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What is the Natural Advantage of All Natural Skin Care?

The Natural Advantage skin care line of products bears the name of Jane Seymour, a 59 year old star of movies and TV shows. Some people will buy the products, simply because they bear her name.

No matter whose name a product bears, it is important to evaluate the ingredients before you buy. The US Food and Drug Administration made that recommendation years ago. It is especially important for anyone that has had an allergic or adverse reaction in the past.

Common causes of allergic reactions include artificial preservatives like parabens and artificial fragrances known as aromatic hydrocarbons. In addition to being common allergens, aromatic hydrocarbons are flammable. It boggles the mind why people ever thought it was a good idea to apply something flammable to their skin.

Once you have identified which ingredients cause the reaction, the FDA recommends that you avoid using any products that contain them. Sometimes it is impossible to determine which ingredient caused the reaction, just because there are so many of them.

Another recommendation made by the FDA is to test any new products on an inconspicuous patch of the skin’s surface, before using on the face. If you have not use the Natural Advantage skin care creams before, it is a good idea to do the patch test, even if you have never had an adverse reaction.

Like most anti-aging creams, Jane’s line contains a sunscreen ingredient with an SPF rating of 15. But, what does that mean? A lot of people do not understand.

The FDA is working to finish new labeling rules that will require manufacturers to be clearer about what the sunscreens in their products can actually be expected to do. One of the reasons has to do with an increased incidence of malignant melanoma that has been seen among regular sunscreen users.

I am not say that Natural Advantage skin care solutions cause or contribute to malignant melanoma. I am neither for nor against the products. I am simply using them as an example, because they are representative of the vast majority of anti-aging creams, lotions and cleansers.

Almost all of the anti-aging creams on the market contain a sunscreen, even if they are intended for nighttime use. What is the benefit? As far as we know, there is none and they could actually do more harm than good.

The bottom line is that you should not rely on Natural Advantage skin care creams or any other product to protect you from the sun. Labels like “all day moisturizer” indicate that reapplication is unnecessary. But, all sunscreens must be reapplied on a regular basis if they are to remain effective.

This is one of the issues that the FDA will try to address with their new rules. By the time that you read this, they may already be in effect. But, for the summer of 2010, it is still necessary for people to do their own research.

Whether or not you decide to try Natural Advantage skin care products is up to you. Just remember to test patch, if you have not used them before.

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How to Pursue a Woman – Top 5 Tips

Pursuing a woman you like takes patience and diligence. Getting the end result you are looking for is not going to happen overnight. Whether you are shy or whether you have all the confidence in the world does not make a hoot of difference in this case. The steps you must take to get the girl of your dreams are all the same. If you want to pursue her, then you want something more, something deeper. This requires a whole different mindset.

1. Find Out What She Likes

The easiest way to do this in the beginning is to talk to some of her friends and get your ideas from them. You want to know what her favorite flowers are, or what music she listens to. What does she like to do for fun? Does she like teddy bears, or is she more of a sports fan? You definitely want to tell them that you are interested in her but do not want to let her know yet. This assures them that you are not a psycho maniac out to stalk or attack their friend. It also tells them you are not yet ready to release your secret to her, and hopefully they have the ability to keep it to themselves.

2. Pique Her Interest

Send her small gifts to her apartment every now and then. If she likes carnations, send her a bouquet with a note that reads, “Hope these brighten your day.” Another gift can be a balloon bouquet with a card that says, “You lift my spirits whenever I see you.” Doing small things like this in the beginning piques her interest and gets her excited about the secret admirer she has out there in the world. The more gifts you send, the more she will focus on you. This makes the unveiling even more exciting for you both.

3. Make an Appearance

The last gift at her door should be you. When you know she is home, dress nice but casual, throw on some great cologne and appear with a box of the finest chocolates in town. Swallow your nerves as you knock on her door. When she appears, smile widely and use the line from your first card so she will know instantly it was you. We are going to go with the best case scenario here: she invites you in. During the time you spend with her, get to know her better. Be honest with her about how you feel and ask her out to dinner. Chances are she will say yes. If by chance she does not, or if you do not get invited in, do not give up. Pursuing a woman is not always easy and you must be consistent.

4. Be Yourself

While at dinner that evening it is imperative that you be yourself. It does no good to take the time to pursue this woman and then be a yes man. If you are lucky enough to still be dating two months down the road, you will only be the man who went out of his way to impress her. This is not healthy. Now is the time to let the very best of who you are shine through. Yes, spend a good bit of time hanging on her every word, but let her see inside you, too.

5. Be Consistent

This is for the fellows who weren’t let in at the door, or who were turned down for the date. You cannot give up. If you are going to start something, then finish it. This doesn’t mean you send her a gift the next day. Wait a bit. You must think, though, you may have caught her by surprise and perhaps she just wasn’t ready. There are a million reasons she did what she did, but you cannot stop. Just do not get to the point of creepy. Put in some more time, talk to her a little bit longer. You will know when to call it quits.

Anything worth having is worth fighting for, or so they say. This is true for many, and I am sure it fits your situation perfectly. You must prepare yourself for every possible scenario when you pursue a woman, though. If you are prepared mentally and emotionally everything will work out just fine.

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Cabbage Soup Diet – The Fastest Weight Loss Diet For You

For those who hate going to the gym for regular body workouts, the Cabbage Soup diet might just be the perfect fat loss diet for you.

The Cabbage Soup Diet is a simple and fast weight loss diet that doesn’t need to be reinforced with any physical effort or complimentary food intake. With positive results in just seven days, this diet has become one of the most effective fat loss plans among the various weight loss regimens that require strict menus and meal schedules.

The secret of this fast fat loss diet is the presence of fiber rich ingredients that help absorb body fats and improve digestion. Its main ingredient, cabbage is a low-calorie vegetable that aids constipation and cleanses the toxins in our stomach. Plus, it’s loaded with vitamins A, B, C, K, and E that boost our body’s defenses. It also has cancer-preventing components.

Cabbage is known as one of the Cruciferous greens in the plant family of Brassicaceae. Cruciferous vegetables are good for human consumption because they’re edible and healthy. They have high vitamin and nutrient content that fight diseases and strengthen the whole body.

To start out with a tasty Cabbage Soup recipe, choose the smaller cabbage heads. Small cabbage heads are usually sweeter and less bitter than the large ones. Make sure you get the freshest ones with a bright green color. Here’s a recipe for the Cabbage Soup:

2 small cabbage heads, shredded

2 large carrots, shredded

3-6 large tomatoes, chopped

4 red and green peppers, chopped

4 cups water

1 teaspoon of salt and pepper

A dash of paprika

1 soup mix or broth cubes (optional)

Put all vegetables in boiling water for 6-10 minutes. Simmer until all vegetables are tender and cooked. Put salt and/or the soup mix to enhance taste. Add a little paprika and black pepper when done.

Many would complain about the soup’s bland taste. A soup mix should put away the dull taste of the plain vegetables. The paprika could also help in enhancing the taste of this well-known fat loss soup diet.

You can also put any of your favorite vegetables as long as they’re fiber-rich too like cabbage or they have some medicinal properties. You can add mushrooms, leeks, and celery. However, adding squash and broccoli may affect the texture of the recipe’s vegetables so don’t add them. In adding some veggies, choose ones that go great with soups and stews. Cabbage Soup is much like Chicken Soup without the protein from meats.

Although the Cabbage Diet might have been tried and approved by some, those who are interested in trying it should first consult a licensed dietician or nutritionist. Taking it for three straight meals a day is definitely unadvisable. A light meal, like this diet, is encouraged by health experts to be taken only during the evening because the body’s metabolism slows down during nighttime especially during sleep.

Others would experience dizziness after taking the diet regularly. To avoid this, you should remain to eat balanced diets during breakfast and lunch. The diet is low on fat, which could take away much of your body’s energy, so take the heaviest meal during breakfast to load up on carbohydrates that will give you energy and prevent nausea.

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Can Bach Flowers Help You Lose Weight

Are you looking for the perfect solution for weight loss? Try using Bach flower remedies. Bach flower remedies are available in thirty eight essences. These essences are combined into different remedies for different maladies. The best known Bach flower remedy is the rescue remedy which contains Rock rose, Clematis, Star of Bethlehem, Cherry Plum and Impatiens essences. These Bach flower remedies are natural healers of emotional problems that cause physical ones.

The problem of being overweight can be caused by a number of things and this includes poor stress management practices. Treating depression are known to help deal with some of these root causes of weight problems. If you deal with the root cause of a problem, you will have conquered the problem itself. It is therefore imperative for you to tackle some of the conditions that will lead to overweight problems such as stress.

The process of losing weight is not a mean feat, and many people have been known to succumb to depression and stress if they feel that the process is too slow or it is not working at all. Weight reduction means that you have to follow a very different diet than that you were used to. You may have to eat different foods and even reduce the amount. This is not an easy task for many people. However, Bach remedies are there to help you adjust to these new eating habits.

Losing weight needs patience and perseverance. If you think that you are putting too much into the process and no results are forthcoming, do not give up. Keep trying, use some Bach flower essences to help you stay calm and focused during this period. Anxiety will only lead to stress and this could make things worse for you.

While in a weight loss program, you are bound to face a lot of temptation. You will see and want to eat tasty looking, but sometimes unhealthy food. You might be invited for a party and all the food that is being offered there is the kind that your nutritionist advised you not to touch. Such situations may raise your stress levels without you knowing it. It is very important to have maximum self discipline if you are planning to lose weight. If you find that you have a problem summoning your self discipline in the presence of delicious looking fatty meals, use depression treatment essences.

Bach flower remedies make you feel good about yourself and what you are doing. You may be prone to irritable emotions which you may think you do not have control over. The truth of the matter is that you can get around any mood swings using depression treatment remedies.

Bach flower remedies are completely natural and safe to use. They have got no side effects and can be used by anyone, irrespective of age or gender. If you are having problems with your weight loss problem, get yourself some Bach flower remedies and you will see the situation turn around for the better in no time at all.

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Pomeranian Hair Loss: Causes and Treatments

Most royalties of eras past owned at least one of this breed of dogs. Queen Victoria is one of them. Who would not be? A Pomeranian is an adorable toy dog that is strong and friendly. It is well-known for its tiny size and long thick coat. People adore its cuteness and soft lush locks. That is why an owner has to take care of it well, especially its furry coat.

Hair loss is a common problem an owner might encounter when taking care of a Pomeranian. When this occurs, it is important to know the causes and treatments to easily bring the dog back to its adorable and healthy shape.

Pomeranian hair loss is usually caused by growth, allergies, pests and hormonal imbalances. A 5-month to 10-month old puppy normally sheds its hair to grow its adult coat. Pregnant ones also lose hair due to hormonal imbalance. Weeks after giving birth, the coat will be back to normal.

Alopecia X or Black Skin Disease where the dog loses lots of hair from its back with some dark patches, and Adrenal Sex Hormone Responsive Dermatosis where the dog loses hair on the neck, tail and hind legs are some causes of Pomeranian hair loss due to hormonal imbalance. Both need a serious Pomeranian hair loss treatment that is available in an animal clinic. Some of these treatments are:

Spaying or neutering involves removing the dog’s reproductive organs through surgery to restore hormonal balance and allow faster hair regrowth.

Oral or implanted melatonin involves administering melatonin supplements to balance the dog’s daily and seasonal rhythms and to trick the body to produce more compounds involved in hair growth. Veterinarians and owners should be careful as too much doses may worsen the condition. They may stop this treatment once the dog starts to regrow its hair.

An owner may perform simpler Pomeranian hair loss treatment for less severe cases. He may just eliminate the dog allergens such as wheat and corn in the diet and change the dog shampoo to a gentler and hypoallergenic one. He may consult the veterinarian for a shampoo against the pests and apply a small amount of Benadryl to help stop the dog from scratching resulting in hair loss.

Once the treatment is over, owners should maintain the beauty of their Pomeranian dogs. They should keep washing and brushing the coat regularly. They should also always watch the dog’s overall health to make sure it is in good shape inside and out.

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7 Top Benefits of Owning a Fitness Franchise

Are you a workout fanatic or a self-proclaimed “gym rat”? How about combining that passion for fitness with a lucrative franchise business opportunity? Now we’re talking.  

If you have the desire to be in business for yourself and are also passionate about exercise, diet, and fitness, perhaps a fitness franchise might just be the perfect business for you. Let’s face it: our society as a whole is overweight. It’s a problem that has existed for a very long time, but the increased awareness of the health risks associated with being overweight has created a steep increase in the popularity of the health and fitness industry. Sadly, our children are as unfit as ever. Combine that with the fact that the weight loss industry is a $40 billion annual business.  Can you see the huge possibilities here?  

Maybe you’re a husband and wife team seeking to make a difference in the lives of those who struggle with weight loss and fitness.  Or you’re a bored, unchallenged, white collar executive looking for a way to combine your passion for physical fitness with the desire to grow a successful business for yourself. Perhaps you are an investor seeking a business vehicle that allows you to purchase the rights to a specific region with the intention of developing multiple profit centers or desiring to possess the license necessary to sell the concept to other entrepreneurs in your region. Whatever your reason, a fitness franchises is a great business to invest in.   

Consider this: baby boomers, the largest segment of the American population, are more focused than ever on their health and overall appearance. They refuse to age without a struggle, and they are the pioneers behind the explosion of health clubs, aerobics classes and home fitness during the past thirty-plus years. They have tried all of the diets and exercise regimens, and are in search of a more fulfilling program that leads to lifelong health.  This group and their health focus is a major reason why fitness opportunities are, and will continue, to thrive. 

Although millions upon millions of dollars are spent each year on exercise equipment and health club memberships, the majority of the population is losing their battle against weight gain and overall fitness. They are realizing that going it alone just isn’t working. Along with state of the art equipment that targets their “trouble” spots, they need specific, detailed, easy to follow programs that can lead them on the path to reaching their goals. 

There are several great fitness franchise opportunities, such as those that specialize in weight training, yoga, Pilates, men’s, women’s, and children’s fitness centers. Even those that specialize in strength training with a personal trainer. Whatever your area of interest in physical fitness, you’re destined to find a franchise concept that excites you. 

Fitness franchises offer some great benefits to the franchisee, including these 7:

Low overhead  

Few employees  

Passive ownership  

Simple operation  

Multi-unit opportunities  

Limited seasonality  

Low initial investment  

Many also allow you to choose which type of owner you choose to be, whether its owner operated, manage the manager scenario, or a husband/wife team where you both bring specific skills and talents to the business.

As your clients achieve their goals of being physically fit, you, as the franchisee, enjoy the road to achieving fiscal fitness.

Check with an experienced franchise consultant for specific fitness franchise opportunities that match your requirements and skill set and for availability in your area of the country.

Register for your Free Franchise Consultation.  The Franchising Authority will help you find your perfect franchise!

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