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Meat Diet Rapid Weight Loss Plan – Highlights of How High-Protein Diet Helps to Lose Weight

Are you looking information to start a new diet and lose weight quickly? It is believed that meat diet helps to get this goal. Like many other diet plans, meat diet has its pros and cons. Let’s see why and how this specific diet plan can help you to lose a few pounds within days.

Meat and Satiety

Various scientific studies have shown that a high-protein diet is able to reduce appetite and consequently to help someone lose weight. Scientists think that a high level of proteins in the blood would be able to prevent appetite-stimulating hormones from playing its role.

Meat and Metabolism

Meat is rich in vitamins B. Vitamins B and weight loss go hand in hand. Do you know why? Vitamins B are able to speed up the body’s metabolism. Meat such as lean beef, pork and chicken is an important dietary source of B-complex vitamins.

What’s the meat diet plan?

1) Eat much more meat. Your daily intake of proteins should make up 30% of the total amount of calories. White meat is preferable. Try to choose parts of meat poor in fat.

2) Eat 50 % less carbohydrate such as whole grains, beans, vegetables and fruits. Avoid eating white bread, white rice and pastries.

3) Reduce fat consumption to 20% of daily energy intake.

4) Eat smaller meals. It is allowed having snacks between the main meals when you feel a little bit hungry.

5) Exercise more!

Meat Diet Disadvantages

1) Meat is rich in lipids and especially in saturated fat acids and cholesterol. It is believed that foods containing a high proportion of saturated fat raise the level of cholesterol in the blood stream and cause heart disease.

2) High intake of meat causes excessive uric acid and could be responsible of various diseases such as gout, rheumatism and kidney stones.

3) Almost all commercial meat is contaminated in some way by toxins, bacteria and chemicals such as synthetic growth hormones and nitrates, that can affect deeply our health and well-being.

4) Some clinical studies have shown that people who regularly consume red meat have a higher risk of colon cancer.

5) The consumption of processed meats, such as pork, beef or lamb, may significantly increase rate of prostate cancer among men of various ages.

6) Scientists have also discovered that women whose diets were rich in meat such as beef or ham are more likely to develop endometriosis.

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The Sonoma Diet – The New Mediterranean Diet

The Sonoma Diet was a book written by Connie Gutterson. It is one of the most balanced and moderate diets to appear in a long time. There are no dramatic restrictions on food groups, no calorie counting, and has all of the flair of a gourmet Mediterranean diet.

What is the Sonoma?

The Sonoma diet is a uniquely flavorful weight loss plan that brings together the art and science of food. Sonoma is a region in California, USA that is well regarded for its quality vineyards. The author and registered dietitian Connie Gutterson has been consulting with the Olive industry for a number of years. The nutritional credentials she has have enabled her to write a book that provides some of the most balanced and sensible weight loss advice. The Sonoma diet was not born in a lab much like other weight loss programs; in fact, it was born from two of the most agriculturally abundant and vital regions of the world: The coast of the Mediterranean Sea and of course Sonoma Valley California. These two regions share a festive approach to eating – a heart felt love of great food that turns every meal into a celebration of life. These wonderful foods make these areas into a paradise of healthy living and are the heart and soul of the Sonoma Diet. Members of the Sonoma diet experience this joy of eating. There are wide selections of recipes that are essential to Sonoma Diet member’s success.

The 3 Waves

Wave 1: lasts for approximately 10 days, and you’ll immediately begin eating delicious breakfasts, lunches, and dinners prepared with healthful foods. A benefit of this wave is that you will be able to eat all of your favorite foods and your online meal planner and recipe database will provide all the options you will need to be satisfied. One of the positive notes is that unlike other diets, this phase does not restrict carbohydrates but does include whole grain cereals and breads.

Wave 2: This wave is the major part of your diet. This here will be the eating plan that you stick with until you reach your target weight. Wave 2 is about variety with a broad range of foods including wine and fruits.

Wave 3: The third wave of the Sonoma Diet begins the day you finally reach your target weight. Once your ideal weight has been reached, this is the life – long maintenance phase where they teach you how to keep the weight off that you lost as well as teach you how to stick with the healthy eating lifestyle.

Portion Control

The secret is enjoying the right foods in the right amounts. If you think about it, that is really the only healthy way to lose weight. Aren’t you tired of counting calories, and dealing with severe food restrictions? The main premise of the Sonoma diet is that food should be enjoyed even when dieting. The problem with most weight loss programs out there is that so many teach and cause the dieter to hate and fear food. Sonoma introduced a concept called ‘plate and bowl’. All of the meals are assigned a specific plate size, with detailed instructions on how the plate should be filled. I was amazed while reading the book that it provided a wine guide to help select the best matching wine to accompany the meal.

Top 10 Power Foods

It’s important to know what the top 10 power foods are. When you start to eat the Sonoma way, you’ll be eating this way for the rest of your life. The Sonoma Diet book contains 300 recipes. The on-line program contains an additional 500 recipes. The top 10 power foods are.

o Almonds

o Bell Peppers

o Blueberries

o Broccoli

o Grapes

o Olive oil

o Spinach

o Strawberries

o Tomatoes

o Whole grains

One of the best features of the Sonoma diet is how interactive it truly is. The online program features on-line dietitians, live support, shopping lists, customized meal plans, and message boards. All subscriptions do come with a required fee, and subscribers must pay for a minimum of 5 weeks; however, if at any time you want to cancel your program there is not a cancellation fee. The Sonoma Diet is very popular and comes highly recommended by us and its users. This diet is now in 2007 considered to be in the top 5 diet programs. We at Flex Your Health consider this diet to be in the top 2 of all weight loss programs offered. If you try this program I am sure you will find a new healthier lifestyle with fantastic gourmet meals that will impress even the most sophisticated pallet.

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How to Set Up an Easy Diet Plan

When you think of losing weight, does the image of choking down raw carrots and celery followed by a tall glass of water come to mind?

Dieting does not have to be this way. You can create and follow an easy diet plan that is suited to your needs. You do not want to starve yourself, and risk losing your focus in everyday life. In fact, you will find that these types of diets only result in loss of muscle mass, not the fat loss you want.

An easy weight loss plan can consist of many different types of food. The trick is to eat them in moderation. Obviously, you cannot gorge yourself on fried food and still achieve the weight loss goals you have set for yourself.

The success of any plan for losing weight relies on your determination. Setting weight loss goals is good, but if you set your goals too high, and cannot attain them, you will ultimately fail. It is better to set smaller goals, then once you achieve them set new goals for yourself. As you see yourself achieving these goals, you will be much more determined to continue with your plan because you have tasted success.

Medical experts believe that no matter the type of food that you eat, you need to take your time in eating it. This gives your body the time it needs to recognize when your stomach is full. Often, when you are using this easy weight loss method you will find yourself leaving the table with food still on your plate.

A lot of people who are overweight do not plan their meals. They pick up dinner on their way home either at a fast food place or a convenience store. This leads to poor dietary habits and ultimately weight gain.

Planning your menu for the week and then shopping for it is the optimum healthy diet method that will not only help you lose weight, you will also feel and look better.

You have heard all of your life, “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” it really is. When you eat breakfast, your metabolic rate is kicked into high gear for the rest of the day. Studies have shown that people who eat breakfast every day achieve and sustain their weight loss goals more often than those who do not eat breakfast.

Consulting your physician with your weight loss concerns will alleviate any stress you may feel about starting a new routine to lose weight.

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