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How To Get A Bubble Butt – A Few Tips That Will Make Your Booty Rounder and Bigger

There are often things we would like to change on our bodies. We would like to be taller, stronger, have a flatter tummy, smaller nose, bigger breasts etcetera.

This article is about how to get a bubble butt. Fortunately this is something you can get without too much trouble and effort. It will require some effort and dedication but practically anyone can do it.

So where do you start, what do you have to do to get a bubble butt? There are few different things you can do to get a really round and perky butt.

The buttocks are primarily made up of muscle but also fat. Strengthening the muscles will make your booty firmer, rounder and bigger. So if small changes are what you are after, exercise (together with a good diet) is all you need.

However when we are talking about bubble butts we tend to think of really big and well rounded booties. In order to get that muscle alone is not enough, you also need to add fat to it. The fat will add a fair bit of volume to your booty and strong muscles will keep it round and firm. So we need to get muscle and fat on our booties. Now to the methods that will get you there.

Exercise: Though many activities are good for training the buttocks (running, walking, cycling) I will only go over the most effective butt building exercises, the ones that will give you results, fast.

• Frog squats: these differs to ordinary squats as you keep your feet apart (sort of like a V) Do them slowly to maximize resistance and to avoid putting strain on your knees

• Kneeling Sidekicks: You get down on all fours, lift your leg as high as you can and kick sideways. Change your legs and repeat

• Lunges: Stand upright, feet together and take one long deep step forward until your thigh is parallel to the floor (don’t go further as this can damage your knee) get back up and repeat, change legs and start over again

• Bridges: You lay flat on the floor, pull your legs up until they have an angle of 45 degrees. Keep your feet flat on the floor and lift your butt as high as you can while squeezing your buttocks. Repeat until it gets difficult.

• Standing leg raises: Stand up with you feet together holding on to a doorpost or pole. Then raise your leg sideways as high as you can, lower it slowly and repeat. Change legs. If you think this is too easy, put a small weight around your ankle.

Do these exercises at least three times week. Make sure to eat well after work outs as the muscles need to recover in order to grow. Eat healthy natural foods, make sure you eat little more protein. A good diet could consist of fish, meat, vegetables, fruit, cereals, milk and eggs.

There are also some foods that are particularly good for butt building. This is because they will help you to put some fat on your booty. Putting fat on the booty is necessary in order to get a bubble butt as muscle alone cannot give it the volume you wish.

Eating nuts is good for this. Nuts contain fatty acids and Omega 3 and this will be stored in your butt thus “fattening it up”. Eating fatty fish like salmon or taking fish oil will have the same effect. Drinking milk is also excellent for building a bubble butt so drink plenty of milk.

There is one more method that is very useful in order to make your butt bigger. There is a way of moving body fat from you’re other parts of your body to your butt. This method involves a simple skin brush and will take only a few minutes a day. It is very efficient.

This is how to get a bubble butt. Now you only have to get started and in a couple of months you can have a much bigger, rounder and sexier butt.

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Proform 400 Vs 600 Treadmill – What’s the Difference?

Trying to decide between the Proform 400 vs 600 treadmill?

These two are very popular starter treadmills coming in around $600 and $800 respectively. They’ve been around for over 3 years now – a testament to their popularity as Proform usually retires models after a year or two if they’re not selling well.

So how are they different and which is best for you? This article will go over the main differences between them to help you decide.

First of all, it should be noted that both treadmills give you EKG heart rate monitors, several built-in workouts, iFit LIVE options and a tablet holder above the console.

So how are they different?

#1 Price

The Proform Performance 400 treadmill is slightly more affordable coming in around $200 less than the Proform 600 treadmill. So what d you get for the extra $200?

#2 Belt Size

The Proform Performance 600 treadmill has a longer belt than the Proform 400 treadmill – 60 inches long vs 55 inches.

The longer belt is great for taller users or runners who want to stretch out and run without feeling like they’re bumping up against the edge of the treadmill.

#3 Motor

The Proform 600 also carries a slightly more powerful motor than the Proform 400: 2.75 HP vs 2.5 HP. So it can hold up a bit better under longer or more intense use.

#4 Speed Limit

The Proform 400 treadmill has a top speed of 10 MPH whereas the Proform 600 has a top speed of 12 MPH.

Walkers may be find with the Proform 400 but if you want a bit more room to grow, you may prefer the higher speed limit of the Performance 600 treadmill.

#5 Incline

The Proform 400 has a top incline of 10 degrees whereas the Proform 600 has a top incline of 12 degrees.

So again, you have a bit more room to grow as your fitness level improves with the Proform Performance 600 treadmill.

#6 Workouts

While both treadmills do come with iFit LIVE (where you can download unlimited new workouts to your treadmill), the Proform 600 has a few more built-in workouts than the Proform 400: 22 workouts vs 18 workouts.

So those are the main differences between the Proform Performance 400 vs 600 treadmills.

Overall the Proform 600 gives you a bit more in terms of construction – higher motor power and longer belt – as well as fitness options – higher speed and incline limits.

But if you’re a walker and on a strict budget, you may be happier with the Proform 400 treadmill. It really depends on what is important to you.

Whatever you decide remember to take your time and choose a treadmill you really love – and then enjoy!

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Delay Ejaculation and Gain Amazing Sexual Stamina Using These 6 Masturbation Tips

If you are reading this, you are probably sick of ejaculating prematurely every time you have sex. You are definitely not alone: millions of males suffer from this condition in the US alone. In this article I will give you 5 tips on how to masturbate correctly in order to improve your sexual stamina and delay ejaculation.

Tip #1: Go to the Bathroom and Urinate

I suggest you form a habit to pee before your masturbate or have sexual intercourse. A full bladder puts pressure on your abdominal area and triggers premature ejaculation. Even men who can normally last long in bed, ejaculate several times earlier with full bladder.

Tip #2: Slow Down and Do Not Rush

It is important to ensure that there is a lot of time available for masturbation and that no one is going to disturb you. A lot of men are used to rushing their masturbation from the teenage years. When you were young you tried to ejaculate early to minimize the risk of being caught by your parents.

Tip #3: Deep Breathing Delays Ejaculation

Breathing deep is a great way to delay your ejaculation and gain more control over your arousal level. Breathe in a deep and slow manner throughout the whole intercourse to see the maximum improvement. Make sure not to hold your breath.

Tip #4: Relax Your Body

Another common mistake, guys make, is that they flex their muscles during masturbation and sex. Usually it happens unconsciously. This can greatly diminish your sexual stamina and trigger early ejaculation. This is why it is important to make a conscious effort to relax your muscles, especially your abs and buttocks.

Tip #5: Start-and-Stop Technique

This technique is aimed at getting your body used to have long-lasting erections without ejaculation. This is what you do. Masturbate as usual, while closely watching your arousal level. When you feel the ejaculation is nearing and stop all the stimulation. Do not wait till the last moment; stop around 45 seconds before ejaculation. As you gain experience with this technique you will be able to stop closer and closer to ejaculation. After you stopped, wait till arousal level subsides. Return to masturbating once you regain control of your arousal levels. Repeat this technique at least 5 times every time you masturbate and you will see incredible results in a few weeks.

Tip #6: Always Use Lube

It is very important not to masturbate with a dry hand. Dry hand will condition your penis to be satisfied with little stimulation dry and rough hand provides. Lubricant will make your hand feel a lot closer to real vagina.

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Maslow’s Marketing Filter

One of the basics of all marketing and advertising training is a teaching of “Maslow’s needs pyramid”. This pyramid shows the different motivators and needs in a person’s life and how they are built one upon the other. Supposedly this is presented to help the marketing student understand consumer motivation and thinking. The problem is I’ve never seen it applied, in the text books. It’s presented as the foundation of human motivation and then it’s dropped.

I’d like to present to you a way to use Maslow’s needs pyramid so that you can get inside the consumer’s mind and develop an understanding of what’s truly motivating them as they consider purchasing your product or service.

Maslow’s needs pyramid present human needs such that each need is pursued and met before the next level of needs can be considered; they build upon one another. The needs from most basic to most complex are:

– physiological needs: food, shelter, sex

– safety needs: clothing, weapons, defense of self

– social needs: social acceptance

– esteem needs: acceptance of self by self

– fulfillment needs: a feeling of having and fulfilling a purpose

So the question is, “How do we use this paradigm to get inside the consumer’s head?”

Let’s consider a personal fitness training service. Here’s how it works at the most basic level. Place yourself in the position of the consumer and think as if you are considering hiring a personal fitness trainer.

1. How will personal fitness training impact my acquisition and use of food? Of shelter? Of sexual behavior? (Now you see why sex is used in marketing so many products – we react to it instinctually)

2. How will personal fitness training impact my personal safety?

– you’ll be in better shape and can run faster from a mugger, perhaps.

3. How will personal fitness training positively impact my standing in society? In my social circle? Access to different social circles?

4. How will personal fitness training positively impact how I think about myself?

5. Will personal fitness training have an impact on my personal sense of fulfillment?

I understand that most consumers, will ask themselves these types of questions without really thinking about them. The answers you develop as you purposely ask yourselves these types of questions will give you insight in the processes a consumer may consider or be susceptible to as they are considering purchasing personal fitness training services.

This process will also help you define ways to market that will get consumers to consider your personal fitness training service if they are not. Using Maslow’s needs pyramid helps you target your marketing. It is the foundation of:

Getting Attention

Developing Interest

Creating Desire

Facilitating Commitment

Motivating to Action

If you can use Maslow’s needs pyramid to get inside the head of the consumer by running it through a filter of questions like the one’s I’ve presented above you’ll have a tangible marketing advantage because you now can respond to your consumer’s internal dialogue.

Using this type of filtering process can also help you create need in those that have not yet developed an interest in your product or service. Simply put yourself in the consumer’s place and present you’re marketing to them in such a way as to answer or resolve each need in the hierarchy.

Maslow’s needs pyramid is a powerful tool that is taught to every marketing and advertising student in the world but it must be understood and applied if it’s to actually be useful. Try using Maslow’s marketing filter the next time you are considering a marketing campaign. It’ll help you get a better grip on what the consumer is thinking and feeling.

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6 Great Tips You Can Use to Gain Height Increase Immediately!

Let’s face it, most people are not comfortable with their height and if there is anyway to gain height with an extra inch or two, we would all feel so much confident and lovable don’t you agree? You have no doubt read an even tried the many height increase tips and guides circulating around but the truth is in the foods and exercise routines that we take.

In short, gaining height naturally can be achieved by physical means and some discipline on your part, forget about the magic pills, they just don’t work.

If you are vertically challenged chances are that you are searching for tips to grow taller. Here are some excellent tips to get taller and gain height that you can start practicing immediately:

#1 The human growth hormone is responsible for our bone growth and this is mainly found in our pituitary glands. To be able to enhance the secretion of this hormone, one has to do extreme exercises or high speed sprinting, so get out there and start a regular routine.

#2 Did you know that your body needs adequate rest and sleep to grow well? In fact maximum growth happens when you sleep. Hence make sure you sleep for 8 to 9 hours every day. This will ensure that you grow taller and increase height; just don’t get too comfortable and overdoing it.

# 3 We have all heard about sitting upright but did you also know that posture exercises have everything to do with height. Doing the right exercises will help in making your spine linear and thus add to your height. Many people don’t know that you can actually add a few inches with this technique.

# 4 Now we all feel that we are past the drinking milk phase of our lives but do you know that drinking milk makes your bones grow stronger and elongate properly. Milk plus any other calcium supplements are key ingredients for strong and long bones.

#5 Do you know that fast foods chips and soda have a tendency to inhibit and compress growth. Not only do they add that weight which you do not need but also the long term effects are very unhealthy. You should avoid obesity at all costs if you want to add those extra inches.

# 6 Other growth inhibitors you should avoid are Coffee, sugar, smoking, salt, soda drinks and any other junk food you can think off. The main reason for this is that such foods prevent the body form processing calcium and by now we know how calcium is relevant to longer and stronger bones.

If you find these tips useful and are seriously looking to adding a few extra inches in height then you can find the best guide in my website. It’s about time they all stopped referring you as Shorty, you don’t have to live the rest of your life this way, stand up and get noticed.

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Does the Bowflex Really Work? – The Truth About Bowflex Finally Revealed

So many of my clients have asked me that question. They see the Bowflex infomercial and those hot Bowflex body’s on the models and they wonder if they can look like that.

Look, the real answer is that no home gym – no matter how well built or sophisticated it might be will get you the results you want. Unless you’re willing to workout and put the effort into getting in shape. On the other hand, you don’t have to spend hours training. There are certain training protocols that will allow you to train for 5 to 7 minutes 3 to 4 times a week and get a complete total body workout. But, I’ll get more into that later in this article.

Let’s be practical okay – the Bowflex is really not much different than any other exerciser or home fitness equipment. If you workout with it on a consistent basis you will burn more body fat and pack on more muscle size, muscle building machine. No matter how much the infomercial or the marketing people behind Bowflex would want you to believe that. If you don’t workout you’re not going to get any results – period end of story.

Now I know there’s still some of you folks that are wondering – does the Bowflex really work – and the question has more to do with the fact that it doesn’t use free weights to provide resistance. Bowflex uses what they call “Power Rods.” While this piece of home fitness equipment looks odd it can be a versatile gym equipment. Essentially it’s a hybrid between a cable machines and resistance bands. It doesn’t use gravity or body weight for resistance unlike traditional home fitness equipment and this is will makes it unique.

The standard Bowflex muscle machine comes with resistance levels that range from 5 pounds to as much as 410 pounds.

Here are some questions that, my clients recently put to me about the Bowflex:

1. Does the Bowflex really work for burning body fat and getting a body like those guys and gals in the infomercials?

Burning body fat is more about your diet but, a good strength training program will help pack on more muscle which in turn burns more body fat.

2. Does the Bowflex really work in 20 minutes a day working out only three days per week as they advertise?

While it is possible using isometric exercise to get a great workout in a short period of time. To burn body fat you will need to supplement your strength training with a great diet and cardiovascular training. Cardio could be something as simple as riding your bike, taking a walk, or even jumping rope.

The Bowflex home gym is an excellent fitness equipment but, it is overpriced and there are other cheap home gyms or low-cost exercise equipment that can get you the same or better results available on the market today!

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Grow Taller Quickly – How To Grow A Foot Taller In A Week

Unfortunately, if you are looking to grow taller quickly by a foot in about a week then I hate to tell you that there is no way that this is going to happen at all unless you start walking on stilts, no matter what anyone says, it just won’t happen. You can, however, over time grow taller quickly by at least 2 inches dependent on how much effort you are willing to put into what I am going to show in the following article.

Many people are looking for quick fixes that are going to help them increase their height in a week or similar but that is what we call wishful thinking. You are not going to find some sort of height increase machine, creams or pills that will boost your growth hormones but this in fact is something that you are just going to end up wasting money on. IF you are looking to climb your way up the height ladder then you are going to have to do this naturally.

When I say naturally I mean that you are going to have to go through all the exercises, stretches and dietary criteria as these methods are in fact the best and fastest methods that you can go through that can help you grow taller quickly.

This does sound like a lot of effort but if you do in fact put in the time and the effort then you will gain the benefits out of it as well. There are many people that have claimed to have up to 6 inches of extra height from going through the natural methods! But what you need to understand is that it did take time for this to happen, this isn’t something where you just take some pills and it starts working, this is like building muscle; you need to be realistic and willing to put the time and effort in to reap the rewards.

So now that all of you know how unrealistic it is growing a foot in a week we can now move forward into the natural methods which while they do take time to go through are very effective and pay off well.

There are many natural methods to take into account when thinking about growing taller quickly, the most popular and easiest are the stretches to grow taller.

These can be done at anytime you have free, may people do these in the morning when they wake up and also in the evening before they get themselves back to bed. The best thing about stretches and exercises is that many of them don’t even need equipment just natural body weight, performing this in the morning when you wake and before you go to sleep can be highly effective and teaming them up with exercises and a diet that is high in not only protein but also high in nutrients such as calcium as well everyday will help you create a routine that will help you grow taller quickly by at least 2 inches.

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Nordic Track CX 1055 Elliptical Trainer Review

The Nordic Track CX 1055 elliptical trainer is Nordic Tracks top of the line elliptical cross trainer. Nordic Track is part of Icon the largest fitness manufacture in the world. The Key feature of the CX 1055 is the ability to change the slope or incline of the stride, which effectively changes the shape of the stride. This truly makes the elliptical trainer a true cross trainer.

The relatively new technology is owned and patented by Procor. Icon is licensing it for Nordic Track CX 1055 elliptical trainer. Icon is known for its fitness equipment marketing expertise and the addition of the new technology to its line of elliptical trainers is typical of its corporate strategy.

We searched our local area for a Nordic Track CX 1055 to try out for our review. We could only find 3 these elliptical trainers within commuting distance. After considerable amount of effort we finally found a Nordic Track CX 1055 owner that would let us use their elliptical trainer for testing. We immediately discovered that one of our testers would not be able to use the elliptical trainer. Our weight lifter and martial artist weighs in at 280 lbs and the weight limit for the Nordic Track CX 1055 is 250 lbs.

The three remaining testers each used the CX 1055 elliptical trainer for 5 days. It immediately became apparent that the power incline is a very good feature. The owner stated that this feature was the primary reason for purchasing this unit. You can easily target several different muscle groups during a 30 minute workout. The units’ owner has had one warranty issue that remains unresolved concerning the console. Occasionally the electronics would shut down with no apparent reason.

The Nordic Track CX 1055 elliptical trainer has several good features that you will want to consider when purchasing an elliptical trainer. These include

  • Power on the fly incline changes that allow you to target more muscle groups.
  • Bright display console
  • Relatively quiet Magnetic resistance
  • A total of 19 fitness routines
  • IFite compatibility that provides additional fitness programs and information.
  • One-year warranty instead of the standard 90 day for parts and labor.
  • At $999.00 it is relatively low priced.
  • The MyDesign allows you to design your own workout program.

Elliptical trainer purchasers will also want to consider some of what we consider as negative features of the Nordic Track CX 1055 elliptical trainer. These include.

  • Poor quality of components
  • Less than average reliability
  • 250 lbs weight limitation eliminates many overweight people from using this elliptical trainer.
  • The elliptical trainer becomes quite load during intensive workouts’
  • Flimsy plastic parts that shake during workouts.
  • Cardio grip was fickle working for one tester but not another.
  • The 18-inch Stride may be to short for some users when the power incline is in use.

We feel that the Nordic Track CX 1055 is probably a good buy for casual in home use. You certainly get a lot of great features at a good price. However considering that it is an Icon company product the reliability of this elliptical trainer is in question. The Nordic Track CX 1055 elliptical trainer does have a one-year warranty for parts and labor. Never the less we always suggest that you purchase an extended warranty when purchasing any piece of fitness equipment.

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10 Advisory Tips To Gain Solid Muscle Mass

1. Take more proteins:

Most bodybuilding experts recommend taking a minimum amount of 2 gram (0.06 oz) protein on 1 kilo (2, 2 pounds) of your body weight. To make body grow faster its better to use 3 to 4 gram for each kilo of your body. Increased protein intake will strengthen protein synthesis and will protect muscle lysis. The final result will be anabolic reaction (qualitative muscle mass gain) instead of catabolic (muscle mass reduce)

Food: lean meat, boiled chicken chest, egg’s proteins, lean curd or curd cheese. Also drink lots of protein having cocktails.

2. Increase carbohydrate intake:

Taking 6 gram of carbohydrate for each kilo of your body you will supply enough amounts of calories which is energy. That’s how you will avoid proteins being scattered for energy use and instead that you’ll be sure that all carbohydrates will be used for muscles recovery and mass grow.

Food: pasta, rice, buckwheat, cornflakes, oat flakes. Also drink full of carbohydrates having cocktails.

3. Take necessary fats:

Not every kinds of fat are the same. Omega-3 fat acids could be found in salmon. It will improve glycogen formation and improves protein synthesis. Eat salmon three times a week or take 5-7 gr. of fish oil daily.

Eat more nuts. Nut fats are good fats. This way you will provide your body with essential fats and higher volume of calories which are needed for body grow.

4. Make longer breaks between series:

Break between series helps muscles to recover. You’ll be able to train with heavier weights if take longer brakes between series. It’s simple: heavier weights (plus good technique) = more muscle weight. It is recommended to rest no less than two minutes but no more than three minutes within series

5. Eat six times a day:

Such frequent eating might be troubled but eating only four times a day helps only genetically awarded monsters. Plan your meal each 2-3 hours. Such eating type will help to absorbed food better and gain weight faster.

Eat qualitative food 3-5 times a day (boiled chicken chest, egg’s proteins, pasta, rice, buckwheat, cornflakes, oat flakes). In between, use compounds which are high in proteins and carbohydrates. Accordingly those 6 meals per day could be formed. If eating 4 times than 2 cocktails needed, if 5 times than 1 cocktail.

6. Do not ignore sugar:

Quick assimilated carbohydrates, such as sugar, can be very beneficial. Take simply absorbed carbohydrates immediately after exercising to avoid cortisol production (muscle destruction hormone) and increase insulin production. Take 80-130 gr. of carbohydrates immediately after training. At least half of them should be quick assimilated carbohydrates.

7. Increase anabolic body reactions:

Every human body secrets anabolic hormones ( growth men hormone – testosterone) In order to secret these hormones more drink natural hormone secretion stimulating drinks.

8. Try few repeats and heavy weights combination:

Basic exercises (squats, barbell push from chest while lying, dead lifts) try to do little repeats (2-4) with maximum weight. These hard complex exercises are essential for maximum muscle growth.

9. Drink insulin emission stimulating drinks:

400 mg of alpha lipoic acids will improve carbohydrate access to muscles even without insulin emission, 200 mcg of chrome will increase muscle sensitivity for insulin and 6 grams of BCAA will improve insulin emission. This cocktail can be used with simple absorbed carbohydrates (read 6th point)

10. Limit training time:

Volume of exercising could be characterized as number of series which is done for one separate muscle. When doing a lot of series for the same muscle you are stimulating catabolic (muscle destructing) hormone emission what is negatively influential for muscle recovery and growth. Ideal volume of exercising for muscle growth is 6-8 repeats which are dueled from two exercises for little muscle groups and 10-12 repeats compounded from three exercises for big muscle groups.

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Allowing Students to Choose Physical Education Activities: The New And Advantageous Way To Teach

Imagine, it’s 11 AM and you are in high school. You just finished your second class of the day and you are heading towards the gymnasium. During this three minute walk towards the gymnasium you stop and talk to your friends, say hi to an old teacher, and try and come up with a good excuse to get out of playing softball today. You hate softball and are even more upset because you are forced to play this game by your teacher. You arrive to class with a poor excuse and are forced to change for class. You go into the locker room, change for class, and walk into the gym dismayed at the fact that yet another day in physical education is spent doing something you don’t enjoy.

This is a thought running through many average teenager’s minds on an every day basis. Many students do not like what they are learning in physical education and refuse to participate in something they have no interest in. Many teachers are content with allowing students to sit out or just stand around during class and let it affect their grade. Is this doing any good? Is the job of a teacher really getting done? Absolutely not, the job of a teacher, specifically a Physical education teacher, is to teach students different healthy and active things they can do as a part of their lifetime fitness. Of course they are their to get their “required fitness time” in, but are they really doing anything about their fitness as they sit and watch half the class play a game they do not like? Are teachers helping fight the growing obesity rates by allowing students to not participate and let their grade suffer?

The solution to fighting the plague of students sitting out of physical education is adopting the style of Elective Physical Education. Elective Physical Education is exactly what it sounds like it is, Elective. The students get to choose which activity they want to participate in for that specific unit. The teachers get together and lay out a certain amount of different activities that the students can choose from to participate in during that time period. Then on the first day of each unit, the activities are all explained and the students choose which activity they will participate in. Now instead of students feeling forced into participating in something they do not enjoy, they have a choice of what they want to do, and what they will actively participate in.

There is a concern about how to make sure a broad variety of activities are covered by each student and to make sure they get proper exposure to different skills, athletic events, and fitness techniques. Each unit should have a specific theme such as team sports, individual sports, lifetime fitness, cardiovascular fitness, leisure activities and much more. By laying out multiple choices within each unit allows for teachers to maximize time on task. Students will be more involved in the lesson, and teachers will spend less time trying to get everyone involved.

A major emphasis should be put on allowing the student to find something he or she likes and getting them involved. This is especially important when talking about lifetime fitness activities because this is where our teaching is going to affect the student the most. If every student can attend a class that they enjoy participating in and gain a new found love for a lifetime fitness activity, then as Physical Education teachers we have done our job in helping to keep our population healthy and active.

Social figure heads, such as First Lady Michelle Obama, have taken it into their own hands to help fight obesity in the United States. The first lady conducted a fitness day in which hundreds of students joined her in participating in a physical activity to help fight obesity. It is in using Elective Physical education that this can really make an impact on fighting obesity. We want every student to learn about how to stay healthy and how activity can help burn calories and keep them in a healthy physical shape. For one specific unit each activity can focus on checking one’s heart rate, calculating calories burned per class, and measuring other health factors that are important to our physical fitness. Many students think that the only way to burn calories is to walk or run around the block. They need to be shown that while playing tennis they burn so many calories, or while they participate in expressive dance their heart rate reaches eighty percent of their maximum heart rate. Showing students that while participating in a variety of activities can be beneficial to their health is very important. Allowing the students to choose the activity is even more important because they will then have an interest in this subject area and will hopefully continue to participate int his activity outside of the gymnasium at their high school.

Now imagine its 3 PM, you are getting into your moms car on the way home from school and she asks you how your day was. You tell her about the A you got back on your math test, and the project you have due in history, then you tell her about how much fun you had in physical education. You tell her it is because you got to choose the activity you are going to do for the whole week and in doing that you learned how beneficial this activity is to your health. You tell her how you can’t wait to walk to class tomorrow at 11 AM and go right back to were you left off today.

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