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Want Success? Don’t Set Goals, Do This Instead!

Goal setting, exactly what is it?

1. You say you want to achieve (goal) something

2. You set a date or time in which to achieve it

3. You write out a plan of action

4. You follow that plan of action and…

5. You FAIL to achieve the stated goal


The plan was flawed from the get-go.

Kind of like wanting to “fall in love with someone” because you want to be in love. You join dating services and social sites and meet people but never “fall in love”. Why? Because you want to fall in love for the sake of being in love or because you think falling in love will make you happy. You see “other people” seemingly in love and you want to be like them.

Well it doesn’t work that way.

There is no “vision”, no feeling, and no true mental desire for true happiness. There was just a goal that you think will bring you happiness.

You see when I first started into bodybuilding I followed (to a tee) all the diets and weight lifting programs of the champions and for four straight years I failed, went nowhere and actually lost weight and muscle size. I looked at the physiques of “other people” and thought that if I looked like them I would be happy.

Then one day I had a vision. It was a mental “vision” of how I wanted to look and how I wanted to “feel” about myself. It was NOT a “goal” but a vision with feeling. I stopped following the lifestyle of diet and training that I had been implementing during the previous four years.

I quit it all and then I did this.

Just envisioned the way I wanted to look and feel about myself.

In my mind’s eye I created the “perfect me.”

From there on, just like magic, I created the right diets and training programs that worked for “me!”

Mistake #1 for Diet and Training

It happens every year.

Get in shape, a New Year’s resolution. Lose fat, gain muscle and feel great.

So the person does this;

1. Sets a goal to lose weight and put on muscle

2. Finds or creates a weight lifting workout program

3. Finds or creates a weight loss muscle building diet

4. Starts the program on a Monday, let’s say January 3rd

5. By January 9th they don’t feel energetic but lost a couple pounds

6. By January 16th they are starting to feel worn-out and losing strength

7. By January 23rd they say they felt better when they were not on a diet

8. By January 30th they may start getting physically worn out and getting sick or feeling under the weather

9. By February 7th they start to fall off the diet and miss some workout days because they lack energy and feel sluggish

10. By the end of February 92% of the people who started a diet and workout program have called it quits.

11. By the end of April 96% of the people who started a diet and workout program have called it quits and many have actually gained weight!

Why? What was the cause?

1. The weight lifting program they followed was not progressive for their body-type

2. The diet plan they followed was not nutrient balanced for their personal metabolic needs

This happens every year. Over-trained and under-nourished equals failure, it cannot end in any other way.

Don’t believe me? Just secretly observe the people you know who are on a diet and training program and watch what happens. The time frame may change a little but the end result will be the same, guaranteed.

Think about it my friend

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Best Workout To Jump Higher – Best Exercises To Take Your Hops To The Next Level

Searching for the best workout to jump higher?

There are many exercises that can be done to increase your vertical leap. Some or more effective some or less effective.

The more effective exercises will have you jumping out of the gym.

Do you play basketball?

  • If you are on your high school basketball team and you follow the exercises that I am about to share with you. Be ready to be all over the sports page of your schools website and the local news papers. Also you can expect to get the attention of college scouts. Because the exercises are just that effective for increasing your vertical leap. Your jumping ability will increase that much.
  • Same thing for college players; if you are looking ways to better your game and get the national attention of some N.B.A teams or top plays on Sportcenter. Start with the exercises contained in this article.

Even if you are a playground baller and just want to dominate the playground game, this is the best workout to jump higher.

Okay enough talking, lets get to the exercises for the best workout to jump higher.

Remember to always stretch and warm up before doing any of the following exercises.

The best way that I have found to warm up is jumping rope for 3 to 5 minutes.

Exercise 1

Step Ups – steps ups are the 1st exercise in the best workout to jump higher and will develop and work the muscles need to give you the explosive jumping power that you need for jumping off of 1 leg. Not everyone jumps the same.

  • You are going to need a chair bench or stool for this exercise(anything you can put 1 leg on and it has to be sturdy enough to withstand the force of you thrusting yourself into the air off 1 leg.
  • Place your right leg on the chair or bench and thrust yourself as high into the air as possible and as explosively as possible
  • While in mid air switch legs so that the leg that was resting on the ground is not the leg on the chair
  • After you land thrust yourself back into the air with your left leg and do the same switch mid air again landing with your right leg on the chair.
  • After each leg is done this is 1 rep, do 25 reps in 3 sets

Exercise 2

Burnouts – are the 2nd exercise in the best workout to jump higher and they focus on developing and strengthening your upper calf muscle, working and training your upper calf muscle help to develop explosive leaping ability that you need when playing basketball.

  • Stand tall in a athletic position with your arms at your side
  • Raise up on the tips of your toes
  • Using only your tip toes, jump 3 to 4 inches in the air and keep it continuous
  • Each jump is 1 rep, do 25 reps in 3 sets

Exercise 3

Squat Hops – are the 3rd exercise in the best workout to jump higher and they help to increase your vertical when jumping off of 2 legs to perform the monster dunks that you will soon be doing.

  • With your back straight and legs shoulder width apart, lower yourself into a low squat position
  • Raise up on your tips toes as high as possible
  • Jump 3 to 4 inches in the air while staying in your low squat position
  • On the last rep of your set explode into the air as high as possible(this last hop is very important so do not forget to do it
  • Each hop is 1 rep, do 25 reps in 3 sets


  • Do each exercises in the correct manner and proper form(5 reps done correctly is more effective than 20 incorrect reps)
  • Also to do each exercise in the best workout to jump higher as explosively as possible(your body needs to know that you are trying to get higher)

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How to Stop Dizziness – Hypnotherapy to Stop Being Dizzy

Have you ever wondered how different your life would be if you could stop dizziness from making you avoid things you love to do? Dizziness is often a symptom of anxiety or stress. When you eliminate the root of the problem by engaging in serious stress relief and anxiety reducing exercises you can make serious headway in your efforts to stop dizziness all together.

Time Takes a Toll on Those Who Suffer With Dizziness

If you suffer from long-term dizziness then you may find that you are experiencing great anxiety over being dizzy. You know that you can never tell when you will get dizzy and worry that you may experience vertigo at a time when it could prove detrimental to your health or your career. The more you think about the problem, the worse it often becomes. It is possible to stop dizziness and reduce the impact that this physiological problem has on your ability to work and play.

Possible Causes of Dizziness

Some of the causes of dizziness are ear infections, problems within the inner ear, or neurological problems. If you experience symptoms like an inability to breathe, sweaty palms, a cold sweat, flashes of heat, and a tightness in your chest it may be dizziness that is related to anxiety and/or stress.

There are ways to stop dizziness that is related to stress all together. If you endure vertigo that is related to other possible problems you will definitely want to talk to a medical professional in addition to hypnotherapy for possible dizziness treatment as well as a few prevention methods.

NLP and Hypnotherapy to Stop Dizziness

If you need a quick fix for you vertigo then you need to find ways to prevent it in the first place. Anxiety related dizziness is easily preventable by using NLP, also known as neuro-linguistic programming therapy, hypnotherapy, and self hypnosis. This process works because these tools are used to retrain the way your mind responds to specific situations.

Not only can you program your mind to enjoy genuine relief from stress but also to experience a positive and upbeat attitude throughout your day. More importantly, when it comes to fighting the impact of vertigo, is that NLP can be used in order to program you mind into a more centered and balanced core, which makes the world around you seem balanced. It is when the world around you is off balance that dizziness sets in.

NLP can be used to send your mind to a different place. This allows you to remove yourself from the pattern of thought that leads to worry, anxiety, stress, and ultimately, the sensation of being dizzy. Stop dizziness today with NLP and enjoy the life you deserve.

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What Would A Belly Button Ring Say About You?

If you have been considering having your navel pierced, you may be concerned about how others will react to your decision. While there still exists some prejudice against people that dare to wear a belly button ring, a piece of jewelry can’t define you; especially not to those who know you.

As with anything, there are stereotypes surrounding those who wear certain types of body jewelry. You would think in our enlightened era when so many people have tattoos and body piercings in a variety of places that these stereotypes would have disappeared. Well, if the message and FAQ boards around the internet are any indication, there are still some unfortunate misconceptions lingering around. The word I most often see associated with a belly button ring is “trashy.” As the old saying goes, wearing a piece of jewelry doesn’t make you trashy anymore than going to McDonald’s makes you a hamburger.

If you decide to get a belly button ring, embrace the fact that it is not a stigma but rather a wonderful form of self expression. You now have another place on your body you can accessorize. Perhaps your choice of jewelry for that area can influence others opinion for good and bad but having a navel piercing doesn’t mean anything except that you are not afraid of needles. If nothing else, you are saying that you are a little out of the norm and that you don’t take yourself too seriously.

The nice thing about a navel piercing is that you can decide how and when you show off this area of your body. This can be done discreetly or overtly and your tactics may change with your outfit or the seasons. It is hard to hide your mid-section during bikini season and if you have jewelry highlighting the area, why would you want to?

Finally, the main point is to understand that your decision to pierce your navel can be misinterpreted. Maybe it is a good idea to step back and consider why you are taking this step. Decide what message you want to convey (because you are sending one whether you want to or not) to others with your belly button rings and display. But don’t forget that nothing as simple as a piece of jewelry in an unusual area can define any of us if we don’t let it.

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Comparison – The EmWave Personal Stress Reliever and The RESPeRATE Blood Pressure Lowering Device

Today’s review is a little different in that we will be comparing two devices that I have already reviewed in the past: The Heartmath emWave Personal Stress Reliever and The RESPeRATE Blood Pressure Lowering Device. Let me begin by saying that I really like both devices and that a lot of thought went into this review. Both devices are similar in some ways and very different in others. However, they are both effective at helping you relieve stress and lower your blood pressure – so, in that respect they are clearly both winners.

The Similarities

I suppose I should begin by explaining the ways the two devices are similar. Both the emWave and RESPeRATE devices allow you to lower blood pressure and stress levels by helping you learn to control and slow your breathing pattern. The concept is nothing new and is one that has been taught in Yoga and other self meditation disciplines for centuries.  Given the right circumstances, both devices are able to lower blood pressure fast and with regular use will train you to keep your lower blood pressure level and indeed, teach you how to control your blood pressure.  Of course, such reduction is relative and it may well be that medication is required.  However, if the cause or at least part of the cause of your hypertension is stress related, one of these devices should help you feel a whole lot better!

The idea is simple – if you can breathe in and out in a slower and more relaxed manner, your heart does not work as hard and you become calmer. The result is a much lower blood pressure and stress level. Not too difficult to understand, but not everyone can achieve the desired results on their own – that is where either of these machines can help.

The Differences

While both the emWave Personal Stress Reliever and the RESPeRATE Blood Pressure Lowering Device can help you to achieve a therapeutic state of slowed breathing and relaxation, the approach the two devices bring to the task differs considerably.

The emWave Device

The emWave Personal Stress Reliever uses a thumb pressure monitor and series of flashing LED lights to help you monitor stress levels and to control your breathing. To operate the machine, you simply press your thumb on the sensor and the device will determine your current stress level based on the rate of your heartbeat and pulse.  The result is then interpreted by the device and expressed by means of the blinking lights.

The device will by means of the flashing lights then signal you when to breathe in and out in order to help you lengthen the duration between breaths that, after a few minutes, results in a calmer and more relaxed frame of mind. The relaxed state causes more relaxed breathing and slowing of the pulse which in turn reduces the stress on the heart – thus lowering blood pressure. The device also comes with an ear sensor, which can be used in place of the thumb sensor.

 The RESPeRATE Device

The RESPeRATE Blood Pressure Lowering Device uses a totally different method to help you control your breathing.  Where the Heartmath emWave uses a thumb or ear sensor, the RESPeRATE uses a sensor belt; and where the emWave uses the flashing lights, the RESPeRATE  uses musical tones.

When using the RESPeRATE device, you strap the sensor belt around your chest or waist and that monitors your heartbeat and pulse. Then, you put on the headphones. After the machine detects your pulse rhythm, the device will begin to play a series of pleasing and melodic tones. The first tone signals when you should breathe in and the second, when to breathe out.

The machine increases the duration of the tones until you are taking only about 10 breaths a minute – which is a very calm and relaxing breathing level.  Once the user achieves the more relaxed breathing state, it will be seen that stress is lowered as is blood pressure (just like with the emWave device).

The Conclusion

Because both of these machines are effective in helping to slow breathing and reduce blood pressure and stress levels, choosing one over the other is rather difficult. However, a decision must be made. So, my final verdict is thus:

If you can afford the $250 – $300 price tag of the RESPeRATE device, then it is possibly easier and more enjoyable to use.  Some may find the headphones and musical melodies more naturally relaxing compared to a thumb or ear sensor and having to constantly stare at the flashing lights. On the other hand, the $199 price tag of the emWave device makes it a much more attractive in terms of affordability.  Both products have their ardent supporters!

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How to Stimulate New Hair From Dormant Follicles Naturally

Do you know that just because your hair follicles get into the dormant stage, they can actually still be regrown if you take the proper steps? It’s true, even though some of your may have stopped growing, you can still regrow it. Read this to learn how to stimulate new hair from dormant follicles naturally.

The first thing you’ll need to know, is what areas do you want your hair to regrow. Next, take your fingernails and lightly tap them on the areas of your head where your hairs have gone in the dormant stage, when they are no longer growing. Tapping your fingernails lightly on your scalp can have remarkable results in reviving those dormant hairs.

The science lies in physical stimulation, basically the constant tapping of your fingernails will “wake-up” your sleeping hairs and force them to grow again. How does happen you ask? Well, the main reason they went into the dormant phase in the first place is because they have been receiving less and less blood, tapping your fingernails on your head forces the blood to go to the surface, essentially feeding your hair follicles.

How to stimulate new hair from dormant follicles naturally – the oil method

You can also do this by getting some almond oil, and mixing all-naturally cayenne pepper, and ginger powder. Put some of this mixture on your scalp where you want to grow new hair naturally, and you will notice new hair fuzz within a few weeks.

The spicy and hot cayenne drastically increases blood circulation and the ginger is an anti-inflammatory which cools your hair and skin so that they don’t get irritated. The oil is just the carrier so that your scalp absorbs all of the properties.

For best results, use these methods at least 3-5 times per week, preferable at night when you are at the comfort of your home.

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Penis Odor: Some Simple, Basic Tips

Hopefully, every man’s New Year’s resolutions included a new commitment to proper penis care, a resolution that can indeed have a big impact on a guy’s life. And as part of his care routine, a dude needs to keep an eye – or a nose – on his penis odor and make sure that distressing problem is well under control. For those for whom fighting penis odor is on their must-do list, the following simple tips can make a big difference in the aroma wafting from the crotch.

Tips for fighting penis odor

– Wash. One of the most important things a guy can do to eliminate penis odor is to simply wash every day. But washing is more than just standing under some running water for a minute or so. Men with intense penis odor issues need to use some soap and get a good head of lather going. Since penis skin is sensitive, make sure the cleanser used is gentle and doesn’t contain harsh chemicals or fragrances that can dry the skin out or create a rash. Also, for intact men, be sure to retract the foreskin and wash thoroughly under the hood. Often an intact man will benefit even further by making the penis erect before he cleans it; this may enable him to more easily get at some hard-to-clean areas.

– Dry. Too many men quickly run a towel across their body when they get out of the shower. The penis and balls need to be thoroughly but gently dried; otherwise, moisture will be clinging to them. The penile area is already prone to excess moisture, which in turn helps bacteria breed, which in turn causes odor. So dry thoroughly – however, don’t rub the penis too roughly, as that may cause skin irritation. Patting the penis dry is a better option.

– Consider a shave. Sweat and the bacteria it produces is a big cause of penis odor. Shaving the area can both “cool it off” a little (thereby reducing the amount of sweat) and keep sweat from accumulating in a thick thatch of hair.

– Air it out. Since the penis is most often trapped beneath two layers of clothing (trousers and underwear), it’s twice as likely to get overheated. Add in the fact that the blood engorgement during the erectile process adds heat and it’s easy to see why so much sweat gathers. When possible, a man should spend some time naked (or at least naked from the waist down) so that the midsection gets a chance to “breathe.” Sleeping in the buff is often an easy way to accomplish this goal.

– Watch the diet. It’s true that what goes into the body has a big effect on what comes out of it- including sweat. Every man’s body processes food differently, but there are some foods more likely than others to create an “aromatic” tinge to a person’s sweat. Garlic, asparagus, onions, meat and fish are among the most common culprits. It may be worth it to experiment a little and see just what foods seem to produce an unwanted odor in his body.

One other important tip for fighting penis odor: Make daily use of a first rate penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin). For purposes of fighting that odor, select a crème that includes vitamin A. This vitamin has special antibacterial properties that can be a big aid in dampening the bacteria that causes rank penis odor. Since washing may dry out the sensitive penis skin, be sure the crème also includes a combination of potent natural moisturizers, such as Shea butter and vitamin E.

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Why Rachel Ray Recommends Acai Berry For Weight Loss

There has been a lot of fuss on weight loss and other health issues, mostly concerning many factors that can help people achieve their desired weight the healthiest way. Ever since people have wanted to lose weight without the added side effects, many alternatives popped out over the Internet, on TV, the magazines, and all other forms of media. One weight loss strategy that became available to the market is the Acai berry diet together with colon cleansing. This alternative was suggested by the biggest names on TV, such as Rachel Ray and Oprah Winfrey, backed by the testimonies of many people who have tried using it. Because these two names in Hollywood are known to believe in healthy foods and healthy dieting, more people became interested to try the Acai berry diet. 

Acai berry only grows in the Amazon and was discovered to contain vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fibers, and essential amino acids. Since it has been proven to give several health benefits, it was announced as the “Number One Super Food of 2009”. Below are these benefits:

o It suppresses the appetite.

o It reduces stored fats.

o It lowers the amount of cholesterol in the body.

o It removes toxins from the body.

o It cleanses the colon and the digestive system.

o It boosts the energy.

o It fights against free radicals.

o It doubles the capability of the immune system.

o It manages the bowel movement.

o It removes fats in the stomach.

o It tones the curves of the body.

o It strengthens the hair, rejuvenates the cells in the skin, and nails.

o It improves how the digestive system functions.

Colon cleansing basically means removing the toxins from the colon that people may have acquired in their lifetime. By doing this, the digestion is improved, as well as the bowel movement. When this happens, a person is protected from chronic diseases. This should be done consistently which means that using Acai berry in a significant amount of time will improve the way the body functions. 

You too can benefit a lot from the wonders of Acai berry! Start losing weight the healthy way!

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5k Training For Optimum Speed and Endurance

5k training should be a breeze, but only with these great tips and helpful planning guide.

Here’s what you need to know so you can achieve the promises of training for a 5k, which are speed and endurance. A lot of runners, even Olympics athletes, are big fans of this training.

5k training can be done for a 5k run or in combination with marathon training. It is also a great training option to get you off the couch, through a couch to 5k program.

The Best 5k Training for the Type of Runner You Are

The big question is, what kind of training is best for you? The answer lies in what kind of runner you are. 5k runners come in three main types. We have speed runners, we have endurance runners, and we have marathon runners. Speed runners are for aggressive runners or those who are after maximum speed. If you are this kind of runner, you can use this particular strength and use a training that revolves around your speed. But you of course still need some endurance to go with your speed.

But if you are an endurance runner, your goal is to go on for as long as you can. Your program can consist of long running intervals, but just the same, you have to incorporate speed training as well. But if you are training specifically for a marathon or your first real 5k run, there are several things you can try. But even before you begin, you have to choose as carefully as you can so you won’t waste time and effort on the wrong program.

Great Tips on 5k Training Programs

Here are some types of 5k training that you can try.

First, you might want to try using the treadmill in your training. A lot of runners have already experienced the proven benefits of running on a treadmill. Although stationary running may rob you of the real experience that you are after, this can actually bring several great benefits, such as better running economy.

Aside from running on a treadmill, one other venue you should try is the track. Track running is distinct from road running since the track is softer and the surface yields to your every stride. Even if you are not training for a track run, this can be a good training, especially with its long-term benefits of making your tendons more flexible.

You can also combine your 5k training with a 10k training program. But we recommend switching to a 5k pace during the last few weeks of training. You can also use your 5k program as part of a half marathon training as long as you know in which part to insert it. In doing this, it is better if the training for the 5k is done at the beginning of the entire program, followed by the half marathon phase and then the marathon phase.

Finally, in training for a 5k, you can do a last moderate to high intensity session a few days before the race, which provides your muscles with extra strength. The few days interval before the race allows the muscles to relax to just the right level of alertness optimum for a powerful run.

The 1:2 Ratio in 5k Training

So now that you know how to train, the next step is to decide on a specific workout.

One thing to keep in mind is the 1:2 ratio, which means that for one short workout, do two longer workouts. The idea of this kind of workout is to control your muscle tension. This tends to have a direct positive effect on your performance.

So now, you’re all ready to begin your training for a 5k. If you follow these tips and browse the site for more helpful information on 5k training, you’ll certainly reach your 5k running goals, and you’ll be ready to move on to the next level in no time.

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The Best Herbal Alternatives For Gas Pains

Flatulence, or flatus is the medical term for gas pain. This type of pain is caused by air in the intestine that passes through the rectum, and air that is passed from the digestive tract through the mouth is called commonly called belching. Gas that is formed in the intestines as food is being digested. Gas can make you feel bloated or give a feeling of fullness, which may cause crampy or colic-type abdominal pain. Gas pain could be caused by any of the following factors:

● Eating food that are difficult to digest, like foods rich in fiber. If you just started taking introduced fiber into your diet, having gas may be temporary. Give it a little time. Your body may adjust and stop producing gas.

● Swallowing air while eating and drinking.

● Eating food that you cannot tolerate . One good example would be if you have lactose intolerance and consume eat dairy products/byproducts.

● Malabsorption (this happens when the body cannot absorb or digest a particular nutrient properly, often accompanied by diarrhea).

● Irritable bowel syndrome — a chronic form of stomach upset that results, or gets worse, with too much stress.

● Use of antibiotics.

Best Remedies for gas pain

One of the best remedies for gas pain would be herbal remedies. Herbs that ease, and relieve gas pain are called carminatives. Many aromatic herbs are considered carminatives, including dill seed, caraway seeds, fennel seeds, anise seeds, coriander seeds, and cumin seeds. One has to put a large spoonful in a cup, cover well with boiling water, for around 5 minutes, and add sugar to sweeten if you like, and drink.

Ginger is another available herbal remedy, since this is also a powerful carminative. Ginger has a helpful, warming effect to the stomach. You can make a tea with powdered ginger, or use up to a tablespoon of fresh ginger per cup of water for a strong brew. Ginger works best sweetened with honey. One can also buy crystallized or candied ginger to take traveling with you. It was also confirmed that ginger also counters the nauseating effects of space sickness.

However, the fastest remedy for gas pain according to herbal-remedy experts is two capsules of acidophilus. One can expect pain relief in 5-10 minutes.

Another effective herbal remedy would be eating natural yogurt, and can it also can be used as a gastric pacifier, but it is not as fast as the acidophilus. A quart of yogurt a week would be a good start. It is advised that one buys plain yogurt, instead of the commercially-processed one. You may also want to add maple syrup or honey and fruit of your choice, fresh or frozen at home.

The bitter tonic herbs mentioned above are also excellent herbal remedies to take on a long-term basis if a person has frequent gas pains.

Peppermint is a also a good herbal remedy. It helps move the intestines and make you feel really awake, just like coffee. It is however not advisable to use peppermint if someone feels nauseated, as it tastes vile on the way back out, and could induce vomiting.

Prime Herbal –

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