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What Do Turtles Eat and Drink – What Everyone Should Know About Turtle’s Diets

Most people know what turtles are. Little shell backed reptiles that often live in lakes, streams and dank vegetation. When asked what do turtles eat and drink these same people are far less knowledgeable.

Turtles are kind of an exotic pet. They are not as widely understood as dogs, cats and other more common house pets. Turtles eat different kinds of foods than the main stream pets, but they require a balanced diet none the less.

What Do Turtles Eat?

For proteins turtles will eat just about anything they can catch and subdue. Good examples are insects, like worms, slugs, certain spiders and flying insects.

Depending on the size of the turtle it may even go for larger prey. Some land turtles have been known to eat small mice and frogs. Turtles will eat just about anything that is edible.

Most turtles prefer to eat in water. This is not only because they feel more at home, but the water aids their oral digestion. Turtles do not produce saliva, so the water acts as a way of breaking food up easier for digestion.

Aquatics are often known to hunt small fish. Minnows, crayfish, goldfish and anything else in the “feeder fish” section of the pet store make tasty protein packed turtle treats.

All turtles need a lot of vegetation for essential vitamins and minerals. With the exception of baby turtles most adults have at least 60% of their diet as plant life. Adolescent turtles are mostly carnivorous. It is believed that they are stock piling protein for growth production and shell development.

Most people who own pet turtles feed them a variety of vegetables. These include carrots, sweet potatoes, yams, collard greens, green beans and most other vegetables.

Fruits such as bananas, apples, berries and peaches can make great snacks. These should only be served as treats due to the high levels of natural sugar. Stick to a high vegetable diet.

What Do turtles drink?

Turtles drink the very water they swim in. While swimming or wading they simply drink in a gulp. In nature, all the good bacteria in the water naturally filters out most toxins produced by animal waste. However, in a home tank, a turtle owner must make sure the water is cleaned regularly.

Even if you only own one turtle in a large tank, turtles make a mess with their waste. They usually defecate while eating and they eat in the water. This means that they are defecating in their water frequently.

Once feces and urine are broken down in water they create ammonia, a toxic substance that can cause skin irritation, illness and even death. If the water is not changed a few times a week this could have your pet drinking and swimming in toxic waste.

This is a very broad outline. Turtles are rather versatile animals as far as their diet is concerned. The simplest answer to what do turtles eat and drink would be what ever is around them. In nature turtles can turn just about anything edible into a meal. As a pet a turtle must be provided the same varied diet they would find in nature.

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Anorexia Nervosa Impact On Society

Some statistics show that 1% of American women have anorexia nervosa, many people don’t have idea on how dangerous this disorder is. Thousands of teenagers die each year due to anorexia and eating disorders. Society plays an important role to help solve this growing problem and make adolescents aware of the dangers.

If we want to see the anorexia nervosa impact on society, its enough to see the death statistics and emotional problems that they have to understand how severe it is. There are groups of people especially online that support anorexia nervosa as a lifestyle and they give tips and advice to them to hide their problem from their family and keep a rigorous diet.

I think we need to change the way society values people, there are testimonies of teenagers that were very happy, but when they started dieting due to an emotional problem they had caused by a critique of their weight, their life became miserable. Adolescents want to be loved and accepted in society, so when people critiques their body or physical appearance, sometimes the frustration is so big, that they do anything to be accepted be liked.

The consequence is that adolescents start dieting and exercising with obsession, to the point that they starve themselves and hurt their body. They also see all the celebrities in tv as perfect and they want to be like them, very thin.

Anorexia is an emotional problem and cannot be solved just with medications, the person needs to understand that what she is doing is wrong and is damaging her self. She needs to feel loved and accepted by her family to recover from this disorder, she needs to change her self image.

Society is causing a negative impact on teenagers, they are acquiring the wrong values from the media and take celebrities as their role model of success. Parents have to make their child aware of this problem and its consequences.

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Want Success? Don’t Set Goals, Do This Instead!

Goal setting, exactly what is it?

1. You say you want to achieve (goal) something

2. You set a date or time in which to achieve it

3. You write out a plan of action

4. You follow that plan of action and…

5. You FAIL to achieve the stated goal


The plan was flawed from the get-go.

Kind of like wanting to “fall in love with someone” because you want to be in love. You join dating services and social sites and meet people but never “fall in love”. Why? Because you want to fall in love for the sake of being in love or because you think falling in love will make you happy. You see “other people” seemingly in love and you want to be like them.

Well it doesn’t work that way.

There is no “vision”, no feeling, and no true mental desire for true happiness. There was just a goal that you think will bring you happiness.

You see when I first started into bodybuilding I followed (to a tee) all the diets and weight lifting programs of the champions and for four straight years I failed, went nowhere and actually lost weight and muscle size. I looked at the physiques of “other people” and thought that if I looked like them I would be happy.

Then one day I had a vision. It was a mental “vision” of how I wanted to look and how I wanted to “feel” about myself. It was NOT a “goal” but a vision with feeling. I stopped following the lifestyle of diet and training that I had been implementing during the previous four years.

I quit it all and then I did this.

Just envisioned the way I wanted to look and feel about myself.

In my mind’s eye I created the “perfect me.”

From there on, just like magic, I created the right diets and training programs that worked for “me!”

Mistake #1 for Diet and Training

It happens every year.

Get in shape, a New Year’s resolution. Lose fat, gain muscle and feel great.

So the person does this;

1. Sets a goal to lose weight and put on muscle

2. Finds or creates a weight lifting workout program

3. Finds or creates a weight loss muscle building diet

4. Starts the program on a Monday, let’s say January 3rd

5. By January 9th they don’t feel energetic but lost a couple pounds

6. By January 16th they are starting to feel worn-out and losing strength

7. By January 23rd they say they felt better when they were not on a diet

8. By January 30th they may start getting physically worn out and getting sick or feeling under the weather

9. By February 7th they start to fall off the diet and miss some workout days because they lack energy and feel sluggish

10. By the end of February 92% of the people who started a diet and workout program have called it quits.

11. By the end of April 96% of the people who started a diet and workout program have called it quits and many have actually gained weight!

Why? What was the cause?

1. The weight lifting program they followed was not progressive for their body-type

2. The diet plan they followed was not nutrient balanced for their personal metabolic needs

This happens every year. Over-trained and under-nourished equals failure, it cannot end in any other way.

Don’t believe me? Just secretly observe the people you know who are on a diet and training program and watch what happens. The time frame may change a little but the end result will be the same, guaranteed.

Think about it my friend

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Why Rachel Ray Recommends Acai Berry For Weight Loss

There has been a lot of fuss on weight loss and other health issues, mostly concerning many factors that can help people achieve their desired weight the healthiest way. Ever since people have wanted to lose weight without the added side effects, many alternatives popped out over the Internet, on TV, the magazines, and all other forms of media. One weight loss strategy that became available to the market is the Acai berry diet together with colon cleansing. This alternative was suggested by the biggest names on TV, such as Rachel Ray and Oprah Winfrey, backed by the testimonies of many people who have tried using it. Because these two names in Hollywood are known to believe in healthy foods and healthy dieting, more people became interested to try the Acai berry diet. 

Acai berry only grows in the Amazon and was discovered to contain vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fibers, and essential amino acids. Since it has been proven to give several health benefits, it was announced as the “Number One Super Food of 2009”. Below are these benefits:

o It suppresses the appetite.

o It reduces stored fats.

o It lowers the amount of cholesterol in the body.

o It removes toxins from the body.

o It cleanses the colon and the digestive system.

o It boosts the energy.

o It fights against free radicals.

o It doubles the capability of the immune system.

o It manages the bowel movement.

o It removes fats in the stomach.

o It tones the curves of the body.

o It strengthens the hair, rejuvenates the cells in the skin, and nails.

o It improves how the digestive system functions.

Colon cleansing basically means removing the toxins from the colon that people may have acquired in their lifetime. By doing this, the digestion is improved, as well as the bowel movement. When this happens, a person is protected from chronic diseases. This should be done consistently which means that using Acai berry in a significant amount of time will improve the way the body functions. 

You too can benefit a lot from the wonders of Acai berry! Start losing weight the healthy way!

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Can the 3 Day Diet Plan Work For You?

No the 3 day diet plan isn’t where you diet for just three days. It’s actually an on again off again diet originating back in the mid 80’s and carries with it lots of controversy pertaining verifiable authenticity. Considered a Fad Diet by many, mainly because of unsubstantiated proof of whether it actually works, the diet is a 3 day regimen that has to be done strictly by the book followed by normal eating routine for several days then done over again. Supposedly participants can lose 10 pounds in the 3 days of dieting and there is also no exercise needed.

Of the many different opinions about the 3 day diet plan one is that water is what makes up the 10 lost pounds in every instance of lost body weight. Give it a try. But as a warning no attempts of any weight loss regimen should be tried without first seeing a doctor to be sure that there are no underlying problems that may be aggravated or intensified as a direct result of using this plan.

This type diet is very strict and straying from the principles could mean not being able to achieve the 10 lb. weight loss goal, that is if this 3 day diet plan actually works. Remember it is highly controversial. In addition, dieters drink 4 cups of water or non-caloric drinks each day too.

While there is a straight forward reason for how the alleged 10 pounds weight loss comes about, that being a unique metabolic reaction which boosts the natural fat burning process beyond normal capacities, there is no documentation or explanation of how the 3 Day Diet food combinations burn fat, increase energy, cleanse the body, or lower cholesterol. So does this 3 day diet plan actually work? Until certified documentation of verifiable authenticity is produced, you’ll have to be the judge.

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The Benefits of Changing Your Eating Habits

We’ve all heard it before – if we want to grow to be healthy and strong, we need to eat healthy foods. But eating healthy foods not only helps us to grow healthy, it also helps our bodies fight off certain diseases. The food that you eat can significantly affect every aspect of your health, so changing our daily eating habits is necessary. This article will discuss how a healthy eating pattern can benefit you, as well as how you can go about changing your eating habits.

Most people who consider dieting do so because they are overweight. Research has shown that obesity can significantly increase an individual’s risk of a wide variety of illnesses and diseases, so keeping our weight under control is of extreme importance. Not only does losing weight benefit our bodies, it also benefits our minds. Weight loss often helps individuals feel better about their bodies, increasing their self confidence and happiness with themselves.

If you are overweight, changing your eating habits is the best way to lose weight. Eating foods such as vegetables, fruits, and whole grains can reduce your calorie intake, thereby decreasing your fat intake. Not only do these foods contain less calories than most, but fruits, vegetables, and whole grains are also high in fiber – a food component that helps our stomachs to fill up faster, allowing us to eat less and thereby intake less fats.

When most people think of healthy dieting, they think of obesity. And while obesity is a great reason to begin changing your eating habits, it is far from the only reason. Eating healthy can not only help individual to lose weight, but can also significantly reduce one’s risk of developing a wide range of serious diseases and illnesses. Healthy eating has been shown to reduce risk of high cholesterol, heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke, cancer, and many other health problems. Therefore, whether you are overweight, underweight, or at the perfect weight, a healthy eating pattern can still benefit you!

When it comes to healthy eating, small changes can make a huge difference. Begin by switching from white foods to whole grain foods, and from junky foods to fruits and vegetables. Also, avoid eating too many dairy products and red meats. These foods are high in cholesterol, making them bad for your health. Also, instead of snacks such as chips and pretzels, have a snack of mixed nuts. Nuts, whole grains, fruits, and vegetables are all great for our health, helping to control our weight and decreasing our risk for a wide variety of diseases.

Learn more about healthy, whole food diet plans today. Maintaining a healthy diet will lead to a healthy lifestyle. Begin your whole foods diet plan today and change the course of your life with a few simple steps!

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Pseudo-Gynecomastia and Gynecomastia – What is the Difference?

'Man boobs' and gynecomastia are two of the most common terms people use when talking about this condition.

Although man boobs is used interchangeably with gynecomastia, it is a term used to describe all types of enlarged breasts in men. These include pseudo gynecomastia, puffy nipples, pure glandular gynecomastia, and severe gynecomastia.

It is important to differentiate between pseudo-gynecomastia (fake) and gynecomastia (real) because:

o You will be able to seek the right treatment. Getting the wrong treatment may cost you extra for nothing and there is even a risk of medical complications.

o You will know the exact action to take to take care of your problem.

Differences between pseudo-gynecomastia and gynecomastia

1) Real gynecomastia is characterized by glandular tissue in the chest while pseudo-gynecomastia, or false gynecomastia, is characterized by a fatty tissue in the chest.

2) The cause of fake gynecomastia is different from the cause of real gynecomastia. Since pseudo-gynecomastia is characterized by fat deposits in the chest area, it follows that this condition is common in obese or overweight people.

One the other hand, gynecomastia is common in people who have hormonal imbalances, congenital disorders, and people who are sick.

3) Pseudo-gynecomastia is common older men since they are at a greater risk of becoming obese or overweight.

On the other hand, gynecomastia is common in boys undergoing puberty because they suffer from hormonal imbalance, but also in people who are sick, people who drink too much, and people who abuse drugs.

4) Treatment for fake gynecomastia is different from the treatment of real gynecomastia. Pseudo-gynecomastia is treated by exercising and dieting to get rid of the excess fat.

Gynecomastia is treated by hormonal therapy or surgical removal – dieting and exercising are rarely effective.

The similarities between fake and real gynecomastia are:

o Neither of the conditions poses a health risk.
o Both conditions can be cured.
o Both conditions develop over a long time.

Have you tried everything imaginable to get rid of your man boobs without success?

It's your body's fault you have to suffer with male breasts yet you can not get rid of them!

Having said that, if you'd have taken the time to find quality products and information then you could have ended your pain ages ago.

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How to Lose Weight Fast Without Exercise – Easy Ways to Get a Fit and Sexy Look!

Are you looking for a simple solution to get an attractive body-line? Can’t take the hardship of workouts anymore? Want to learn how to lose weight fast without exercise? Any average person can get his/her dream figure with a little effort and it is possible without any exercising if some simple rules are followed. Let’s learn about 3 powerful & effective rules that can give you a fit and good looking body shape.

Tip #1 – Easy Dieting In A Changed Way

Proper diet foods that contain low carb, healthy protein, lots of fiber etc. can give you body fitness and desired weight loss. To get the full benefit of dieting you should take smaller meals 5/6 times a day replacing 3 huge meals. As a result your body metabolism rate will raise and more calories will burn. Thus you will get in shape quick attaining a slim and sexy body line that will impress all.

Tip #2 – Water To Limit Liquid Calorie

When it comes down to how to lose weight fast without exercise, checking the liquid calorie becomes an important factor. If you drink plenty of water as a replacement of beverages and alcoholic drinks then you will be able to take care of the extra calories easily. Moreover water will keep your digestion process smooth and clean. Thus you can easily get your body in shape and look far better than you do now.

Tip #3 – Set Your Target

By setting a target in the plan, you will get quicker results and will be able to measure the changes by your own. If you follow the schedule persistently, you will get the desired weight loss within a short period without the hardship of exercises.So all you need is strong willpower to attain success in your weight loss journey and make yourself look fit & sexy.

These simple but effective rules will make your efforts to lose weight without exercising successful and you can do this at home.

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How to Take Your Fashion Modeling Career to the Next Level

If you are reading this article, you probably are a model, who wants to step up your fashion modeling career to the next level. We have the answers, but it’s not going to be sweet and easy.

We list some of the most important lifestyle changes and steps to take if you are serious about succeeding in this industry (Warning: Not for the faint hearted).

Strict Dieting

This is the first and foremost lifestyle changes to make. The top models such as those from Victoria’ Secret put complete dedication into eating healthy. They do not eat processed food at least 95% of the time, and stick to whole, real foods with low-glycemic index. They strictly follow the diet of eating heavy (carbohydrate-rich diet) for breakfast followed by subsequently lesser quantities of food throughout the day.

Typically a breakfast consists of lean meat, eggs, oatmeal, assorted vegetables; the main target is to get complex carbs and proteins early on in the day. Lunch consists of mostly vegetables and light steamed meat, most importantly carbohydrates are consumed little to none. Dinner consists of vegetables and soups, with some healthy meat. Snacks throughout the day consist of natural sugars and low salt; mostly snacks are assorted fruits (healthy sugars) and nuts (salt-free). Furthermore, a strict following of at least 8 glasses of plain water a day, and cutting out alcohol (Okay maybe you can have a drink once in a while, but no binging).

Some fashionistas such as Kat Von D and Madonna pride in a vegan diet that is free of all kinds of eggs, meats, and dairy. You can look up on their diets and how it is linked to good skin and overall health.

Strong exercise regime

If you want to be fit there are plenty of exercise regimes out there, but our favorite one for women is that of Australian supermodel Miranda Kerr, who exposes her fitness regime and dietary plans on Women’s Health and Fitness Magazine, and an excellent article by Huffington post on fitness plans for male models who should be focused on bodybuilding and toning of their muscles

Know your target market

As you intend to step into the fashion industry, you should also think about what target market best suits your look. For example in America there is an advent of plus-sized models, because they are more representative of regular, everyday women in America. As such, there is a need to think about the market that best suits the look and style you have to offer. You may have started out in your own home country, but as you decide to pursue a long term career in fashion modeling, there derives a need to think of international possibilities to advance your career.

Sign on with a model agency

If you are currently freelancing, a good way to step up your game is to sign on with a credible modeling agency that will spearhead your career. As a freelancer, you have the ability to undertake multiple contracts with various modeling agencies. You will thus be able to make a more informed choice on the modeling agency that will best work with your interests. Signing on a year’s contract or similar to that like, will mean getting more opportunities with bigger clients, and representing the agency on the international stage as well. As a model you have everything you need looked after, and you can focus your entire attention and energy into your job.

Pursue further studies in Modeling

Gaining industry knowledge and expertise in your specialized field and area will never be a disadvantage. A professional qualification in modeling will prove your capabilities as a model, and give you an edge as you progress in the modeling field.

Finally as Rihanna puts it, “work, work, work!” is the only real way to progress in the field and there is no substitute for hard work. Keep striving, getting more jobs, landing more opportunities and clients, while you have the beauty and energy to do so, and you will definitely progress far in a fashion career.

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Fatigue – Its Connection to Low Blood Sugar (Hypoglycemia)

Fatigue in people with hypoglycemia is a direct result of the body’s continual rollercoaster ride of the ups and downs of blood sugar levels. Stop hypoglycemia and you stop fatigue.

Not everyone who experiences chronic fatigue is hypoglycemic. However, fatigue is a very big part of everyday life for hypoglycemics. Unfortunately, in most cases, sufferers eat the wrong food or take drinks containing caffeine to reduce symptoms. This only makes the problem worse.

The best way to treat hypoglycemia (low blood sugar levels) and the accompanying fatigue is to change one’s diet and lifestyle. Cutting out refined sugars can be hard for someone who has become addicted to them, but in the end, you will find yourself re-energized. You will also have more enthusiasm for life than you ever dreamed possible.

Make sure you eat regular meals. Skipping a meal will not only cause your blood sugar levels to drop dramatically, but it will also deplete the energy stores in your body. Never allowing yourself to go hungry keeps you from gorging on food later in the day.

Hypoglycemia can sometimes be confused with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or Adrenal Fatigue. The symptoms of each are very similar and they can be treated in similar ways. A new dieting plan is essential to control the various problems. By neglecting changes, a hypoglycemic runs the risk of developing severe diabetes and eventually losing his eyesight. In this country, 60% of hypoglycemics may go on to become diabetics.

Even though fatigue is a very common symptom of hypoglycemia so is insomnia. Often a person suffering from hypoglycemia (low blood sugar levels), has constantly racing thoughts. He or she simply cannot switch off and go to sleep. So, there they lie utterly exhausted, but unable to be rid of their anxiety. The constant tiredness and lack of sleep are part of the hypoglycemic picture.

It is important to understand that doctors believe there are different causes and various forms of hypoglycemia (low blood sugar levels). In addition to changing your diet, there are also natural dietary supplements that can be helpful, such as liquorice root. There are natural treatments to help ease the anxiety that results in insomnia, so that you will rest easier.

A hypoglycemic should have a diet that is high in fiber and rich in complex carbohydrates and protein. This will help slow the absorption of sugar into the blood.

Avoid white, processed flours and instead consume whole-wheat products. Refined carbohydrates like pastries and sugars should be avoided as well. Caffeine, alcohol,and stimulants of any kind should be eliminated from your diet. Mineral and Vitamin supplements have been found to be very important in getting you back on the road to health.

Hypoglycemia doesn’t have to take over your life. At present you may think that you will have to live with the symptoms for the rest of your life.

But with improvements to your lifestyle, you will become healthier and more energetic once again. With the right information in your hands, you can go on to lead a very productive life.

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