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The Best Exercises to Include In Your Muscle Building Routine

As you go about you workout routine, it is important to discover the best muscle building exercises that you can be doing. This will point you in the right direction by eliminating wasted time, and mobilizing you to spend your energy on exercises that are proven to provide excellent results. Fortunately, there are a number of time-tested, basic exercises that have consistently provided outstanding muscle and strength gains for professional athletes, bodybuilders, powerlifters, and for anyone willing to put in the required level of work.

The benefits of muscle building exercises are well documented. Incorporating them into your workout routine will build lean muscle mass, which will increase your body’s metabolism, allowing you to burn fat more efficiently. It will also lead to significant strength gains. An added benefit to doing these exercises is that they work more than one muscle group in your body at once, providing you with greater payoff for your effort. Given these benefits, lets take a look at some of the top muscle building exercises that you should consider incorporating into your daily workout routine.

The Details – Let These Exercises Take Your Muscle Development To New Levels:

  • Squats: Often referred to as the king of strength and muscle building movements, the effectiveness of squats is unrivaled in terms of building mass and strength in the hamstrings, quadriceps, glutes, muscles of the lower back and spinal column, and your core. Assuming you back will allow it, this exercise should be a staple of your regular workout routine.
  • Lunges: This is a great movement for building muscle in your thighs and hips. They can be done with a set of dumbbells or a barbell across your back. If you are new to lunges, you will quickly discover their effectiveness as your legs will feel incredibly worked within just a few repetitions.
  • Deadlifts: This power-lifting movement will strengthen and build the muscle in your upper legs, glutes, and lower back very effectively. Along with squats, they are proven effective at significantly increasing muscle mass.
  • Bench Press: Another power-lifting exercise, the bench press has long been lauded for building thick muscle mass in the chest, shoulders, and triceps. The strength gains that can be achieved are unrivaled as well. There also are several variations of this exercise that can be performed to enhance results. Close grip, wide grip, and incline bench press exercises are all very effective. Given its incredible muscle and strength building benefits, the bench press should also be a staple in your workout routine.
  • Dips: A professional body builder was once asked what exercises he would do if he could only choose three, and dips was one of the exercises he selected! Little wonder, because dips are exceptionally effective at working the chest, shoulders, and triceps. To super-charge your dip routine, once you can do a high number of repetitions without stopping, you can begin to increase the weight using a dumbbell attached to your lifting belt.
  • Overhead shoulder press: Nothing beats this movement for increasing muscle mass in the shoulders. It also provides a significant workout for the triceps. Shoulder presses can be done seated or standing, with a barbell or using dumbbells. Two huge favorites are seated dumbbell presses and seated behind the neck barbell presses. Any of these variations is a highly effective workout for your deltoid muscles.
  • Push-ups: One of the things that makes push-ups such a great option is that you can basically do them anytime, anywhere. They can be done in combination with other upper body exercises, or as a stand-alone upper body exercise if you are away on vacation or can’t get to a gym. Push-ups are great for building lean muscle in the chest, shoulders, triceps, and upper back.
  • Rows: The ultimate exercise for working the lat muscles of the upper back, there is no substitute for rows. Bent-over dumbbell rows are immensely popular for building mass and strength. T-bar rows and seated cable rows are also an excellent option.
  • Pull-ups: This is a hard one, but very effective! While you may only be able to do a couple of them if you are just starting out, pull-ups are an excellent way to work the upper back and the biceps.
  • Curls: Whether they are done with a barbell, or in alternating fashion with dumbbells, there is no substitute for curls to develop mass and strength in the biceps. As an added benefit, they also work the forearms.
  • Sit-ups/Crunches: Like push-ups, sit-ups and crunches can be done basically anytime, even if you can’t get to the gym. Done in in several sets, they work the abdominal muscles very effectively.

The Bottom Line:

When you engage in these exercises as part of your regular workout routine, you can be confident that you are doing some of the very best muscle building exercises for your body. Because of their effectiveness at working the various muscle groups, none of them should be done on back-to-back days. Make sure that you establish a routine in which you work specific muscle groups in each workout, and then rest those muscle groups for at least the next day. Do your homework and research some sample workout routines to determine how to structure your workouts for the week, and how many sets and reps of each exercise to do. The important thing is to find a routine that works for you while incorporating many of these basic exercises into it.

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How Long It Takes to Cool Down After a Workout

A workout doesn’t end when you do your last rep or take the final step on the treadmill. You also need to cool down to gradually get your heart back down to its normal pace and to ease your body into a less strenuous rhythm.

The question is how long does it take you to cool down after a workout and what you need to do during this time.

I want to take a broader look than what most people do and think about your cool down as a two part process: you have the immediate cool down while you’re still in the gym and the post-workout cool down which happens in the hours and days following your workout.

Let’s talk about the immediate cool down first. This takes a few minutes, usually no more than 10 – 15. During that time, your heart rate will gradually slow down and your breathing will ease. What you need to do during this cool down period is to continue being active but at a slow and low intensity pace. You can walk slowly on a treadmill, cycle at a low pace on a recumbent bike, or slowly tread the elliptical.

Following a few minutes of that, you can and should do some stretching. Focus on those muscles groups that you trained during this particular workout but don’t totally neglect those that you didn’t. Stretching will help you prevent or reduce muscle soreness and lower the risk of sports related injuries.

The other part of the cool down period takes place up to 72 hours after your workout is completed. While you may not feel as if your body is warm or your heart rate is elevated, your body is still recovering from the exertions of the workout you did.

Your muscles, in particular, require up to 72 hours to fully recover and grow stronger once your workout is done. During this time, it’s important to not place additional heavy strain on them. You can continue acting normal and you’re free to do cardio workouts. I would refrain from doing additional strength workouts which target the same muscles unless 48 hours, at least, have passed between one workout and the next.

So, it takes about 15 minutes to cool down after a workout and up to 72 hours for the muscles to completely recover from it. This is how long a cool down takes.

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Anxiety Disorder – The Main Causes

Increasing worries about work, money, future, family, etc. result in anxiety. The disorder settles in your mind and behavior without letting you feel what is happening, and one day you find changes in your personality and way of thinking. Even physical symptoms appear and you freak out! Before going to the option of medication, try natural remedies for anxiety which are safe from any side effects and treat the problem more efficiently. Before you commence your treatment, acquiring more knowledge is essential as it enables you to understand better and have a more successful approach to the cure.

Anxiety is a serious and damaging mental condition which develops from concerns and worries one has about the vital issues of his life. As far as it is within the normal range, you do not need to be panicked about it but if it increases to an extent that you feel uncomfortable and it affects your normal mental peace and stability, take a practical step to treat it. There are many remedies that can easily help you to get out of the condition without bearing any side effects and visiting a physician. By taking medicines you may feel better for time being but as the medicines do not contain nutrients, and do not suit or boost the natural digestion and absorption process, you do not benefit from them as much as you can benefit from natural remedies for anxiety.

To start with your treatment, find out causes of anxiety disorder. Sorting out the causes simplifies for you the whole procedure of understanding your situation and then treating your disorder in a more effective manner. Commonly, anxiety can be the result of some medical factors in the body. People suffering from anemia, cardiac problems, infections, asthma, long-term illness, and side effects of a medication or lack of oxygen due to blood clotting in the lungs can be a victim of anxiety. In some cases, the genetics play a significant role in causing anxiety. If it runs in the family, you are more likely to develop anxiety without any trigger.

An abnormal level of some specific neurotransmitters in the brain can cause anxiety. These neurotransmitters do not work properly due to which the inner communication of the brain does not take place well and the brain starts acting in a weird manner.

The generalized anxiety disorder is caused by irrational worries about the normal day-to-day life matters like finance, family, friendship, job, education, etc. In some cases this is quite possible that a combination of above mentioned causes becomes mainly responsible for anxiety. For example, worrying irrationally about job and work while one suffers from anemia can lead to severe anxiety, and in some cases medical assistance becomes essential. So, one needs to look for the best natural remedies for anxiety in order to treat it effectively.

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How to Organize Your Makeup and Skin Care Products

Partition Your Products

You can divide your drawer space into compartments for the various skin care products; you can fill you cart with small containers from the kitchen aisle, bathroom and closet aisles, of different styles, sizes, and shapes. You can use trays inside your drawers for your skin care and makeup products because they are easy to clean and have a soft lining and rubber feet that can prevent slippage when the drawer is open. It makes it possible for you to take it out when you want to make up.

Make Use of Modern Fashioned Jars

When we talk about modern jars, there is nothing revolutionary about storing, cotton pads, Q-tips, brushes, and others in glass jars, unless you have not had time to do it, what makes it revolutionary is how streamline your routine. You can use vintage Mason Jars, modern-looking vessels like kitchen canister with a metal lid or used up candle jars. Stash the jars in a cupboard under the sink if you don’t have counter space; It will make your skin care products easy to grab.

Hang Up Your Hair Stuff

Hair products and tools are the bane of the existence of skin care and makeup products. From heat styling appliances with bulky, tangled cables and hairspray cans, it is the hair that always seems to pose the greatest problems of organization. Rather than shoving it all in a closet or drawer, try to hang it on the back of the bathroom door. Having a good organizer of different sizes makes it good for keeping the hair of different sizes.

Organize your Nail Polish into their various Color families

Unfortunately, gone are the days of my nail polish dedicated cabinet. But stacking fridge organizers can assist you in organizing them. Stack a couple of the larger eight-inch ones or more of four-inch style to see all beautifully arranged colors through the side easily.

Make Your Nail Tools Easy to Access

If your nail color collections tend to be overwhelming, you can keep favorite shades, nail treatments, tools, top coat and remover in separate containers that is located in the front of your biggest, beauty stacked bins.

Assign Makeup Drawers for Eyes, Lips, and Cheeks

For excessive makeup, you can assign drawer organizers of different sizes for your make up. What makes this work is that you can designate drawers to different categories, Lipsticks, eyelid and others; it is also effective to line up lipsticks so that you can easily see the colors.

Use Counter top Clutter with Vanity Trays

It is another idea that is obvious and yet life- changing when used. It is the only thing that can put your skin care and makeup products grooming after use. What you have to do is to put a nice tray near each of your sinks, and it will contain your heavy used items like cleanser, lip balm, shaving cream and razor, moisturizer, and others when carefully grouped in tray beauty products that are not outstanding, look dignified and almost luxurious. And nothing better than having no random bottles scattered around the desk all the time. You can also assign trays on the counter or in cabinets and drawers to catch the always fractious objects like tweezers, hair elastic, and nail files.

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Yoga For Pregnant Women

Pregnancy is a very special time for a woman but not all of the effects are good ones! Many of the typical discomforts can be relieved by practicing yoga for pregnant women. This ancient Indian form of exercise offers a holistic approach to your well-being that will relieve the tension of both mind and body.

For women who were already practicing yoga prior to pregnancy, yoga for pregnant women will help them stay fit during and after the pregnancy. There are numerous poses that are used in yoga and each has its own benefits and targets specific areas. Performing the poses that target the right areas during pregnancy can help you get through the entire nine months with only minimal discomfort. It will even help you during and after the birth of your baby.

Experts agree that women who practice yoga for pregnant women during their pregnancy appear to be both happier and healthier. The added flexibility of their bodies aids them in labor and they can experience less labor pain. The poses of yoga stretch your muscles and also the other soft tissue including ligaments and tendons so that your body is prepared for the birthing process.

Other benefits of doing yoga for pregnant women include:

• A boost in circulation.

• Relief from associated aches and pains.

• Helps to reduce fluid retention that is common during pregnancy.

• Improves posture to eliminate back problems that can result from pregnancy.

• Teaches breathing techniques that are useful during delivery.

If you start yoga for pregnant women and have never taken yoga before, it is important to start classes with a certified instructor to supervise you. You will need to learn the poses and it is imperative that you learn to do them correctly. You should limit what you practice at home to what you have learned in class under supervision.

If you already practice yoga, then you should be able to find plenty of instructional information about which of the poses you should focus on during pregnancy. If you are in doubt as to which style of yoga will work the best for you, talk to a certified yoga teacher for advice. Different styles focus on the different areas of the body including the glandular and nervous systems, and the muscular-skeletal system.

If you are a beginner, then you should always talk with your doctor before beginning any exercise program and you should start slowly. If you don’t feel comfortable doing any of the poses, whether you are a beginner or pro, then don’t do it any more. You should stop doing those poses that require you to engage the tummy muscles early on. Any time that you feel nauseous or experience any pain, stop and call your physician immediately.

Yoga for pregnant women uses many of the poses that are practiced at any other stage of your life but there are differences. Don’t expect your balance to be the same and don’t try to accommodate your body into a position that is no longer reasonable to attain. The abdomen is one area that you don’t want to put any pressure or strain on and you should eliminate those poses even if you have used them for years as part of your regular workout. You should also take care not to overstretch since ligaments become naturally looser around the joints during pregnancy.

If you take care and practice yoga for women that are specifically pregnant women, you can enjoy a more comfortable pregnancy and delivery with your baby!

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WEN Hair Care Reviews

There is no shortage of choices when choosing a shampoo. What should you take into consideration before making a purchase? The first thing you consider is your type of hair. If you have dry hair, buy a product designed to add moisture and not contribute to further drying. If you have oily hair you want to make your purchase accordingly and so on.

A new kind of hair cleansing product seems to be having good results for those giving it a try, such as WEN Hair Care system.

Many people like to use large amounts of cleansing agent or shampoo. They associate the abundant lather with cleanliness. The more lather the cleaner the hair will be. However, this approach can be misleading and does not have to be the case. This is not to say that there is anything wrong with lather. However, it may be unnecessary and should not be considered a prerequisite to clean hair.

In the line of WEN hair care products, the WEN cleansing conditioner, as it is termed by its creator, incorporates natural oils such as lavender and peppermint with aloe Vera. This combination does not lend to a head covered in suds. However, it does clean and protect and strengthen the individual follicles. This mixture also soothes the scalp and eliminates the need for the shampoo-conditioner combo. One product cleans and conditions and should leave your hair shiny, healthier and full of body and movement.

The reason this product lacks the lather is that it does not contain many of the chemicals and detergents that most shampoos contain. These substances can be detrimental to the locks over the long-term, robbing them of natural oils and moisture, and wearing away the strands.

If you are looking for a new way to wash your hair, WEN cleansing conditioner offers a natural alternative to many of the items on the market. The result will make you speechless.

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Fitness Model Diet – A Typical Day in the Life

Fitness models are some of the most beautiful, toned, sexy women on earth. It’s only natural that women who are trying to lose weight would look to them for inspiration, and many would also like to know what a typical fitness model diet consists of. You may think that any diet they follow would be extreme, but eating healthy doesn’t have to be difficult.

Most fitness models eat five or six small meals a day. This may sound like a lot, but eating like this keeps your metabolism burning calories and keeps you from feeling hungry between meals. If you think you’re eating too much, pay close attention to your portion sizes and how you feel after you eat. You should never have that stuffed feeling.

To keep body fat to a low percentage, eat a high protein, low carb, and low fat diet. Although it’s a good rule of thumb to eat everything in moderation, if you follow these guidelines, you can lose excess fat fairly quickly. Some examples of lean protein would be chicken, turkey, fish, egg whites, and protein shakes. Good carbs to include in your diet could be oatmeal, sweet potatoes, and rice.

Veggies should be a big part of any diet, but watch what you put on your vegetables. Steaming is best to keep the nutrients in your greens. Large salads with light dressing will help to fill you up with fewer calories.

Alcohol should be avoided for the most part, but it’s okay to have a glass of wine with your dinner once or twice a week. Most people find that alcohol will lower their self-control, and they may find themselves eating things they hadn’t planned on.

A typical fitness model diet is not so different than any other healthy eating plan you may find. Closer to competition time, fitness models may cut their intake of carbs even more, but during the off season, their diet should be easy to follow.

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The Difference Between Supplements and Diet Pills

What is the difference between supplements and diet pills? It’s true that they are very alike; that’s probably why many people think that they are even the same thing! But, the benefits of each are distinct enough to be categorized as separate aids to dieting. The thing that remains the same for both of them is that they each contribute to the effectiveness of your weight loss, but differ in functionality (why they are taken).

Let’s begin explaining the difference between supplements and diet pills by describing what a supplement is and what it’s for. Supplements can be taken as a liquid (mixed in with a beverage), a capsule (to be swallowed as a pill) or a powder. The reason you would take a supplement is to boost a particular vitamin or mineral in your body that is deficient, and to support your body with certain things it needs to function, that your body may not be producing enough of naturally. For instance, let’s look at the most common vitamin calcium. The natural properties of this vitamin specialize in muscle growth. Now, if you find that you exercise very often, but fail to see much change in your muscle size, it is possible that your body suffers from slight calcium deficiency. In this case, you would take a calcium supplement to make up for your lower calcium levels. Doing so will boost the calcium in your body to its proper levels, helping you to get more out of your workouts and begin to see muscle growth at a faster rate. For another example, I’ll suggest potassium (the mineral that holds the number 3 spot of importance and amount in your body). The sole function of potassium is to regulate digestion and is what is burned to extract energy from the food you eat by converting certain elements. A situation where the need of a potassium supplement would arise can be found if you easily get fatigued when exercising. Taking a potassium supplement on its own however will not give you energy, it only helps deliver more energy to you when you eat something like a… what’s a good snack when exercising… a granola bar. When you take a break to get a bit of energy from your granola bar, you will find that little snack gives you much more to go on with the aid of a potassium supplement.

After those two examples of supplements, let’s move on to explaining what a diet pill is so you can easily see the difference between supplements and diet pills. Diet pills (as well as supplements) are completely safe to take, and utilize natural elements to trigger certain responses in your body. The effects of taking a diet pill are much more practical and can be easily felt, rather than the subtle ‘boosters’ that supplements are. Still, both are important and vital to an effective and healthy weight loss. The different effects of a diet pill are many, where almost any weight loss aid you need can be found in a different diet pill. For example, if you are dieting and are at a point where you cannot eat anything or are allowed to eat very little, just as there’s always ‘an app for that’, there is a diet pill for that. You can find appetite suppressant diet pills that simply relieve you of that stinging emptiness in your stomach so that you can pass through those hungry nights without so much as a belly grumble. It essentially tricks your body into thinking that you have just had a full meal by providing all the right vitamins and minerals to your body that it asks for when hungry. It costs you next to no calories, but don’t tell your stomach that. You may have heard about this other popular diet pill, one that increases your fat-burning capabilities when exercising.

There are many different supplements and diet pills out there that you can find that will tailor to your personal needs while you lose weight. Remember that they are safe to take, and only make your difficult task of losing weight more bearable. Once again, supplements are vitamin and mineral boosters, and diet pills provide more practical effects on your body to aid in losing weight. So now that you are aware of the difference between supplements and diet pills, you can use your new awareness to benefit from these great tools that help you lose weight faster and more easily than ever!

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Goodbye to Penis Pain and Chafing With 4 Pre-Workout Tips

Thanksgiving turkey, Christmas goose and Hanukkah latkes can all add up to a ring of fat around a man’s belly, and when he can no longer see the tips of his toes, off to the gym he might waddle. While strenuous workouts might do wonders for his post-holiday waistline, they can also result in penis pain and overall crotch soreness, especially if he’s not careful to prevent injuries from chafing.

Thankfully, with just 4 well-timed penis care techniques, men can keep their junk protected while they sweat the pounds away, and when the workouts are over, they’ll be ready for an altogether different kind of exercise.

1. Choose the Right Shorts.

Slipping on any old thing seems reasonable when it comes to workouts, as most clothes worn during exercise emerge from the activity drenched with sweat. It’s not the kind of abuse any guy would unleash upon his best clothes. However, choosing the wrong kind of clothes can quickly lead to serious penis pain issues.

Cotton clothing that bunches up during activity can trap delicate bits in a pool of moisture, and chafing can quickly follow. Wicking shorts with a built-in shelf can move moisture away from the skin while providing vital support for tissues that dangle. Shorts like this are a vital part of preparing for a pain-free workout.

2. Stay Trimmed Up.

Burying the Johnson in a bundle of hair means forcing delicate skin into contact with rough hairs that can also trap moisture particles. Any guy who goes this route is almost guaranteed to emerge from the activity with legendary crotch soreness, particularly if the exercise session lasts for a long period of time.

A quick trim with scissors should do the trick. A haircut can keep the bush from growing too big, but unlike a razor-based trim, a scissor cut leaves the ends of the hairs somewhat soft, so they won’t have the ability to do yet more damage as the hair continues to grow. Trims like this often must be repeated monthly, or even more frequently, but they can keep the penis from intimate abrasions.

3. Invest in a Lubricant.

Biking and long-distance running involve staying active for hours on end, with few opportunities for a costume change. Despite a man’s best efforts at planning, moisture is likely to build up during these tasks, and skin is likely to stick and scrape. Lubricant products, applied properly, can allow skin to slide and slip, without catching and burning. Sweat can remove these products, of course, but applying them before the workout can significantly reduce the burn a man might feel when the workout is through.

4. Keep the Penis Healthy.

Entering into an exercise session with a penis that’s dry, chafed and uncomfortable almost guarantees a painful finish. By taking the time to keep the penis healthy, long before the workout begins, men can ensure that they enter the playing field with healthy tissues that might resist the urge to break apart. Good steps include:

  • Drinking plenty of water
  • Avoiding perfumed soaps and deodorant sprays
  • Washing with warm water, not harsh soaps
  • Blotting, not scrubbing, the penis dry after a shower

A penis health creme (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) can also support a healthy, pain-free manhood. These products contain ingredients that have the proven ability to nourish a man’s delicate parts, and the emollient action of the products can keep skin soft, smooth and supple. When penile skin is healthy from the inside out, it’s more likely to perform with ease during an exercise session, and it’ll be more likely to emerge untouched and ready for partnered playtime.

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Home Made Recipes For Healthy and Glowing Skin

Generally, we all suffer from skin problems related to sun burns, post delivery, allergy etc., which results in black patches round our neck, face, underarms, elbow making it a dull and lifeless skin.

I have got for you some tried and tested recipes which can bring back glow in your skin and also helps in removing the dark patches from your skin.

1. The first and foremost thing is drink plenty of water and have one teaspoon isabgol mix in one glass of water every night before sleeping, it flushes out all the toxins from your body and thereby resulting in healthy and glowing skin.

2. Mix equal quantity of yoghurt and potato juice and apply for one hour.

3. Raw papaya has the properties of good skin whitener, it helps to lighten your skin.

4. Strawberry juice mix with honey is also a good facial whitener, mix in equal quantity and apply it for one hour.

5. one teaspoon cinnamon powder mix with one tablespoon honey and apply it for one hour.

6. one teaspoon glycerin mix with little lemon juice helps to lighten skin on the lips.

7. Use papaya, banana, milk or yoghurt as a body scrubber twice a week.

8. Mix 100gm til oil, 1 tspoon haldi, 2 tspoon corriander seeds and 2 tspoon red sandalwood paste with 200ml of water and let it cook on low flame for 1/2 an hour till the whole water evaporates. Before sleeping gently massage on the skin from down to up direction regularly for at least 6 months.

This will not only give you a healthy and glowing skin but also remove black patches from your skin.

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