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6 Great Tips You Can Use to Gain Height Increase Immediately!

Let’s face it, most people are not comfortable with their height and if there is anyway to gain height with an extra inch or two, we would all feel so much confident and lovable don’t you agree? You have no doubt read an even tried the many height increase tips and guides circulating around but the truth is in the foods and exercise routines that we take.

In short, gaining height naturally can be achieved by physical means and some discipline on your part, forget about the magic pills, they just don’t work.

If you are vertically challenged chances are that you are searching for tips to grow taller. Here are some excellent tips to get taller and gain height that you can start practicing immediately:

#1 The human growth hormone is responsible for our bone growth and this is mainly found in our pituitary glands. To be able to enhance the secretion of this hormone, one has to do extreme exercises or high speed sprinting, so get out there and start a regular routine.

#2 Did you know that your body needs adequate rest and sleep to grow well? In fact maximum growth happens when you sleep. Hence make sure you sleep for 8 to 9 hours every day. This will ensure that you grow taller and increase height; just don’t get too comfortable and overdoing it.

# 3 We have all heard about sitting upright but did you also know that posture exercises have everything to do with height. Doing the right exercises will help in making your spine linear and thus add to your height. Many people don’t know that you can actually add a few inches with this technique.

# 4 Now we all feel that we are past the drinking milk phase of our lives but do you know that drinking milk makes your bones grow stronger and elongate properly. Milk plus any other calcium supplements are key ingredients for strong and long bones.

#5 Do you know that fast foods chips and soda have a tendency to inhibit and compress growth. Not only do they add that weight which you do not need but also the long term effects are very unhealthy. You should avoid obesity at all costs if you want to add those extra inches.

# 6 Other growth inhibitors you should avoid are Coffee, sugar, smoking, salt, soda drinks and any other junk food you can think off. The main reason for this is that such foods prevent the body form processing calcium and by now we know how calcium is relevant to longer and stronger bones.

If you find these tips useful and are seriously looking to adding a few extra inches in height then you can find the best guide in my website. It’s about time they all stopped referring you as Shorty, you don’t have to live the rest of your life this way, stand up and get noticed.

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