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What Impact Does An Alkaline Diet Have On Multiple Sclerosis?

The symptoms of multiple sclerosis include changes in sensation, vision loss, and weakness. Your diet, including water affects your health. This article looks at what impact an alkaline diet can have on the symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis.

How do you know if you are acidic? You can test your urine or saliva or do an Acidity Self Test. Your diet may be causing your body to become very acidic. Our imbalanced modern diet fosters acidity. Pathogens such as harmful bacteria and viruses thrive in an acidic internal environment which can increase your symptoms and level of dis-ease. Switching to an alkaline diet can increase your energy levels and improve your overall health. This can enable you to better manage your symptoms. Here are 3 ways to improve your management of multiple sclerosis symptoms.

First, start drinking ionised, alkaline water. This is a simple yet powerful way to nourish your body back into balance. This is achieved by using quality water filters. This provides your body with what it needs without toxins. There are different types of filters available ranging from simple bench top filters to under the sink premium filters. Things to look for are filters made to your countries standards, ease of installation, lifespan of filter, and heavy double filters.

Second, switch to an alkaline diet. Nutrition is an important factor in health. The pH Miracle book by Dr Robert O. Young recommends a balanced pH 80/20 alkaline/acid diet with many raw, green vegetables. There are many other valuable resources available on how to make your body more alkaline. One of the best is a 80/20 Alkaline/ Acid Food Chart. This is an excellent guide to keep in the kitchen. You don’t have to spend time and money reading hundreds of books or searching the web for information. You can immediately start to heal your body by becoming more alkaline.

Third, stop putting toxins into your body through household and personal care products. Switch to household and personal care products that contain only natural products. For example to clean your floors at home switch from using bleach to white vinegar. For personal care products, switch from deodorants containing aluminium to an aluminium free tea-tree deodorant.

The symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis are unpleasant at the least, unbearable at worst. The pH of the food and water you intake affects your health. Implementing an alkaline diet including alkaline water can improve your overall health and make the symptoms of multiple sclerosis manageable.


The information in this article is not intended to diagnose or treat any health condition but is intended to help individuals make informed decisions about natural health. This information does not substitute for treatment or advice that may have been prescribed by a physician. If you have a medical condition, you are advised to seek assistance from a trained medical professional. Products mentioned in this article have not been evaluated by the Therapeutic Goods Administration.

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Tips For Preparing For the APFT

What to Eat and Avoid

1. Stay Hydrated

The most difficult part of preparing for a PT test is the most intuitive. Staying properly hydrated seems like so simple of a task that it is often overlooked. There is much more to staying hydrated than drinking water. The first suggestion is not to drink too much water. Drinking large amounts of water in a short period of time will flush the body of necessary electrolytes. Once the electrolytes have been flushed out, there is nothing in your body to keep you hydrated. Salts help retain the water. This is not to say that you should be taking in a ton of salt either. Too much salt will have the opposite effect. Eat something with some salt while you drink your water. I recommend a banana for every three glasses you drink. If you’re going to drink Gatorade the night before a PT test, do so in moderation. Large amounts of sugar and salts will do nothing but dehydrate you. Gatorade should only be drunk after a workout to replace lost fluids and electrolytes. If you really want the best possible drink for hydrating, go out and buy Pedialyte. I know it’s for kids and not as sweet as Gatorade, but it is designed to hydrate in a hurry. It is costly, but one large bottle will do the trick.

2. Do not “Carbo-load”

There is a common misconception that eating a large amount of carbs the night before a workout will give you more energy the next day. This couldn’t be further from the truth. When your body breaks down large amounts of carbs, it will process them into stored energy or fat. This process actually uses a great deal of energy also. Increased energy will come from meals eaten within two to five hours depending on what you eat. Carbs are broken down faster than other forms of food. If eaten about 4 hours before working out, they can be very helpful. Unfortunately, PT tests are scheduled at 6 a.m. Getting up at 1:30 to eat just isn’t a good solution. Sleep is much more important than a small boost in energy. The other issue with eating a lot of one particular is that your body cannot process all of it. This causes more waste to be generated. I let you guess how a large amount of waste would affect you on the day of a PT test. Since you aren’t going to get up at one and you shouldn’t carbo-load, what should you do? Eat a moderate balanced meal with protein, vegetables, and some carbohydrates.

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Cure Acne Fast And Forever

If you have arrived at this page and have an acne condition, then this information I have specifically written for you. Not so long ago when I was a teenager, this condition affected me (although acne still very commonly affects adults even up into their 30’s). I am totally aware of not only the physical and visible side effects, but also, and more importantly, the mental and emotional problems that it can cause, including a damaged self esteem.

But, possibly just like you, I did nothing about it, stuck my head in the sand and just hoped that it would go away soon. News flash. You are most likely stuck with this problem for at least another few years. Maybe even 10 more years. Unless you do something about it!

Don’t waste these valuable and happy years of your life putting up with acne! Don’t be like me for years and tell yourself “it will go away in the next 2 weeks, maybe a month”. It won’t. All you need to do is step slightly out of your comfort zone and consider your options. You need to take action, or Mother Nature will. Trust me, why wait to fix this problem, when you may as well do it now, before you waste anymore time!

Now, if your acne condition is only slight, simple do-it-yourself remedies from home may improve the problem. In fact I’ll share some with you that worked for me. The two things that I commonly did before I took the slightly more drastic measure to permanently get rid of my acne was using toothpaste and a product called “Ungvita”. Applying toothpaste the affected area just before you go to bed (without rinsing it off) actually does help in the initial stage of the pimple’s healing process while it is still infected. In some cases, it actually halved the time that the pimple was infected (down from about 4-6 days to as low as 2 days), but still those results were wishy-washy.

Ungvita, found in your local chemist or drug store is a great product used specifically for all types of skin damage. Now at first, during the initial stage while the pimple is infected, it will be useless since your body is still fighting the infection and not yet in the healing process (this is where the toothpaste comes in). Once the pimple has settled somewhat (no signs of puss or any other disgusting fluids), start applying a thin layer of Ungvita to the affected area. First of all, it will reduce the redness and the sharp visual eye-sore. Second, the acne will start to heal very rapidly, sometimes twice as fast as usual, sometimes maybe only 25% faster.

Between these two methods, I reduced my acne healing time from about 3 weeks down to about 8-10 days, sometimes even faster, depending on the type of pimple.

But please note!!!! These methods do not stop the problem; they only speed up the healing process!!!!!!

Everything that I write here is all 100% from my personal experience. If you have been suffering with acne for months, or even years, these do-it-yourself from home remedies over all do not STOP the problem. You need the determination or maybe even the courage to pull your head out of the sand and DO something about it. Remember, the physical, mental, emotional, social and self esteem problems are not worth it and you do not have to deal with it if you don’t want to. Unfortunately, that means in some cases spending lots of money on products, creams, drugs, etc. That’s what I did. I spent lots of money on expensive creams and medication. And you know what, it worked!! Never again has acne tried to ruin my life. But… you may not need to do this. Especially if your acne condition is not overly severe.

The BEST way to tackle the problem with acne is to try new and slightly more intense methods each time if the previous one fails, of course, spending the least amount of money possible. So don’t jump straight into an expensive doctor’s prescription drug program. Chances are, you do not have acne that bad, plus they almost always have very negative side effects on your overall health. For example, Roacatin, usually a prescription drug which is very harsh and will most likely even do some damage to your body’s organs.

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The Pros and Cons of Weight Training For Teenagers

If you’re a teenager or a parent of a teenager that looks for facts and things to learn about weight training for teenagers then you’re reading the right article. The tips and advice mentioned below will give you an overview of the many things that surrounds strength training for teens such as answers to the questions “Is it normal to let a teenager lift weights?” or “Does the teenager need to orally take supplements?” or “What foods are allowed in weight training for teenagers?”.

It is normal when kids want to perform a weight training program. It’s even recommended for weight loss by doctors especially if the young adult is on the verge of obesity. The sad thing about weight lifting exercise and workout is that others start doing the routines when they’re already older or when their bodies turn to jiggle a lot because of too much fat. In physical exercises, the earlier the better is the key. Teenagers need to know how to take care of their health and body appearance as early as possible. Strength training for teenagers can do a lot of wonders in the child’s lifestyle.

There are a lot of benefits and advantages on weight training for beginners. Probably the most important of them are the benefits that clearly affect their health. Listed below are the health benefits of weight training exercises to teenagers:

  • The muscle building training strengthen the teenager’s body particularly his or her muscles and bones. This will help reduce any forms of osteoporosis or any lower back pains in the future.
  • Lifting weights can boost the metabolism of the teenager.
  • Strength training activities are great to fix or to improve the coordination or balance problem of a teenager.
  • The activity can definitely tone the muscles of the teenager. It will not just boost their energy; it will also boost their self confidence.
  • Workouts and exercise routines can keep the teenager occupied so there’s just a small window of opportunity for bad elements like drugs and too much alcohol to worry about.

The following are some tips and tricks for a teenager or a teenager’s parent to do and follow for a safer routine for the children.

  • Consult the doctor. If you’re a teenager who wishes to start weight lifting programs, you should ask your parents or guardians to accompany you to the doctor. Consultation is important to avoid any health risks in the future. Of course if you have a heart ailment, the doctors can advice you on what types of routines can both benefit your heart and will keep it away from heart strains.
  • Research about bodybuilding. Teenagers are eager and impulsive by nature. And though, these qualities are adorable, it can also create harm. If the teenager decided to enroll in the gym for fitness training then you need to do a research about it. You have to know what types of routines your body can handle. Make sure to know your strengths and weaknesses so you’ll have an idea what to improve and what to enhance. You also need to research the variety of nutrition that you need to take.
  • As much as possible, say no to supplements. Try to exercise without any help from pills and drugs to avoid health complications in the future.

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Getting Rid of Cystic Acne – Three Types of Treatments

Why is it some people are so prone to cystic acne, while others are not? It seems to be random, but it is not. Often this type of acne is hereditary, passed down from generation to generation. Often it is related to hormone changes, particularly with young male teenagers, and women in their childbearing years.

These people are the most unlucky when it comes to acne, because they have the worst form of acne. Actually, acne cysts is far more complex than simple acne. It is really an abscess that has formed deep under the skin and is unable to discharge at the surface. It is deep, and painful, and often takes months to clear up, often prompting medical attention. It is that hard to get rid of.

Despite that, getting rid of acne cysts can be accomplished with a few good preventative measures. So if you know you are prone to this type of acne, adapt a holistic approach to keeping care of your skin. Practice a regular skin cleaning routine, eat a healthy diet full of fruit and vegetables, get lots of sleep and exercise and try to avoid stress. It is not much point of treating the blemishes externally without taking care of the body as a whole.

Preventative measures may not be a guarantee that you won’t get the occasional cysts, so here are some ideas for some relief:

  • Look in your kitchen pantry. You will be surprised what your food can do for you. There are some simple, but effective remedies that can work wonders. Try mixing honey and cinnamon together and using it as a face mask. Another mask to use is crushed oatmeal mixed with water. Still another, but smelly solution is garlic paste or oil. Aloe Vera gel is not only good for burns, but is excellent for acne cysts.
  • Look in your medicine cabinet. Use toothpaste(not gel), crushed aspirin made into a paste, anti-fungal cream, or hemorrhoid cream. You might raise your eyebrows at these remedies, but they do work to reduce inflammation. These remedies all contain ingredients that are anti- inflammatory, antibacterial, or vascular restriction. They all work well to reduce the pain, swelling and redness of cysts.
  • Over-the-counter topical acne medication will help to some degree. There are an endless assortment of topical creams, ointments, lotions and wipes in a variety of strengths and sizes. Look for one that is designed for acne that is cystic in nature. Priced moderately, these remedies can be an effective way to get rid of cysts.

However, sometimes all the efforts in the world do not control cysts. Sometimes we just have to give in and get extra help. If the condition is persistent and extreme, then by all means seek medical advice. Doctors, especially dermatologist have a whole arsenal of treatments available. It might be the little extra needed in getting rid of cystic acne.

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Bouncer Weight Training

Being a bouncer, you experience a world that most people cannot imagine. You spend your nights and weekends in smoky bars, quietly and politely observing bar patrons purposefully filling their bodies with alcohol as a means of impairing their own judgment and finding opportunities with the fairer sex. You also have to break up fights, protect the door, and at times restrain individuals so they don’t hurt themselves or others. It is a job that can change from boring to deadly at the drop of a hat. It is the responsibility of even bouncer to train intelligently and responsibly to ensure he can do the best job possible. Here are some training tips you can employ to ensure you are in the best possible strength, cardiovascular, and skill set positions for the tasks that your job as a bouncer may entail.

Weight Training

Being big and strong is the first way you are going to be an effective bouncer. If you’re big enough, your mere presence alone will be enough to prevent most confrontations. However, there are going to be times when actual strength will be required to subdue people and control situations. Your lifting regimen should consist of the heavy compound movements of bench press, squats, deadlifts, rows, shoulder presses, skull crushers, and barbell biceps curls. Keep your repetition range in the 5 to 10 area to build functional strength.

Cardiovascular Training

Nothing is worse than gassing out while grappling with an angry, 300 pound drunken bar patron on the concrete floor. Brief yet intense confrontations can be a major drain on your body’s resources. For this reason, you should complete 20 to 30 minutes of cardiovascular training at the conclusion of each workout. You don’t need to worry about using some great level of intensity – simply walking 3 miles per hour at a 2% incline grade is more than adequate. In addition to building up your lung capacity to help in stressful situations, you will also be improving your own cardiovascular fitness and overall health levels.

Proper Training

Safety is always one issue of being a bouncer that is never overlooked – when it comes to the bouncer himself. However it is important that bouncer also consider a quick 2 to 4 week training session on proper take-down and restraint methods to ensure rowdy bar patrons are subdued quickly, without causing the person to sustain serious physical harm. If your bar is being sued, you’re losing money and will probably be the first man laid off. Enroll in a self-defense course with an emphasis in safe and secure take-downs which will protect both you and the inebriated bar patron.

The old rule of bouncing is, “if there isn’t a fight for three weeks – start one!” and it stands true that many in the field will instigate confrontations in order to present to management a sustained need for their presence. Tactics like this aside – if you present a strong, fit and well-trained package, you will always have work in the entertainment industry.

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Can Glycerin Heal Acne?

Glycerin is a versatile ingredient used in the food as well as cosmetic industry. Most of us have come across soaps, beauty products and acne products containing glycerin. What makes glycerin a versatile product? What are its skin healthy properties? Can it heal acne and other skin diseases? Let’s find out!

Delving into the chemistry of glycerin, we find that it is a humectant, i.e. a substance that allows water retention. Being hygroscopic, it can absorb moisture from the air. So, what do we infer? Glycerin can be an excellent moisturizer for your skin! No wonder, it is used as a softening agent in soaps, lotions, body scrubs, creams, etc. Also known as glycerol, glycerin is a non-toxic, colorless and odorless compound, which is unlikely to cause allergies or irritation. A note of caution here is that you must not apply concentrated glycerin on your skin as it can draw water from your skin and cause blisters. In its diluted form, glycerin is safe and is used even in skin products meant for infants or children.

Dry skin can cause itching and flaking, allowing buildup of dead skin cells, thereby clogging your skin pores and aggravating your acne problem. Glycerin’s moisturizing property allows the pores to breathe, locking in natural moisture and preventing clogging. Hence, it addresses one of the major causes of acne, i.e. clogged pores. It works from the outside by filling tiny cracks and voids on the skin surface to render a healthier and smoother look. Among other properties, glycerin can fight fungal infections, bacterial infections and skin disorders like eczema and psoriasis. Glycerin is inexpensive as well.

In what form is glycerin most effective? You can apply glycerin directly on your skin or add it to a moisturizer or make your own face pack with it. Here’s a simple formula: mix glycerin with fuller’s earth to form a smooth paste and apply it on your face. After it dries, simply wash it off with cool water. Alternatively, you can make a face peel by mixing the white of one egg with one teaspoon of honey and one teaspoon of glycerin. Make sure that you whisk the ingredients – first whisk the egg white separately, then add honey and glycerin. Honey is not only healthy for the skin but also sticky enough to maintain the face mask and peel off the dead skin layer. Apply the mixture on your face and allow it to dry until you sense the tightening effect. Peel the mask off and rinse with cool water. Another option is to mix equal quantities of vegetable glycerin, coconut oil and sweet almond oil and use the mixture to massage your skin. Adding a few drops of essential oil can impart a pleasant fragrance to the massage mixture.

Using glycerin containing products is the easiest way to include glycerin in your daily skin and hair care regimen. However, for specific conditions like acne, adequate use of glycerin can set off a natural remedy and provide a protective barrier for the outermost layer of your skin.

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Use The Psychology Of Operant Conditioning To Improve Your Fitness

How can you trick your mind into thinking it actually WANTS to exercise?

We all struggle with motivation sometimes!

Some people pay thousands of dollars for the motivation of a personal trainer. We’re afraid that if we don’t have someone to keep us accountable to our fitness – we’ll let it slide.

What if we could turn our minds into our very own personal trainer instead? For free.

By deepening your understanding of a few simple psychological phenomena, you will be able to turn your mind from something that talks you OUT of going for a run…into your biggest motivator.

Your body craves a run, but your mind says no. How can you trick your mind into thinking it wants to exercise too?

Well the first thing you need to do is make a plan. Before you can even start to use psychological conditioning, you need to create a tangible workout schedule. Start with small, attainable goals – such as going for a run every other evening for a week.

Write your plan out as a list, or write it on a calendar.

Next it’s time to apply a psychological phenomenon called operant conditioning.

Operant conditioning is a term given to the psychological effect of positive and negative reinforcement. Positive reinforcement is when we complete an action and as a direct result are given a reward. When we are given a reward, certain parts of our brains are stimulated in a way which encourages repetition of the action.

Just having a plan can really help with motivation.

How can having a check list activate operant conditioning?

Operant conditioning requires an action and a response. In this case, exercise is the action. You need to create a response for yourself in order to connect the desirable stimulus with the positive action.

Let’s start simple. Get in the habit of checking every exercise you do off of your list after you complete it. Just this simple “reward” will draw attention to your success. Repetition of this action-positive reinforcement patter will trigger pleasure in the brain. Eventually you will subconsciously look forward to checking each little achievement off your list. Suddenly going for a run is much more of an accomplishment than it was before.

Maybe list keepers aren’t as severe and strict as everyone makes them out to be.

They just know how to enjoy themselves. One little check at a time.

How else can you incorporate the action-reward mentality of operant conditioning into your workout schedule? Make running part of a more elaborate routine. For example, if you run every Tuesday at 7, reward yourself at 8 by watching your favourite TV show. The mind loves habits, routines, and patterns. Eventually, it will feel WRONG if you don’t go for your usual run.

If you want to get even MORE serious about operant conditioning, you could introduce punishments into your routine. For example – set a jar beside your check list. Each time you successfully go for a run, add a dollar to the jar. But each time you skip out on an exercise on your list, take a dollar out. At the end of the month do something fun for yourself – budgeted by however much money you collected in the jar.

Realize that lack of motivation to exercise is something that everyone experiences.

You’re not alone.

And you can beat this laziness!

Now get out there and go for a run!

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Instructions For the Atkins Fat Fast

Following a low carb diet can be a rewarding experience for many people. Many who have struggled with the hunger and lack of satisfaction from dieting the low fat-high carb way have found low carb dieting to be the answer to their prayers. Suddenly the cravings are gone, the fat is melting off, and people are feeling better than they have in years.

That isn’t the case for everyone. Some low carb dieters have difficulty losing weight. They follow the plan perfectly, and maybe the hunger goes away, and they even exercise, but the scale doesn’t budge. That’s where the Atkins Fat Fast comes into play. The Atkins Fat Fast was developed for those low carb dieters who are simply not losing weight. It is not recommended for those who lose weight at a normal pace, and anyone thinking of trying it should consult their doctor first. This article is not an endorsement or recommendation of the fat fast, it is just an explanation of what it is.

On the Atkins Fat Fast 1,000 calories a day are consumed. That isn’t very much, and that is one of the reasons why it is only recommended by its advocates that this plan is followed for 5 days at the most. Meals are broken down into 5 meals of 200 calories each. Sample foods would include cream cheese, deviled eggs, tuna, macadamia nuts, and chicken. Mayonnaise can be added to these foods as well. The individual can devise their own menus from these food choices. The key is to not exceed the 1,000 calorie daily limit and to create 5 daily meals from the above choices.

To summarize, followers of the Atkins Fat Fast follow the plan for 5 days. 5 meals consisting of 200 calories are consumed each day. Low carbohydrate foods such as chicken, tuna, eggs, macadamia nuts, and cream cheese as well as plenty of water are consumed.

Low carbohydrate diets have been a near miracle for many people. Unfortunately, there are people who still have trouble losing weight, even on a low carb diet. Many of those low carb dieters who have simply not lost weight have turned to the Atkins Fat Fast to jump start their weight loss.

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Building a High Intensity Training Workout Routine

As a high intensity training coach for strength athletes I often, and sometimes on a daily basis, get questions about how to build a workout routine, how to advance a workout routine or what the next step is in reaching individual potential. I always keep it simple stupid using the basic theory of HIT.

I wish I could say it is just experience that allows me to answer these questions but it is actually a combination of critical thinking, experience and an understanding of how people around us including athletes, differ… based on their genetic makeup. What I am saying is that although high intensity strength training is probably the most effective training ever, because of it’s efficiency and the way our bodies are designed, we still all have different genetic fingerprints and in applying the theory of high intensity training properly, is the key to the puzzle.

It is no secret that we are all genetically different, from our fingerprints to the individual differences that make us up. If you look at color we have albinos at one end of the spectrum and Negros at the other. This difference also is directly related to tolerance to sun light where an albino can tolerate very little volume of sunlight where as a Negro can tolerate much more. These are genetics! Same applies to muscles, height, IQ and a list of others.

Same can be said for tolerance to exercise, although we are physiologically the same we are genetically different. This is the reason when I build an exercise routine I customize it to the individual using it. There is no One Size Fits All totally!

In saying there is no one size fits all, there are exercises that are very effective which turn on the growth mechanism of the entire body. These exercises are what I call the big exercises such as deadlifts, squats, rows, high pulls, dips, bench presses and their alternatives. When building any workout, I use a cross hatch of these exercises, based on the person’s goals and augment these exercises with other effective but less stressful exercises. By using the thermometer of volume and frequency to adhere with brief and infrequent workouts, I ask a number of questions to get a read of what their genetic makeup might be. This might include:

o What they feel their weaknesses are

o What their rate of progress has been for the past 3 months

o What their energy levels are at the moment

o What their current workout frequency is

o What level of intensity are they applying

o What their diet is like and what do they tend to eat

o What is their body fat percentage at the moment

o How long have they been training

o What training have they been initiating; high volume or high intensity

o Do they include aerobics or cardio training and why

These are just a few. In asking these questions I am painting a picture of who they are genetically, and the road they have traveled, to get to the point of where they are presently. If they are searching out a workout routine and find me, in most cases, the way they have approached their goals has been unsuccessful. What I find in many cases is that they are floundering. They have gone months and years without meaningful progress due to two things.

1- Not cooperating with their genetics

2- Not applying properly, the Theory of High Intensity Training, which stated simply is that exercise must be intense, brief and infrequent.

It is no secret that you can train either hard or long but you can’t train hard and long. The theory of HIT indicates quite simply this…

1- You must stimulate muscular growth with an intense contraction i.e. going to failure or beyond…

2- Your training must be brief as to

3- Allow the body to not only compensate but overcompensate or adapt to that stimulation.

Did you know that you can increase your strength beyond 300% however your ability to recover may increase on 50%?

The body only requires you to stimulate an adaptive response once, not over and over again and because any more than is minimally required takes away from the growth and recovery process and since the body systemically recovers, then whatever is left over goes into overcompensation, laying down muscle… then your training must be brief and infrequent. And all this hinges on one thing… genetics!

I find…

A properly designed program, including one for bodybuilders is really a strength program because muscle and strength are relative.

This means that it is necessary to do only what is minimally required to stimulate an increase. Any more than what is minimally required is overtraining! This means only one set per exercise… remember, you do not have to stimulate a response over and over again. Your goal is not to do more work, leave that to the distance runners!

There is also no reason to do a number of sets and alter rep range, every rep up until the last almost impossible rep performed that turns on the growth mechanism of the body is nothing more than a warm up.

The higher the rep range, the less stressful due to the weight being employed.

Big basic exercises, as previously mentioned, should be the core of your workout routine augmented with smaller exercises like curls, laterals, pull downs, triceps extension etc if necessary.

All big basic exercises do not have to be done in each workout, rather, performing just one or sometimes two per workout is plenty along with one or two smaller exercises.

In a split routine you can have up to 4 or more split workouts with rest days between each while experiencing amazing progress. You will not loose size but gain!

Rest days in general range most effectively between 4 days all the way to 14 days, based on genetics and the level of the trainee. A very advanced trainee who can generate very intense contractions thus strength may need 7+ days of rest as would a less experienced trainee who has a low tolerance to intense exercise. Both will advance, yet at different rates.

Advanced athletes require more intense contractions to advance, along with longer rest times. Higher stress intensity techniques are required and work very well in all exercises if managed properly.

Both beginners and advanced athletes require big core basic exercises to turn on the systemic growth process of the body.

Tracking progress means tracking your strength gains. You will either gain reps or strength or both which will result at a future point as a muscular bodyweight gain.

Diet plays a major role in performance, progress and recovery. There must be quality cement in place to build the house. Macro-nutrient manipulation in many cases is very beneficial, allowing the bodies natural systems to be used most efficiently. Processed anything should be limited.

Remember, you grow outside the gym not in it! It is an ends to a means. Use these factors when building your H I T workout routine and watch your progress speed along to reaching your genetic potential.

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