space in the customer’s diary
  3. It will leave you some time for hot prospects, e.g those that ‘have to see the club immediately!’

It is worth noting here that even with our own Membership Sales teams, we encourage our sales consultants to simply make appointments today or tomorrow. Even with a strong confirmation we find that the longer after 24hrs the appointment is made, the lower the ‘show’ ratio (I will be covering how to deal with ‘No Shows’ in future articles).

3. Don’t answer the customer’s objections on the telephone.

When a prospect gives you and objection, such as they are too busy, the fees are too expensive, they don’t have the time etc. defer them to when you meet fact to face. These objections are very difficult to isolate and outweigh on the telephone and even if you could, the prospect would probably not allow you the time to complete the process satisfactorily. Instead you simply have to acknowledge them and emphasise your reasons for taking them through a club tour.

4. Don’t put things in the post too easily

There are two reasons why people put things in the post:

  1. because it is easy
  2. because there is no obligation.

It is an easy way for prospects to get you off the phone. They know from experience that if they ask for us to put something in the post, then most sales people, because they are helpful, friendly and obliging, will of course agree to their request. However, the conversation then comes to a close, their information is put in the post and usually glanced at then put in the bin or delayed.

It is expensive for your company, and it moves you further away from gaining a possible appointment or club tour. The only reasons you ever put anything in the post are:

  1. to prove you are reliable and keep your word
  2. to confirm your appointment or build agreement
  3. to keep in touch with an on-going prospect
  4. to pre-empt a follow-up call or club tour.

Consider for a moment what may happen if you stopped putting things in the post. What if you have no brochures, leaflets or letters to send out? Would the number of club tours increase or decrease?

5. Follow up every lead.

In the past, some clubs might have been unconcerned if staff didn’t follow-up every single prospect. The chances are, the door was continually swinging open with a new stream of potential members. Over the last few years however, this has changed. Today every sales opportunity, every prospect, every telephone number and every contact is vital.

You need to manage every prospect as if they were your most important. So if you have a bottom drawer full of old leads and enquiries, or a card index system that you haven’t touched for months, then make it your number one priority to get them sorted and actioned.

When Clubs hire Sales Teams, they always find it amazing when sales professionals spend the first 2 weeks following up their previous member and old lead databases. Typically these are over a year old and most clubs don’t even keep leads this long, but as always, with a dedicated focus on prospecting, a professional sales team never fails to drum up good sales business through these old databases.

6. Stay in touch.

One of the simplest and perhaps one of the easiest things that you can do to increase your success rate in gaining new prospects by telephone, is to simply call every prospect regularly. It is not uncommon for people to procrastinate about joining a club – they know they want to, but just keep putting it off. Your encouragement and little ‘nudges’ may be all they need.

Consider for a moment how easy it is, both psychologically and also in terms of managing the conversation, to speak to someone you have spoken to before, not matter how briefly. Not only do you have a reference to talk about when you speak to them, but also the level of resistance may be much lower.

Remember that when you get a ‘no’ on the telephone, it simply means ‘not now, ‘not today’. If you are targeting your market correctly, the prospect will buy at some time, from somebody. If you don’t contact them, then somebody else will!

7. Create your ‘golden hour’.

The actual activity level that you choose will obviously depend on how many club tours or appointments you need and your type of club. However, one of the effective habits of a successful and professional sales person is that they schedule time, usually every day, for prospecting. Make sure you develop a habit and a routine for spending at least one hour every day in an intensive telephoning campaign. Call it your Golden Hour.

In that one hour, it is important that your Golden Hour is uninterrupted and completely focused, as it may mean making as many as 25 – 30 phone calls. This in itself will over time, generate several appointments a day. Do not use a “lack of time” as an excuse – MAKE TIME!

8. Keep good records.

Brief details of your conversations to prospects should be noted. A few key words or a few notes to jog your memory is usually all that is required. It is also important to make a note of when you have called people and why they have not been available. This will allow you to judge the time to call them on the next occasion.

9. Get a tracking system that works for you.

One of the things that increases call reluctance, or the fear and resistance to making telephone cold calls, is a lack of organisation. By not having clear lists of people to telephone and by not having enough people to telephone, we actually allow ourselves to avoid the activity.

  1. make sure that you do follow up every lead.
  2. ensure that you give yourself no excuses not to make the calls

10. Be Persistent.

Persistence works when nothing else does. When prospecting, you will need to be persistent, professional and patient. There are no quick fixes, there are no easy answers, there are simply more effective ways and less effective ways, and both take a good degree of persistence.

By simply making the right number of calls on a consistent basis, regardless of your current skill level, you will be successful in making appointments and developing enquiries into new members. The statistics work for you as well as against you, for example:

At least you have secured 35 second visits more than you would have if you hadn’t been this persistent!

“We are what we repeatedly do… excellence then, is not an act, but a habit.”Aristotle

If you would like more information on how to get the best from your membership sales give us a call [], you’ll be very surprised how little it costs to make a huge difference.

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Natural Bodybuilding Tips – How to Build a Workout Routine For Fast Muscle Building Results

To build muscle, it takes determination, consistency, the proper nutrition, and a smart weight lifting routine, to obtain the muscular physique of a natural bodybuilder.

On this page, I will shed light on the proper measures each individual should take, in order to achieve a well rounded, muscular, striated physique.

Here’s a list of my top suggestions for building a workout routine for the fastest muscle building results:

1. Never over train. What is over training? Over training is when you do not allow your body the proper rest or days off to fully recuperate and rebuild. Try training every other day for no longer than 60 minutes in each workout.

2. Pick 4 exercises for each body part, and rest for no longer than 2 minutes between each workout set.

3. It isn’t necessary to work any muscle group more than once a week. When it comes to building a workout routine, more is not always better.

4. 10 repetitions for your first set is a perfect amount.

5. 4 sets for every exercise movement is plenty.

6. Try pairing two body parts per workout.

7. Add cardio after your weight training, or on some of your off days for extra fat loss. About 30 minutes of cardio is plenty at high intensity.

8. If you’re the type that counts calories, then 15 calories for every 1 pound of body weight is a good amount for building muscle, and losing body fat.

9. Change your routine completely every few weeks to give your muscles variety. I change my workout routine every 3 or 4 weeks.

10. Oxygen is important during your lifts; make sure to breathe in on the downward motions, and then breathe out on the upward motions.

11. Basic workout gear that gets the job done just fine includes: Barbells, dumbbells, pull-up bar, and of course a workout bench with weights.

12. When performing your repetitions, try to make sure that you are fully engaging the muscle by fully concentrating on the intended muscle group that you are working.

13. Make sure you get a full range of motion when performing any exercise.

14. Make sure you warm your muscles up by stretching before you begin your workout.

15. Always make sure you enjoy your workout routine. Never hesitate tweaking your routine occasionally to better suite your needs. It’s crucial to enjoy your workouts because a better routine allows for better muscular contractions.

I hope this helps you gain some nice results. Apply all of this information and I assure you that your muscle building results will come a lot faster!

Thanks for reading.

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The Neurobiology of Panic Attacks and Anxiety

In this article I am going to describe the basic neurobiology behind anxiety, and why anxiety can grow out of control, resulting in panic attacks. Using this basic understanding of the brain, I am going to show you how you can completely eliminate panic attacks and anxiety.

Anxiety, stress, and panic are all a consequence of the activation of the sympathetic nervous system, also known as the “fight or flight” response.

The sympathetic nervous system is activated when a human being experiences a sensation of threat and needs to fight or flee from a perceived danger. This involves the release of certain hormones, the most famous being adrenaline (epinephrine), and the stress hormone cortisol (the most important of a group of hormones called glucocorticoids). These chemicals set off a cascade of events throughout the body, such as increased heart rate, elevated blood pressure, increased respiration, muscle contraction, decreased digestion, and increased flow blood from the extremities into the vital organs. This response lowers the immune system in order to give a person more energy in the present moment.

This entire response is designed to increase a human being’s chances of survival in the face of threat. It is meant for acute, short term threats to survival.

Anxiety disorders develop when this response chronically fires off in the absence of threat. In modern society, we don’t face many physical threats to our survival. However, we tend to react to our everyday troubles in much the same way that our ancestors did to serious threats to their survival. The problem is that the stress response isn’t meant for traffic jams, C’s on our report card, or many of the other problems we face in modern life.

Corresponding to the physical response is the response in the brain. An area of the brain known as the amygdala (Greek for “almond”) is responsible for activating the fear response. It is often referred to as the “fear center” of the brain. When cortisol (a stress hormone) is released in the brain, the amygdala actually increases in responsiveness and grows new connections. This is known as the “arborization of the amygdala”. The amygdala literally gets bigger and more responsive to more subtle stimuli.

This is bad news for people with anxiety. Because at the same time the amygdala is getting bigger (and their anxiety increases), another part of the brain becomes less responsive, and can actually shrink when anxiety and stress gets out of control. This part of the brain is known as the hippocampus.

The hippocampus is the part of the brain that puts the brake on the amygdala. The amygdala can be conceptualized as the “accelerator” on your fear, panic, and anxiety, whereas the hippocampus is the rational voice that comes in, bringing logic, context, and relaxation into the picture. The hippocampus is the “brake” on your anxiety and panic.

When cortisol levels increase (during periods of intense stress, fear, anxiety etc.) this inhibits the functioning of the hippocampus. High levels of stress actually cause cell death in the hippocampus. In people who have experienced severe anxiety, the hippocampus actually atrophies and gets smaller.

But at the same time this is happening, the amygdala is having a party. It’s getting bigger and bigger, and more reactive. This is why panic can literally spin out of control and take over a person’s life.

So how does one counteract this negative process in the brain? Can an amygdala become less reactive if one gets treatment for anxiety and panic?

The answer is absolutely yes!

Remember, the hippocampus is the “brake” on your anxiety and fear. For example, suppose you’re going for a hike and you see a fallen tree branch on a trail that at first glance looks like a snake. You may feel a quick burst of fear, followed by a voice that says “oh, it’s just a tree branch”. That “oh, it’s just a tree branch” part of your brain is your hippocampus calming you down. If it weren’t for your hippocampus, your fear response wouldn’t stop.

Your hippocampus also stores explicit, verbal memories. When you remember your tenth birthday, or the fact that George Washington is the first president, those memories are stored in your hippocampus.

Your hippocampus works with your cortex (the thinking part of your brain) to calm your amygdala down. What this means is that correcting fearful thoughts actually promotes the functioning of your cortex and hippocampus.

In my program The Panic Plan, I go over how to correct these fearful thoughts. By doing this you actually change the structure and functioning of your physical brain. You are sending calming and soothing messages to your amygdala (from your cortex) telling it to calm down. Over time, after doing the exercises in my program, your amygdala naturally and habitually becomes less reactive. This is due to a process known as neuroplasticity, by which the brain grows new connections.

It is through this process that you become a more calm person. Panic can be completely eliminated.

Other techniques I show you in my program involve expressing suppressed emotions. When we hold our feelings in, this can also increase the activity of our amygdala, increasing the severity of anxiety and panic attacks in particular. By consciously processing our emotions, often times panic attacks instantly go away.

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