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A Closer Look Into the New Polar FT7 and the Polar Rs300x

When you mention heart rate monitors, one name comes first to anyone’s mind and that is the Polar brand. From professional athletes to fitness enthusiasts around the globe, Polar heart monitors have been their choice for achieving personal goals and reaching milestones in their training and workout routines. Two of their latest creations have been the Polar Ft7 and the Polar Rs300x heart monitor watches. Here is a short review on the both of them.

The Polar FT7 Review

The Polar FT7 is the latest work of wonder from this manufacturer. The new Polar FT7 comes with many great features that take fitness workouts to another level. For instance, the FT7 comes with the Energy Pointer function that tells the user if their training is pointing more to fitness or weight loss. This is a relatively new feature to Polar heart monitors. With this feature, you will be able to track your training more accurately.

This monitor is also able to display the amount of calories burned during workouts and provide exercise data for easy access. It comes with a decent screen size display and good sized buttons. To avoid cross talk and interference from other wireless devices and heart monitors, the Polar FT7 comes with a Coded Heart Transmitter Chest Strap/Belt. In addition to all these, the FT7 is also waterproof.

The Polar Rs300x Review

The Polar Rs300x is another great heart monitor watch in that it is also loaded with numerous innovative features and functions. It is also one of the most sophisticated heart watches out on the market today. The Rs300x comes with features such as metrics display for heart rate, distance, pace, speed and the amount of calories burnt up during workouts. For training and working out at the right intensities, there are hardly any monitors out there that are better than the Polar Rs300x. it is also able to track the previous 16 exercise sessions and provide data to the user to make decisions on where they want to go in terms of fitness.

The Polar Rs300x also includes the Polar OwnZone feature that maps out special training zones for the user according to their needs. This Polar heart monitor also provides the user with a fitness test and split lap functions for runners. If you are looking for a heart monitor to really help you take your fitness levels higher, do try out the Polar Rs300x.

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