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Curative Yoga Asanas For Various Ailments

Yoga’s curative value for various ailments cannot be overlooked. With an established routine of a series of asanas, many of the diseases commonly affecting us can be cured and a healthier lifestyle enjoyed by all of us. Yoga prevents as well as cures several disorders of the body and mind. It establishes poise and harmony of the hormones and metabolism of the body; is stimulates endocrine system and builds up natural immunity of the body. In our bodies lie different forms of energies, when these forces are not utilized and directed properly, they cause a number of disorders. Yoga postures trigger and guide the amassed and sluggish vigor throughout the body; they purify the body and mind by freeing them from all toxic wastes.

Uses of different types of poses

Positions taken up while seated are beneficial for breathing, relaxation and meditation practices. They act as warm up exercise to start the session. The seated positions improve posture and open up the pelvic area.

Standing postures prove advantageous in strengthening your legs; they open up your hips and develop your sense of balance and poise.

Prescribed Asanas for ailments

Diabetes can be controlled and cured by:

  • Back Stretching Posture
  • Half-Spinal Twist Pose

Yoga asanas can help you with obesity by burning body fat; massaging the abdominal muscles by contracting and flexing them and improving blood circulation to those areas. Curative postures for this condition are:

  • Cobra Pose
  • Wind Relieving Posture

Health experts believe that constipation is the mother of all ailments; it is the outcome of unbalanced diet, lack of exercise, mental problems and tensions. Asanas holding curative value for this disorder are:

  • All members Pose
  • Fish Pose
  • Headstand posture

Bad posture while sitting, being overweight and our lifestyle contribute to back ache. To cure this ailment, you can work with:

  • Cobra Pose
  • Wind Relieving Posture
  • Locust Pose

Rheumatism and arthritis resulting from hardening of muscles, joints and tissues, are painful ailments; for their correction, Wind Relieving Posture is recommended. For Hyper-tension and high blood pressure, All Members and Corpse poses have curative value as they help unwind the body and drive worry and stress away. Illnesses of the respiratory tract, like, sinus, asthma, bronchitis and common cold can be healed by taking up Cobra, Bow and Fish asanas. These postures will fix the stoop and rounded shoulders. Digestive disease like hyperacidity results from improper dietary habits and intake of spice-laced food. Raised Feet, Cobra, Lotus and Yoga positions treat this problem suitably. Breathing and meditating exercises too as curative tools have a profound soothing effect on exhausted minds and frayed nerves.

Yoga asanas are a complete system that prevents and heals several ailments, even chronic ones. With its regular practice health is improved holistically. A full set or schedule of a combination of different postures is important to heal the mind, body and the spirit. The curative rewards of yoga make the heart healthy, regulate blood pressure within its normal range, alleviate anxiety, fortify immunity and create balance and harmony within one’s self.

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Natural Hair Care Recipes

Healthy shining tresses are every womans dream. With new, expensive hair products being launched everyday; one finds it difficult to choose the right hair care product. Excessive usage of chemically formulated products like shampoos, conditioners, dyes, etc, the natural oils present in our hair and scalp are striped off very easily. For a luxuriant head of healthy hair whilst saving money give some of the below mentioned natural hair care recipes at try – you will definitely not be disappointed.

Massage a well-beaten egg into freshly washed hair. Rinse it with cold water after five minutes. Avoid hot water or else you will have scrambled eggs in your hair.

Mayo is an excellent hair conditioner. Massage it thoroughly and rinse it carefully in cold water. Hot water will set the mayonnaise in your hair, so avoid it.

Give your hair a final rinse with not so strong smelling beer to get a lovely shine.

Lightly heat the rosemary oil, massage it on to the scalp and let it sit for several minutes before rinsing it off with warm water.

If itchy scalp is your worry, apply some yoghurt. Wrap your hair with a towel for 15 minutes and then rinse. Yoghurt will chase away the dandruff too.

Mix three parts of water to one part of vinegar; soak or spray your hair in this solution to remove any shampoo buildup. Rinse as usual and you will find hair that is easy to manage and style.

Essential oils like ylang ylang if added to either shampoo or conditioner will stimulates hair growth and act as hair rejuvenator.

Rinsing your hair with juice of 2-3 lemons will bring shine back to the dull hair.

Home made conditioner recipe.Apply paste made with mashed avocados and mayonnaise for 15 minutes for maximum effect. Cover your head for 15-20 minutes and rinse it off with a gentle shampoo.

For a nourishing hair conditioner, try this – heat three tbsp of coconut oil and 1/2 cup jojoba oil on low heat. Make a smooth paste with four tbsp powdered white clay and one cup water. Combine the oils and white clay paste properly. Apply it on dampened and clean hair, massaging it onto the scalp. Cover for 15 minutes and shampoo thereafter. Jojoba oil used in hair care softens the scalp skin and gives extra shine and bounce.

To cut the grease of oily hair, add one or two tbsp of cider vinegar during the final rinse.

Olive oil is an excellent conditioner for dry hair. Massage your hair thoroughly especially the ends and middles. Wrap a warm towel around your head for 30 minutes, as oil will penetrate the hair shaft. Then wash it using a gentle dry hair shampoo.

After washing your hair, wash it with some milk and let it sit for 15 minutes or so. Rinse off with warm water to get the softness and natural shine.

For oily hair, beat one egg white and simply apply it on dry hair. Leave it till it dries and becomes crusty. Wash it off with cold water and shampoo. This will help reduces the oiliness if done regularly.

If your hair is damaged, try this pack. Mix juice of two freshly squeezed lemons, two egg yolks, one egg white and a tbsp of honey. Apply onto the hair and let it rest for some time. Shampoo and rinse off with cold water

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Women’s Fitness – How to Eat Right to Improve Fitness

It is important for women to eat the right foods so that they can be healthy and feel great. You want to make sure that you are getting enough of the proper vitamins and minerals into your diet and the best way to do this is to eat the leafy green vegetables and natural fruits. It is best to stay away from dried fruits because they contain a lot of sugar and can increase your weight. Also you want to make sure you stay away from processed foods because they can clog arteries and create health issues. Once you change the way you eat you will notice a big difference in your life and how you feel.

Most women should find a meal plan that fits their lifestyle and the way they like to eat. This means if if you’d like to prepare food than you want to search for recipes that are good for healthy eating. It is important that even if you are married you need to have your own food so that you can maintain good health. Women should also find an exercise program that they feel comfortable with. In many cases this can be as simple as taking a walk each day for 20 or 30 minutes. Once you have made a few changes in your life you will see the results within a short period of time.

Remember it is important for women to find a great meal plan that will help them become more healthy. Make sure that it contains plenty of vegetables and fruits so that you get the nutrition’s you need. Find an exercise plan that can help you raise your metabolism so that you can maintain a healthy weight.

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Miracle Banana Diet – Is it the Easiest Diet Ever?

Need to lose weight? If you’ve heard of the miracle banana diet you may be aware it’s been called the “easiest diet ever”. The diet is simplicity itself as well as being healthy and hassle-free.

1. Too Busy to Diet? Just Eat a Banana or Two for Breakfast

The essence of the banana diet is simple. You just eat a banana or two for breakfast while sipping room-temperature water. That’s your entire breakfast, and it’s more or less the entire diet as well.

The only other thing you need to be aware of is that you should go to bed early, and you don’t need to make any other changes to your diet.

I recommended the miracle banana diet to a client a year ago, and I hadn’t seen her for months. By chance I met her at a business meeting and I couldn’t believe my eyes. She looked terrific: she’d lost at least 60 pounds. It was hard to believe that this was the same person I’d seen in my office. She smiled and said: “Yes, you’re right– the banana diet really works!”

She said that most of the time she forgets she’s on a diet. All she does is eat bananas for breakfast. She went on to tell me how much energy she has. She recently lost her job in the downturn, but two days later walked into another job. She’s been much more confident since starting on the diet.

As many others have told me: that’s a hidden benefit of the banana diet — you feel great and have much more energy.

2. Conquer Your Food Obsession: Eat What You Like

If you’re constantly on a diet it can seem as if you’re obsessed with food. You’re constantly worried about what you should eat and when, and most of the time you feel guilty because you think you’re eating the wrong foods.

The banana diet eliminates your food obsession. You truly can eat whatever you want, but you’ll be amazed that you just feel like eating more healthily, and you do.

3. The Key to the Diet’s Success: It’s Healthy

The banana diet is very healthy. Bananas help you to sleep better, and your moods improve.

I heard of one lady who enjoyed her bananas so much she ate them for snacks as well during the day. This meant she wasn’t eating doughnuts and cookies, and the pounds melted off.

Try the miracle banana diet — you’ll agree that it’s the easiest diet ever.

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Tips to Stay Fit Despite Irregular Workout Routine

With a busy work schedule and a fast paced life, you might not find time for a regular workout schedule. However, nothing justifies compromising with your health and fitness. Another issue that you might be coming across is irregularities in your workout routine. The reason can be any: small kids to take care of, too many guests dropping in, irregular work shifts or simply lack of motivation and your lazy attitude.

Tips for those with Irregular Wok Shifts

You might be a shift worker with a desk job. This leaves very less scope for exercising on a regular basis. Your shift change every fortnight or every month. This can disrupt your workout schedule. Those who work in night shifts usually spend the whole day sleeping and thus do not take out time for any type of physical activity. This kind of routine can have serious implications for your health. No physical activity means no burning of excess calories, which can lead to obesity. It also means having a very rigid and inflexible body, and it also means there will be poor blood circulation in the body. This increases the risk of a number of diseases, many of which can be fatal.

However, you can take some extra efforts in order to take care of your health. Utilize whatever time you find in between work. Do some stretching or walking whenever you take a break. If you are a night shift worker and cannot exercise in the morning, fix a time in the evening for a little workout. Ask your personal trainer for more such suggestions, which you can implement in between work.

Tips for Mothers with small kids

If you are a mother of very young children who are dependent on you for everything, then there are chances you might be interrupted even in between your workout. To avoid interruptions during your exercise routine, you could hire nanny to take care of the kids. Even squeezing in thirty minutes a day for your workout schedule, would go a long way in keeping your self healthy and fit. Try and make some changes to your routine that suits both you and your kids. Exercise when it is there sleeping time, or let them watch television while you are exercising. This way you can work out without any disruptions.

Tips for those with a joint family or a huge social circle

If you are living in a joint family or have frequent guests at your home your exercising schedule might get disrupted as you cannot ignore anyone who arrives to your place. Thus, what is best for you is that you wake up a little early to do some exercising. There is a very bleak possibility that you will be disturbed by anyone early in the morning.

Thus, for those with irregular work out schedules time management is the most important thing. You need to steal time from in between your other priorities in order to keep your body fit. The second most important thing is to stay motivated. As far as you are willing to exercise regularly, you will be able to find time whatever be the case.

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Anxiety and Mental Shutdown – Sufferers of Anxiety Are Literally Mentally Affected

Some sufferers of anxiety are literally mentally affected. For those with diagnosed Anxiety Disorder, the brain and its neurotransmitters are not working as they should be. Nevertheless, anxiety can be a learned habit. The root cause of anxiety therefore lies is as old as the nature vs. nurture debate.

Just as in any brain condition, anxiety may manifest in different forms in different people. Some just shut down. Others get really busy, multitasking and running around just as if they have ADD.

A typical person who shuts down during an anxiety attack is George. He can function well for ordinary activities, but when he is already faced with more than one issue at a time, he just shuts down mentally.

At work, he can finish his tasks perfectly. This is because his work is almost autonomic. He doesn’t have to analyze what he is doing. He just does what he has been used to doing all along.

Home, however, is a different issue for George. At home, he must compartmentalize his thought processes. He then becomes anxious as his mind has to work extra. He may be thinking about money, and this leads to his anxiety about this subject. He must think about paying bills, providing food for his family, not to mention his other obligations that also include money.

Then his wife asks him about furniture arrangements. He then shuts down. George is simply unable to think about other things during an anxiety attack. His wife pushes him to answer. Something different happens. George becomes hysterical. He screams, paces, breathes heavily, and thinks that everything is now out of control.

For George to function during an anxiety attack, he must list topics that need to be addressed so he can focus with one problem at a time.

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