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What Is Yogalates? A Brief Overview

You’ve probably already heard of Yogalates – it is the newest trend in fitness in health clubs, spas, and yoga and Pilates studios. But let’s start with the basics: what is Yogalates?

Yogalates, also spelled Yogilates, is a combination of Pilates and yoga, which blends the emphasis that yoga puts on flexibility and meditation with the benefits of core strengthening that you get with Pilates training.

Yogilates was created in the late 1990’s by Jonathan Urla, a Pilates and yoga instructor, who realized that some of the same basic principles are shared in both yoga and Pilates – like proper breathing, alignment, strengthening and flexibility – and could be combined to glean some of the benefits of both.

Why take a Yogalates class? It’s a great way to get some of the benefits of both practices if you don’t have time to attend both yoga and Pilates classes. If you’re splitting your time between the two types of classes, you may not be getting the full benefits of either or learning the proper form through dedicated practice.

Yogalates is also great if you’re getting bored with your current practice and looking to try something new, or challenge your body in new ways.

Traditional Yogalates classes start with warm-up yoga poses like downward dog, which gets your body warmed up and started on proper breathing and form in the yoga poses. Then, the class moves into more challenging yoga poses that require greater movement, which sets the tone for the body’s muscles as you move into Pilates poses. Pilates exercises follow to further challenge the body and emphasize core strength.

What are some of the disadvantages of Yogalates? Not surprisingly, you only get half of the benefits of taking a full yoga or Pilates class because you’re splitting your time between the two. You won’t work your core as hard as you would in a traditional Pilates class – the same goes for the meditative benefits of a full yoga class.

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A Great Shoulder Workout to Create the "Wide Shoulder" Look

To create the appearance of wide shoulders you must pick exercises in your

shoulder workout that hit the right muscles. Your shoulder is made up of three

muscles…the front deltoid, the side deltoid, and the rear deltoid. It is

important to focus your shoulder workout mainly around the side deltoid if you

want to create width.

What Exercises in Your Shoulder Workout Emphasize the Side


Include plenty of lateral raise variations in your shoulder workout, if you

want to really isolate the side deltoids. Many people prefer to start their

shoulder workout with shoulder presses, but I prefer to start my shoulder

workout with lateral raises. When you start your shoulder workout with lateral

raises you pre-fatigue your side deltoid muscles. When you hit the shoulder

presses, you will completely blast the side deltoid muscles. When you perform

any pressing movements attempt to keep your elbows to the side of your body.

Don’t allow your elbows to drift forward, as this will put the emphasis on the

front deltoid muscles.

What Exercises You Should Avoid in Your Shoulder


The bigger your traps are, the narrower your shoulders will appear. I would

recommend dropping all shrugging and upright rows from your shoulder workout.

The wide and square shoulder look is achieved by emphasis on the deltoid muscles

during your shoulder workout. I actually believe that big traps create an

unattractive look to the physique and give you a rounded shoulder look.

How Many Sets and Reps to Perform in Your Shoulder


Your shoulder workout will vary depending on your shoulder development. If

you have small shoulders, then I would recommend a high volume approach to your

shoulder workout. Muscle mass is increased by performing a high volume of work on a specific muscle group. If somebody has smaller shoulders, they should aim

to get a pump in their shoulders during their shoulder workout. This is achieved

by performing a higher number of reps and less rest in between sets. I would aim

for 15-20 total sets for shoulders and stick to reps in the 8-12 range. For

those with bigger shoulders I would perform about 1/2 of the volume of lifts

during the shoulder workout. Aim for 8-10 total sets in your shoulder workout

and 5-10 reps per set.

Cardio for Your Shoulder Workout?

Cardio is actually one of the most important part of a great shoulder

workout. If you want that lean and angular look, then cardio will do that for

you. The lifts in your shoulder workout will build width in the shoulders, but

cardio will give you a smaller waist. Low body fat will emphasize the side delts

even further. Cardio will actually put finishing touches on every body part. It

is an important part of your shoulder workout and should be performed year


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My Daily Hair Care Regimen With Wavy, 100% Virgin Human Hair Extensions

Virgin Human Hair extensions are the best hair for weaving and braids. In the last 5 years and earlier, Virgin Human Hair extensions have become increasingly popular for the regular and everyday woman. Before these extensions reached the public, Virgin Hair was at one time only sold and provided to celebrities, A-listers, and widely recognized salons and retail locations. I mean this hair was one of Hollywood’s best-kept secrets, but now the cat is officially out of the bag. This hair is now out and about under aliases such as Brazilian, Cambodian, Indian, Malaysian, Peruvian, and many more origins. I cannot spill the beans if these hair textures are truly from the country of origin, but I can say that all authentic Virgin Human Hair is fabulous and low maintenance. The most popular style among Virgin Hair is Body Wave Hair. My personal favorite is Brazilian Body Wave!

Body Wave hair is most popular because of its natural wave pattern when dry or wet. Did you know most Virgin Body Wave hair straightens to the bone? Then, just wet it to go wavy all over again. Again, this is why the hair has become so popular and a favorite among Virgin Hair wearers. However, a lot of clients mistake the hair’s rich qualities as not having to take care of the hair. All Virgin Human Hair needs care, because the hair is no longer growing from a scalp to provide natural nourishments and proteins. So, this is where this advice will come in handy! I will give you all some quick advice and tips on how to maintain your wavy Virgin Human Hair extensions. Remember taking great care of your hair extensions benefits you in longevity and a more natural looking appearance of your extensions. Carefully maintained Virgin Hair extensions should last up to 1 year or longer! Read the most common and frequently asked questions, and my answer to make your hair extensions last and look their best!

Q: How do I wear my hair to bed?

A: Always sleep with a satin or silk bonnet. Detangle your hair with a wide toothcomb or a wig brush with curved bristles before putting on your hair bonnet. Using a wide-tooth comb or wig brush also prevents snagging and shedding your hair extensions. I also suggest purchasing bendable rollers, sometimes called flexi-rods. These rollers help maintain your waves without using heat. The bendable rollers are perfect for those with busy schedules. By rolling the hair at night, you can save time in the a.m. by just taking out the rollers, and moving on to your make-up!

Q: What should I put on the hair?

A: Less is always best! You can pretty much hide or throwaway any oil sheens, and heavy products you use for your natural hair. Virgin Hair only needs light and featherweight products. If you do not prefer to use bendable rollers in the evening, I suggest using water, a dime-size amount of Moroccan Argan Oil conditioner, and LottaBody hair setting lotion. You can mix these products in a spray bottle, and spray on your hair daily to retain the waviness of the hair. I also use the Moroccan Argan Penetrating Oil for a moisturizing agent for the hair. I apply the oil once every 2 -3 days to my wavy Virgin Human Hair.

Regular shampooing, conditioning, and deep conditioning are also recommended every 7 to 10 days. A salon professional or stylist can also help you out when in doubt of products and techniques to use. YouTube is also a great way to find care and styling tips.

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How Do You Assemble A Fitness Regimen Which Is Effective?

Many individuals establish an exercise want to enhance their fitness. Regardless of whether they stick to it, it may not work when the workout plan isn’t suited to them. In case you have clear workout goals in your mind, they can be challenging to reach without having a decent plan. In case you are to maximize your fitness potential, you should commence taking care of assembling a well-customized exercise program that is going to be followed on the letter. From here, you will find the guidelines you should build a firm foundation that will move you forward.

The Body Speaks

Most effective exercise programs should be tailored towards the user, and also this is something a number of people overlook. Resist from following what other individuals are doings because at some point down the line, the body will never be in a position to deal with the routine at hand.

Always look to pay attention to how your body works. There are actually too many people who don’t realize the quantity of pain they are able to place on their bodies like those that continue to do bench presses with pain. Once you learn the dumbbell press is definitely the better option, then you definitely wouldn’t just do the barbell bench press because other folks are going to do it, could you? By hearing your system and doing the chest presses with dumbbells, you are going to achieve better results.

It Is Far From The Quantity That Matters Just As Much As It Will Be The Intensity

It is essential to consider your goals as you craft an exercise routine that is best suited to your needs. Are you currently attempting to lose weight or gain muscle?. When they are your goals, you need to give attention to intensity. It is the common factor of goal achievement. You must improve the intensity when it comes to how much time you might be spending at the gym.

For example, you will definitely get much better comes from 6 to 8 reps of a heavy weight provided that you have good form, than you are going to with 20 reps by using a lighter in weight. Even though it seems that you will be doing less work, you’ll really be getter better results.

Timing Is Very Important

Timing is a lot more important than a lot of people realize. Exactly what does this cause? As an example, a person just decides that she / he will exercise two times a day without reason. Without having goals or focus, it is a waste of energy. While its factual that world-class athletes and competitive bodybuilders subject themselves to grueling exercise schedules, additionally, they literally focus their lives on their own fitness. A lot of people do not require this type of workout regimen and really should be looking to keep it to one each day.

What you do wish to accomplish, however, is just as much as you may inside a short length of time.

If you use the recommendation in the following paragraphs, you will certainly be far more effective together with your workouts. It is very important exercise, but the routine you follow is essential, too. There are many people who overlook this perspective but regrets start pouring in later when positive workout results are not achieved. The recommendation shared with this piece will help you get the most out of your workouts, regardless if you visit the fitness center or perhaps you exercise in your own home. Avoid putting things off on unnecessary workouts but instead plan the workouts you will end up doing.

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Fast Food Candida Diet Style

Although diet and the fast food restaurant do not commonly go hand in hand, many quick food joints are providing options for the diner who seeks healthier fare. Even a person trying to follow the candida diet can enjoy a fast food meal by avoiding sugars and starches and going for the vegetables and proteins listed on the menu.

Of course, in a perfect world, one would always have time for a nice, home cooked meal with plenty of fresh ingredients and whole foods. But reality is that fast food restaurants come in very handy on days when you are on the go or simply don’t have the time, energy or desire to slave in the kitchen.

Fast food restaurants often get a bad rap, but just like the grocery store, most of these restaurants offer both healthy and less-than-healthy options. It is the individual’s responsibility to make the right choices, and there are plenty of meal possibilities to keep the candida dieter on track.

The best game plan when considering a fast food meal is to decide which restaurant provides the healthiest options. Pulling up menus online is a simple way to check out menu and nutritional information, and nearly all fast food places have a home on the Web in order to provide such information to consumers.

Compare menu items and ingredients and determine which restaurants offer items like salads, low-sugar salad dressings, un-breaded sandwiches, and good protein sources. Even a burger can be candida diet-friendly when the bun is removed. Just ask for extra lettuce and use the leaves as the covering for the meat. You can enjoy the burger without the candida-increasing starches found in the white, processed bun.

When choosing salads, remember to ask for grilled meat. The crispy-coated or breaded meat can be detrimental to the candida condition. Also, go for low-sugar dressings such as ranch or blue cheese. Sweet dressings like French, thousand island and even many types of vinaigrette are often packed with sugar.

Although many people assume a salad is automatically healthy just because it is a salad, the truth is that common salad toppings such as sugary dressings, croutons and breaded meat can make the salad just as much as a candida trigger as a burger, fries, and an ice cream shake.

Once you get the hang of the kinds of foods that work on the candida diet, eating out becomes easier. Candida diet staples include vegetables, protein, low-sugar fruit and some dairy. If you can find these items on the menu and avoid carb and sugar-laden foods, you will be able to enjoy your fast food meal while keeping your body as healthy as possible.

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The Venus Factor Program: A Review

The Venus factor is a weight loss program that is designed for women. At the center of the program is the Venus index. For you to determine your Venus index, you have to measure your waist, height, and hip.

Here you only need to measure your height. Your waist is equal to 38% of your height; therefore, you will easily find the size of your waist. You should then multiply your waist size by 1.42 to determine your hip measurements. To determine your shoulder measurements, you should multiply your waist size by 1.618.

From the figures obtained, you will be able to know your next step. If your Venus index is higher than normal, you are supposed to lose weight; however, if the index is low, you should plan on gaining weight.

Whether you want to lose or gain weight, the Venus factor program guides you on how to eat and exercise in order to realize your goals.

What’s included in the program

Other than guiding you on how to determine your Venus index, the program also has the following: body centric eating guide, workout manual and schedule, and community membership.

The body centric eating guide shows you the foods that you should eat to achieve your ideal shape and weight. The guide shows you the different herbs, vitamins, and foods that you should eat to increase leptin levels in the body.

Leptin is a hormone that aids in increasing the rate of metabolism; therefore, when the levels of leptin are high, the rate of metabolism is high thus you lose weight fast. On the other hand if leptin levels are low, the rate of metabolism is also low thus you don’t lose as much weight as you are capable of.

The Venus factor workout manual and schedule covers a 12 week workout routine that comes in 3 different phases.

The good side is that each routine comes with a plan to follow, complete with videos, pictures, and detailed explanations in order to ensure that you are doing everything correctly. Venus factor exercises are aimed at regulating body fat, and toning and sculpting body muscles.

The community membership gives you access to the community of women who are taking part in the program. The membership comes in handy to women who like exercising at home.

This is because these women get to enjoy the comfort of their homes while at the same time get moral support from other women from all over the world.

The Venus factor goes for only $47. The good side is that it has a 60 day money back guarantee; therefore, if you buy the product and you are not impressed by the results within 60 days, you just need to return the product and have your money back!

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6 Secret Foods For Instant Stress Relief

Bad news is one common cause of instant stress. Relief is much desired at that point, but it’s difficult when our minds are racing around the problem that just arose. Perhaps you just heard that your job is on the line, or that your bank is demanding full payment of your mortgage.

Stress is a common reaction. You wonder how on earth you are going to survive. You have a family to feed and other bills to pay. You need a roof over your head. You mind is in a flurry, trying to find a quick solution.

A racing mind isn’t all that happens when you go into stress mode.

What happens when we’re under stress?

You might have read the list already. It includes a racing heart, head spinning and perhaps you feel dizzy or lightheaded. A knot grabs your stomach and makes you feel nauseous. These are the symptoms you can easily recognize.

There are others that you don’t see.

They include an increase in adrenaline, blood sugar, heart rate and blood pressure. Although your respiration rate increases, it’s not healthy breathing. Breaths are shallow and short. This causes toxins like carbon dioxide and lactates to build up in your system, triggering anxiety and more stress.

Many people crave junk food or sugar for instant stress relief. A sugar jolt might feel good at the time, but it will further raise your blood’s already high sugar levels, increasing your risk of developing diabetes. Carbonated drinks aggravate the carbon dioxide and lactates that are already building up in your system.

One of the best responses for instant stress relief is to eliminate these detrimental foods from your diet and switch to helpful ones.

Foods to avoid

1. Tea, coffee, cocoa

2. Sweet carbonated beverages including soft drinks

3. Sugar

4. Alcohol including wine

5. Red meat and other hard-to-digest meats

6. Junk foods and fast food

Foods to choose for instant stress relief

1. Cottage Cheese and Oranges. The cottage cheese provides good quality protein and calcium to satisfy your system’s needs. The Vitamin C in oranges works as an antioxidant to diminish the toxins that are building up while you are under stress.

2. Blueberries. They are rich in antioxidants and high in fiber and Vitamin C to help your body through the strains of stress.

3. Almonds. A good source of Vitamins B2 and E, their high antioxidant content aids in flushing those toxins that put more stress on your body.

4. Fish. Tuna and Mackerel are high in Vitamins B6 and B12 which help to fight stress. Ease off on the mayo to avoid the fat content. Fish also contains high levels of Omega fatty acids which are known to benefit the heart and protect it from stress-induced diseases.

5. Yoghurt. It provides the essential minerals and calcium to stimulate proper nerve impulses and normalize the acidity of the stomach. Yoghurt is especially beneficial when your stomach is upset and if you are prone to ulcers.

6. Vegetables in all colors. They are rich in vitamins and minerals and their fiber content aids in reducing constipation and diarrhea caused by stress. Irritable Bowel Syndrome is a common long-term complaint of people who are under stress for an extended period of time. Vegetables can benefit here.

Instant stress relief might be difficult, but it’s important if you want to avoid the detrimental long-term health effects of ongoing stress. The sooner you can overcome stress, the better. If you turn to sugar and junk food or alcohol when you’re upset, it’s time to stop. Choose the foods mentioned and you will soon enjoy the benefits of instant stress relief.

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What Is the Best Organic Skin Care? 100% Organic Skin Care

What is the best organic skin care? Honestly too many to compare. But one line that is 100% organic skin care and which stands out above the rest is RVB Holistic Beauty. RVB Holistic Beauty is the result of continuous research and development of new ingredients that bring forward a new professional cosmetic line. Building on the success of Natura, the new line offers a complete range of skin care treatments using ingredients that are safe for you and the environment. The 100% organic and natural active ingredients contain no parabens, no mineral oils, no animal proteins, no formaldehyde, no silicone, no siloxane, no petrochemicals, and are GMO free. RVB Holistic Beauty products use selected natural ingredients that are certified as being grown organically and have been dermatology and microbiology tested. They provide maximum efficiency while keeping you and the environment safe.

RVB stands for Research, Value and Beauty. This 100% organic skin care line is an Italian company that has been researching and promoting the use of natural skin products for over 40 years. RVB supports fair trade, acknowledges and safeguards biodiversity in harvest locations and is a promoter of responsible and sustainable development that preserves the economical wealth and cultural heritage of the regions where the plants are grown to provide you with what is the best organic skin care combination of ingredients. It was the first Italian cosmetic company to receive the ISO 9002 Quality Certification which is recognized worldwide as a standard in quality management.

RVB’s eco-conscious 100% organic skin care line helps the skin in maintaining a fragile balance by protecting it against harmful ultra-violet rays, pollution, toxins, bacteria, extreme temperatures, stress and natural aging. It fights against these factors by providing the skin with the vitamins, minerals and proteins it needs to sustain a healthy, young and natural appearance. Used in massage therapy, the natural ingredients provide a sensory delight with fragrances inspired from aromatherapy and unique innovative textures that amplify the experience.

The result is a deep restoration and balance of the mind and body that provides a boost of vitality for you and your skin. So if you ask yourself what is the best organic skin care product out there? RVB Holistic Beauty is worth discovering for a natural radiant glow people will notice. This product will give your skin a velvety smooth texture and nourished and healthy looking skin. recommended: Biohydra Remineralizing Mask, Biohydra precious oil.

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Curative Yoga Asanas For Various Ailments

Yoga’s curative value for various ailments cannot be overlooked. With an established routine of a series of asanas, many of the diseases commonly affecting us can be cured and a healthier lifestyle enjoyed by all of us. Yoga prevents as well as cures several disorders of the body and mind. It establishes poise and harmony of the hormones and metabolism of the body; is stimulates endocrine system and builds up natural immunity of the body. In our bodies lie different forms of energies, when these forces are not utilized and directed properly, they cause a number of disorders. Yoga postures trigger and guide the amassed and sluggish vigor throughout the body; they purify the body and mind by freeing them from all toxic wastes.

Uses of different types of poses

Positions taken up while seated are beneficial for breathing, relaxation and meditation practices. They act as warm up exercise to start the session. The seated positions improve posture and open up the pelvic area.

Standing postures prove advantageous in strengthening your legs; they open up your hips and develop your sense of balance and poise.

Prescribed Asanas for ailments

Diabetes can be controlled and cured by:

  • Back Stretching Posture
  • Half-Spinal Twist Pose

Yoga asanas can help you with obesity by burning body fat; massaging the abdominal muscles by contracting and flexing them and improving blood circulation to those areas. Curative postures for this condition are:

  • Cobra Pose
  • Wind Relieving Posture

Health experts believe that constipation is the mother of all ailments; it is the outcome of unbalanced diet, lack of exercise, mental problems and tensions. Asanas holding curative value for this disorder are:

  • All members Pose
  • Fish Pose
  • Headstand posture

Bad posture while sitting, being overweight and our lifestyle contribute to back ache. To cure this ailment, you can work with:

  • Cobra Pose
  • Wind Relieving Posture
  • Locust Pose

Rheumatism and arthritis resulting from hardening of muscles, joints and tissues, are painful ailments; for their correction, Wind Relieving Posture is recommended. For Hyper-tension and high blood pressure, All Members and Corpse poses have curative value as they help unwind the body and drive worry and stress away. Illnesses of the respiratory tract, like, sinus, asthma, bronchitis and common cold can be healed by taking up Cobra, Bow and Fish asanas. These postures will fix the stoop and rounded shoulders. Digestive disease like hyperacidity results from improper dietary habits and intake of spice-laced food. Raised Feet, Cobra, Lotus and Yoga positions treat this problem suitably. Breathing and meditating exercises too as curative tools have a profound soothing effect on exhausted minds and frayed nerves.

Yoga asanas are a complete system that prevents and heals several ailments, even chronic ones. With its regular practice health is improved holistically. A full set or schedule of a combination of different postures is important to heal the mind, body and the spirit. The curative rewards of yoga make the heart healthy, regulate blood pressure within its normal range, alleviate anxiety, fortify immunity and create balance and harmony within one’s self.

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