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5 Powerful Grow Taller Exercises to Help You Gain Height

Don’t be surprised if someone tells you that you can gain height by doing grow taller exercises. Many people who approach the end of growth spurt phase perform these exercises to make sure they attain the maximum possible height. In fact even if you have already attained puberty, you can add a few inches by performing some of these grow taller exercises.

1) High on the list are the exercises that help in elongating the spinal column. Your spinal column has some disks that can be expanded with exercises. Standing on your toes and lifting your hands up fully to stretch your body helps in making the spinal column more linear. Swimming also is a good activity to help elongate the spinal disks.

2) Running at a high speed with lot of intensity helps you to gain height. You may have noticed that athletes who run tiring marathons are long and tall. This is because running helps in release of good amount of growth hormone. The effect of this kind of growth hormone release normally stays for more than 24 hours. This is the reason high speed running is one of the best grow taller exercises.

3) Do you know that any activity that can remove any curvature on your spinal cord can help you gain height? If you can learn yoga for correcting your posture you would benefit immensely.

4) Another good method to gain height is by attaching weights to your ankle and then doing cycling. You can do this on a static cycle that is found in most gyms. This activity can help you elongate the leg bones.

5) Resistance training grow taller exercises also help you to gain height. These exercises help by increasing the length of leg bones by a small amount. This happens because of the bone remodeling that takes place after you do resistance training.

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