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A Muscle Diet Designed To Make Muscle

A lot of thought needs to go into producing a muscle diet designed to make muscle, we are going to address the main requirements in order for you to easily understand.

When we ingest food into our bodies it is broken down into fuel, which is used to sustain life and all of our energy requiring activities. There is a base level of calories required to maintain body weight and this figure can be calculated by multiplying your body weight in pounds by 15. So as an example for a 200lb man, the base calorie rate would be 3000 calories i.e. 200 x 15 = 3000. In your muscle diet in order to make muscle your calorie intake needs to be greater than your calorie expenditure.

The most important nutrient in your muscle diet is protein. Protein is the building block muscle consisting of a full range of essential and non-essential amino acids. Amino acids are the muscle repair agents, which are vitally important after your workouts. When undertaking weight training it is important to increase your protein intake to make muscle. Scientific research suggests that your protein intake should be in the region of 1 gram for every 1lb of body weight, when consumed at these levels you will ensure adequate supply of amino acids to support muscle repair.

The next most important nutrient is carbohydrate, which should form up to 50 to 55% of your muscle diet. There are two main forms of carbohydrates simple and complex basically bad and good. Forget and avoid simple carbohydrates they are worthless and are in abundance in sweets, cakes, sugar coated cereals and biscuits. Always opt for complex slow release carbohydrates as found in brown rice, brown pasta, wholemeal bread, fruit and vegetables like broccoli.

The third most important supplement in your muscle diet and which is essential to make muscle is fat. Fat should form no more 15% of your daily diet. It has been scientifically proven that good quality fats in your muscle diet have a positive effect on testosterone production, which is the main hormone responsible for building muscle. Good sources of fat include nuts particularly almonds, virgin olive oil, oily fish particularly salmon and mackerel and flax seed.

There you have it, incorporate high protein, complex carbohydrates and good sources of fat in your muscle diet to make muscle.

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