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5 Tips on Exercising After Breast Implants

You’re considering breast implants, but have you thought about how they’ll impact your exercise routine? I mean, it stands to reason if you enlarge this area of your body, there may be some things that won’t be quite so easy to do afterward. A lot of women just want to be bigger, but they don’t always think about how that might impact their daily life.

Exercise After Breast Implants

1. Take time off to heal. Many who are exercise fanatics can’t even think about going one day without training, but you really must allow yourself at least a full week off after your surgery. Exercise may cause severe problems. It’s a great idea to walk every day during the first week. This helps with blood clots. Just don’t start training for the Olympics right away.

2. Wear a support bra. A good sports bra will help to stabilize your breast implants. The idea is to keep them front and center at all times.

3. Use UV protection on your scar. No need to sit home after surgery when you could be soaking up some rays. Just be careful and protect your scar with a good sunscreen against UV radiation. This is especially true if you use a tanning bed.

4. Put your surfboard away. Even if you’re one of the coolest surfers on the beach, don’t do it! Wait at least two weeks before you get back on that board. Your incision is tender and bacteria from any source of water can wreak havoc with your health. It’s just not worth the risk. Taking showers is fine, but even baths should be avoided.

5. Listen to your body’s signals. If and when you do start exercising, your body will “tell” you that you’ve either had enough or you’ve had too much of a good thing. When this happens, listen and stop. This is not a good time for the slogan, “no pain, no gain.”

Suffice it to say, too much exercise too soon after breast implants can have severe adverse effects on your body. Swelling and inflammation can increase and this can in turn increase scar formation.

Your surgeon will gladly show you some exercises that will actually enhance your recovery time and eliminate stiffness and soreness. Shoulder stretching and massage techniques are very important for after-surgery care. A good rule of thumb: whatever exercise you choose to do or your surgeon gives you to do, if it feels good, than it’s probably okay.

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