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Cure Acne Fast And Forever

If you have arrived at this page and have an acne condition, then this information I have specifically written for you. Not so long ago when I was a teenager, this condition affected me (although acne still very commonly affects adults even up into their 30’s). I am totally aware of not only the physical and visible side effects, but also, and more importantly, the mental and emotional problems that it can cause, including a damaged self esteem.

But, possibly just like you, I did nothing about it, stuck my head in the sand and just hoped that it would go away soon. News flash. You are most likely stuck with this problem for at least another few years. Maybe even 10 more years. Unless you do something about it!

Don’t waste these valuable and happy years of your life putting up with acne! Don’t be like me for years and tell yourself “it will go away in the next 2 weeks, maybe a month”. It won’t. All you need to do is step slightly out of your comfort zone and consider your options. You need to take action, or Mother Nature will. Trust me, why wait to fix this problem, when you may as well do it now, before you waste anymore time!

Now, if your acne condition is only slight, simple do-it-yourself remedies from home may improve the problem. In fact I’ll share some with you that worked for me. The two things that I commonly did before I took the slightly more drastic measure to permanently get rid of my acne was using toothpaste and a product called “Ungvita”. Applying toothpaste the affected area just before you go to bed (without rinsing it off) actually does help in the initial stage of the pimple’s healing process while it is still infected. In some cases, it actually halved the time that the pimple was infected (down from about 4-6 days to as low as 2 days), but still those results were wishy-washy.

Ungvita, found in your local chemist or drug store is a great product used specifically for all types of skin damage. Now at first, during the initial stage while the pimple is infected, it will be useless since your body is still fighting the infection and not yet in the healing process (this is where the toothpaste comes in). Once the pimple has settled somewhat (no signs of puss or any other disgusting fluids), start applying a thin layer of Ungvita to the affected area. First of all, it will reduce the redness and the sharp visual eye-sore. Second, the acne will start to heal very rapidly, sometimes twice as fast as usual, sometimes maybe only 25% faster.

Between these two methods, I reduced my acne healing time from about 3 weeks down to about 8-10 days, sometimes even faster, depending on the type of pimple.

But please note!!!! These methods do not stop the problem; they only speed up the healing process!!!!!!

Everything that I write here is all 100% from my personal experience. If you have been suffering with acne for months, or even years, these do-it-yourself from home remedies over all do not STOP the problem. You need the determination or maybe even the courage to pull your head out of the sand and DO something about it. Remember, the physical, mental, emotional, social and self esteem problems are not worth it and you do not have to deal with it if you don’t want to. Unfortunately, that means in some cases spending lots of money on products, creams, drugs, etc. That’s what I did. I spent lots of money on expensive creams and medication. And you know what, it worked!! Never again has acne tried to ruin my life. But… you may not need to do this. Especially if your acne condition is not overly severe.

The BEST way to tackle the problem with acne is to try new and slightly more intense methods each time if the previous one fails, of course, spending the least amount of money possible. So don’t jump straight into an expensive doctor’s prescription drug program. Chances are, you do not have acne that bad, plus they almost always have very negative side effects on your overall health. For example, Roacatin, usually a prescription drug which is very harsh and will most likely even do some damage to your body’s organs.

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Getting Rid of Cystic Acne – Three Types of Treatments

Why is it some people are so prone to cystic acne, while others are not? It seems to be random, but it is not. Often this type of acne is hereditary, passed down from generation to generation. Often it is related to hormone changes, particularly with young male teenagers, and women in their childbearing years.

These people are the most unlucky when it comes to acne, because they have the worst form of acne. Actually, acne cysts is far more complex than simple acne. It is really an abscess that has formed deep under the skin and is unable to discharge at the surface. It is deep, and painful, and often takes months to clear up, often prompting medical attention. It is that hard to get rid of.

Despite that, getting rid of acne cysts can be accomplished with a few good preventative measures. So if you know you are prone to this type of acne, adapt a holistic approach to keeping care of your skin. Practice a regular skin cleaning routine, eat a healthy diet full of fruit and vegetables, get lots of sleep and exercise and try to avoid stress. It is not much point of treating the blemishes externally without taking care of the body as a whole.

Preventative measures may not be a guarantee that you won’t get the occasional cysts, so here are some ideas for some relief:

  • Look in your kitchen pantry. You will be surprised what your food can do for you. There are some simple, but effective remedies that can work wonders. Try mixing honey and cinnamon together and using it as a face mask. Another mask to use is crushed oatmeal mixed with water. Still another, but smelly solution is garlic paste or oil. Aloe Vera gel is not only good for burns, but is excellent for acne cysts.
  • Look in your medicine cabinet. Use toothpaste(not gel), crushed aspirin made into a paste, anti-fungal cream, or hemorrhoid cream. You might raise your eyebrows at these remedies, but they do work to reduce inflammation. These remedies all contain ingredients that are anti- inflammatory, antibacterial, or vascular restriction. They all work well to reduce the pain, swelling and redness of cysts.
  • Over-the-counter topical acne medication will help to some degree. There are an endless assortment of topical creams, ointments, lotions and wipes in a variety of strengths and sizes. Look for one that is designed for acne that is cystic in nature. Priced moderately, these remedies can be an effective way to get rid of cysts.

However, sometimes all the efforts in the world do not control cysts. Sometimes we just have to give in and get extra help. If the condition is persistent and extreme, then by all means seek medical advice. Doctors, especially dermatologist have a whole arsenal of treatments available. It might be the little extra needed in getting rid of cystic acne.

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Can Glycerin Heal Acne?

Glycerin is a versatile ingredient used in the food as well as cosmetic industry. Most of us have come across soaps, beauty products and acne products containing glycerin. What makes glycerin a versatile product? What are its skin healthy properties? Can it heal acne and other skin diseases? Let’s find out!

Delving into the chemistry of glycerin, we find that it is a humectant, i.e. a substance that allows water retention. Being hygroscopic, it can absorb moisture from the air. So, what do we infer? Glycerin can be an excellent moisturizer for your skin! No wonder, it is used as a softening agent in soaps, lotions, body scrubs, creams, etc. Also known as glycerol, glycerin is a non-toxic, colorless and odorless compound, which is unlikely to cause allergies or irritation. A note of caution here is that you must not apply concentrated glycerin on your skin as it can draw water from your skin and cause blisters. In its diluted form, glycerin is safe and is used even in skin products meant for infants or children.

Dry skin can cause itching and flaking, allowing buildup of dead skin cells, thereby clogging your skin pores and aggravating your acne problem. Glycerin’s moisturizing property allows the pores to breathe, locking in natural moisture and preventing clogging. Hence, it addresses one of the major causes of acne, i.e. clogged pores. It works from the outside by filling tiny cracks and voids on the skin surface to render a healthier and smoother look. Among other properties, glycerin can fight fungal infections, bacterial infections and skin disorders like eczema and psoriasis. Glycerin is inexpensive as well.

In what form is glycerin most effective? You can apply glycerin directly on your skin or add it to a moisturizer or make your own face pack with it. Here’s a simple formula: mix glycerin with fuller’s earth to form a smooth paste and apply it on your face. After it dries, simply wash it off with cool water. Alternatively, you can make a face peel by mixing the white of one egg with one teaspoon of honey and one teaspoon of glycerin. Make sure that you whisk the ingredients – first whisk the egg white separately, then add honey and glycerin. Honey is not only healthy for the skin but also sticky enough to maintain the face mask and peel off the dead skin layer. Apply the mixture on your face and allow it to dry until you sense the tightening effect. Peel the mask off and rinse with cool water. Another option is to mix equal quantities of vegetable glycerin, coconut oil and sweet almond oil and use the mixture to massage your skin. Adding a few drops of essential oil can impart a pleasant fragrance to the massage mixture.

Using glycerin containing products is the easiest way to include glycerin in your daily skin and hair care regimen. However, for specific conditions like acne, adequate use of glycerin can set off a natural remedy and provide a protective barrier for the outermost layer of your skin.

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What Does Botanical Skincare Really Mean?

Have you noticed how many botanical skincare products there are on the market today? The number is staggering, actually. Everything from hand soap to shampoo seems to have some link to various plants that are grown on the good earth.

Have you ever asked yourself why these ingredients are so popular? What is it about these ingredients that make marketing companies fall over themselves as they try to outsell each other by touting the “natural” ingredients of their products?

Botanical refers to plants. When you see this word on a skincare product, you automatically assume that the ingredients contained in that product come from plants. Consumers should be cautious and read all labels before purchasing any of these products since many of them actually contain only a very small percentage of these natural plant ingredients.

Some companies will use German chamomile in their formulas since it is beneficial for aging skin. Unfortunately, many companies will add a small percentage of that ingredient and because of this, the formula will not have any significant cosmetic value. Still yet, other companies will load up their formulas with synthetic colors, chemicals, and fragrances. Products which contain synthetic preservatives and fragrances that contain small percentages of botanical ingredients will not only cause negative skin reactions in some people, but also have little or no therapeutic cosmetic value. In addition, a good percentage of their products will contain water while the herbal ingredients will only comprise about 1 to 3% of the total formula.

Another reason skin care manufacturers will use the word botanical on their product label is because it implies that the product is safer to use than chemically-based formulas. Since these formulas are made from natural plant ingredients, most consumers believe that they are not only beneficial for their skin, but will also not cause any allergic reactions. In addition, it will give the manufacturer a reason to charge more for the particular skin care product.

There are, of course, pure skin care products that truly are composed of plant and other natural ingredients. Unfortunately, only a few select companies manufacture these type of products.

As a consumer, we need to engage in a good amount of research in order to find these beneficial products. When shopping for an effective natural product, choose those that contain essential oils and coconut oil rather than water since the former can better help moisturize the skin. You will be able to locate those products online or find them at a quality health food store.

Most conventional skin care products found on the market today have to be able to withstand a long shelf life. In some cases, the products must be able to remain fresh for up to a year or longer. In order to accomplish this task, certain preservatives must be used. Methyl and Propyl Paraben are two of the most popular preservatives used in cosmetics today, and they have been found to cause skin rashes and allergic reactions in some people.

Most people understand that since organic and chemical-free plant based skin care products will spoil over time, it is necessary to add preservatives to them in order to help prevent rancidity and stop the growth of bacteria. These products use natural preservatives derived from grapefruit seed extract, potassium sorbate and Vitamin E.

For the most part, these natural formulas have a shelf life of at least a year. They are mainly sold in smaller batches to stores that cater to people who want natural and chemical-free skin care products. These specialty shops maintain smaller inventories than the large chain stores and because of this, they are able to bring in the freshest products available.

Some beneficial plant ingredients used in natural skin care formulas are aloe vera, rosa mosqueta, sea buckthorn, allantoin, calendula and green tea extract. When using any quality plant based skin care formula to treat your skin condition, it is important to know which plant extracts are best suited for your particular case. For instance, aloe vera would be a good choice for treating sunburn, but it may not be useful in treating acne.

Secondly, it is important to test a plant based skin care formula on a small patch of skin in order to determine if it will cause a rash or allergic reaction. Lavender is an essential oil derived from the lavender plant and has been used to treat acne. However, some people are allergic to lavender and therefore should avoid any skin formulas which contain that medicinal plant.

Lemon balm is an herbal plant that is beneficial for those who have oily skin. You will find this plant added to toners since it has astringent properties (it tightens pores).

Red clover is a popular herb that has been shown to bolster the immune system and has been prescribed by naturopathic physicians to treat cancer. This herb has also been used in skin formulas to treat dry skin.

Botanical skin care products can be used to treat a variety of different skin conditions and be utilized by those who want to maintain their healthy skin complexion. These products have been shown to be nontoxic and contain vitamins, minerals, and enzymes which help nourish the skin. They are multipurpose since the herbal plants they contain are beneficial for all skin types.

Some herbal plants such as rosa mosqueta and sea buckthorn contain volatile oils which are especially beneficial in treating wrinkles and aging skin. Even though these products are beneficial for the skin, it is best to consult with your dermatologist before you begin a plant-based regime to make sure that you will not encounter any adverse effects or allergic reactions.

A daily healthy lifestyle with the addition of a nutritious diet and exercise, not smoking, moderate alcohol consumption and the regular application of plant-based skin care products can help improve and rejuvenate your complexion.

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The Pros and Cons of Obagi NuDerm Skin Care Products

Do you want to know the pros and cons of Obagi Nu Derm Products? Are you on the fence trying to decide if you should use these skin care products? Have you seen the dramatic results achieved by your friends and acquaintances but you’re unable to decide if you should take the plunge? Well, then this article is for you.

I will discuss the major advantage and disadvantage of using Obagi products.

The major advantage is that it works. Period. These Obaji Nuderm products are effective. Scores of women ranging in age from 30 to 65 years swear by this skin care regimen. They say that it has made them look 5 – 10 yrs. younger, that it has done away with their sun & age spots.

And they’re not wrong. Obagi has done its magic on lots of women; But these women have worked hard for it. What you don’t know is that the process of using Obagi involves a peeling phase, commonly referred to as the ‘Uglies phase’.

An Obagi cycle takes 6 weeks and it is typically done 3 times, for a total of 18 weeks. In the first 2 – 6 weeks, your old, problem skin will peel and fall off. This peeling off is an essential part of the Obagi process; it needs to fall off so that the younger looking, smoother skin can be revealed. At that time, your skin might also become increasingly red.

If you can endure the ‘Uglies phase’ and you have some severe skin issues to tackle, then by all means, use the Obagi NuDerm products. That is the major disadvantage about Obaji. It is also not so cheap, but then basically all high-quality skin care products don’t come cheap.

So if you can’t make up your mind if you should use Obagi or not, here is the advantage & disadvantage in a nutshell: The first 2 – 6 weeks of using Obagi NuDerm products involve some redness and peeling skin. If younger looking, smoother skin (which equals a more beautiful you) outweighs the passing discomfort, then you have nothing to lose (and everything to gain) by using Obagi Nu Derm skin care products.

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5 Skin Care Tips for Beach Day Out in Summers

Beach season is surely a wonderful time for everyone to try short, handy dresses look the way they want. People can plan weekends, holidays with their loved ones and friends but nothing can beat the ‘party on sand’ moment. Yes, taking a trip to beach will be perfect idea for summers. But ensure you have all the safety measures for your beautiful skin as beaches are sun reflection prone areas. Don’t forget to consider best beach care skin routine for your sensitive and smooth skin.

1. Never Compromise With Sunscreens

Taking sun protection measures start with a perfect sunscreen when you are heading out to the beach. Regularly and generously apply this depending upon your SPF match. Cover hairline, eyelids, feet and toes properly and frequently. Waterproof sunscreen would be great because you can taste the sea whenever you want.

2. Take Care Of Your Lips

Harmful UVA and UVB rays can damage your soft lips more than any other part of your skin. So keep your lips well protected with sun block lip balm is one of the most recommended things.

3. Keep Your Skin Moist All The Time

If you are planning whole day out on the beach don’t forget to take your be ready always kit with you. Skin moisturizer is a must ingredient of your kit when it comes to retain your skin moisture at sand. Get a quality, ingredients rich body moisturizer which protects and moist your skin for maximum time.

4. Drink Plenty Of Water And Other Liquids

YES! No skin care product can replace the harm done by sun than the water does. Water hydrates your body, keeps the body temperature under control and gives natural moisture to your skin for maximum time. You can also drink juices and other liquids depending upon your taste and toast.

5. Don’t Forget To Carry Hats And Sunglasses

Parking yourself under an umbrella will protect you from direct sun light. Hat and sunglasses add extra effect to your swim or beach wear. You can enjoy serenity of beach and thrilling sound of water without caring about anything else.

Whenever you come back from the sand don’t forget to wash off all the dirt and apply after sun beauty products. Further you can try anti tanning products to remove tanning caused by hot sun rays. Enjoy beaches for sure but don’t let your skin pay the price.

Have a happy outing this summers!

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Beauty Therapy Vs Cosmetology

People often get these two terms confused. They both take place in a beauty school, they both require some form of certification, and they both involve cosmetic work that can help clients look and feel more beautiful than ever before. Most individuals think that these two are the same thing, but there are huge differences that individuals should be aware of before deciding on their career path.


Cosmetology is what most people think of when they think of beauty school in the first place. They envision cutting and styling to perfection in a salon. Facials, expert manicures and pedicures and flawless make up looks are a few other things that cosmetology is known for. One of the key ways to help differentiate between the two is remembering that cosmetology often involves things that are more along the lines of cutting, styling and quick surface things that can easily be reversed, such as facials or manicures.

Beauty Therapy

Beauty therapy is similar to cosmetology in the fact that a person goes to school to learn beauty treatments. The coursework is often different, however. Schools that specialize in beauty therapy treatments often offer more advanced coursework, like laser hair removal training and other beauty therapy. In addition to this, they often offer some of the more popular courses that are offered at schools that specialize in cosmetology, such as certified nail technician courses.

Which one to choose

When students are faced with deciding which school to attend, they are often faced with choosing between cosmetology and beauty therapy schools. While beauty therapy schools offer some of the same things that cosmetology schools offer, most cosmetology schools do not offer courses in laser hair removal training.

Students are encouraged to sit back and consider their education goals. If a student would like to learn more advanced beauty therapy treatments, a beauty school that specializes in courses such as laser hair removal training will be the best option. Students that have a dream of working in a salon and giving their clients a haircut that they will fall in love with or the perfect pedicure will find that a beauty school that specializes in more cosmetology practices instead of advanced beauty therapy treatments, like laser hair removal training, will be more up their alley.

Shop around

An education is what determines a person’s future, making it one of the most important decisions in a young adult’s life. Because of this, students are encouraged to take their time shopping around, just like when they want to find the perfect outfit.

Many beauty school have websites that list their tuition, the various courses that are offered, and what the schedule will look like. If a student is interested, they can usually take a tour of the facility, and visit the labs that they will be working in. Sometimes, a school will even allow an interested person to sit in on a laser hair removal training class so that they can determine if this is the path that they would like to take.

When deciding on a career path, knowing the difference between cosmetology and beauty therapy is vital in making the decision on which to school to attend, and which career path they would like to take. Confusing these two terms is extremely common, but it can also mean the difference between attending a school that focuses on stylist work and attending a school that focuses on more advanced beauty treatments, such as laser hair removal training.

Future students are advised to keep these two terms, and their differences in mind as they visit different school and begin to develop their own education goals.

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Purpose of Make-Up

Hello everyone, I’m back to submit more information on make-up. Have been busy recently therefore not submitting any information lately but I’ll try my very best to post more information on make-up and skincare on my article.

Alright today I shall share with you the Purposes of make-up & Cosmetics used in make-up.

The purpose of applying make-up is to enhance the beauty of the face by bringing out good features and hiding poor ones. Make-up application is an art. It requires practice and a fundamental knowledge of ;

· The structure of the face

· The action of colours and their relationships to one another

· The principles of optical illusions


1. Foundation – Used as a base for the make-up and as a concealer and highlighter. It is available in cream, liquid, semi-solid, cake and stick form.

2. Face Powder – Used to help the make-up to set. It also gives the face a dull, matte finish. This cosmetic is available in the form of a very fine powder or compressed cake. The powdered form is ideal for professional make-up. The compressed powder is usually available in compacts.

3. Eye shadow – Used to add colour to the eye. It is available in cream, liquid powder, and crayon form.

4. Eyebrow colour – Used to draw in fine lines in the eyebrow area. Eyebrow colour is available in pencil and compressed powder form. Compressed powder is applied with a small brush.

5. Mascara – Used to add colour to the eyelashes. It is available in cake, cream and liquid form. The cake and cream types are applied with a brush. Liquid mascara comes in a tube.

6. Rouge or blusher – Used to give the cheeks a soft, warm glow. Rouges come in cream, dry, liquid and brush-on form.

7. Lipstick & Lip gloss – Used on lips. Lip colour is available in stick and cream form. Lip-liner pencils are used to outline the lips.

Hope my article is easy for you to understand and its clearly explained. If you encounter any problems or have questions to ask me on make-up or skincare please post it into comments & I’ll try to answer all your quires! =)

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Wholesale High End Cosmetics Tips – Advice For Starting Your Own Make Up Business

As a beauty journalist, I am often asked for tips from people who are looking to buy wholesale high end cosmetics, usually with the hope of making some extra cash on ebay.

It may sound obvious, but planning is key. Do your research well and decide what wholesale cosmetics items you are going to buy and sell. Then before you buy any stock, set yourself a budget and stick to it. You should also ask yourself how much time you are prepared to spend working on your business, what sort of profit you are aiming for in return, and how much of any profits you need to reinvest in order to grow your business. Be realistic. All successful enterprises take hard work and do not just happen overnight.

Assuming that you have decided to go ahead and start your own make up business, here is my advice for finding trustworthy wholesale make up suppliers.

Why Are Reputable Wholesale Cosmetics Suppliers So Hard To Find?

Most high end cosmetics brands only sell through appointed distributors. In order to protect the brand’s reputation in the market place, most official distributors are not permitted to sell to small businesses like yours. The way round this is to find honest suppliers of surplus, authentic, high end cosmetics stock. The good suppliers do not usually advertise. They do not need to as there is such a demand for their products and they already have a loyal customer base.

What Are The Warning Signs I Need To Watch Out For?

If a seller is offering large quantities of a very hard to find brand or product, at very cheap prices, then you should be wary and proceed with caution. The goods are likely to be fake, damaged, or out of date etc. Also, you should only ever use secure payment methods, rather than untraceable payment methods such as cash transfers. Try to check out company names and contact details wherever possible. Remember the old cliche, if something seems to good to be true then it probably is. Also, only start out with small orders to minimise non-delivery risk and to give yourself a check the quality of the goods before you place a larger order.

What Are The Signs Of A Good Seller?

Reputable companies should be contactable and happy to provide you with further details and images of the products offered. They should make you aware of all important facts such as whether the items are boxed, be able to confirm whether the packaging is in perfect condition or if it is damaged in any way, or if the products are out of date. It is also more realistic to expect that a genuine seller would only have small quantities of a certain item, instead of unlimited supplies of an entire product range.

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The Meaning Of True Beauty

Unlike the traditional concepts, beauty is not just defined by humans. What comes to your mind when you see a Bugatti parked in your street (though let’s face it, that doesn’t really happen. Ever!!)? “Wow, what a beauty!”.

For this article, we have decided to focus on the physical aspect of beauty and ignore the rest for now. Beauty in our case is the quality of being pleasant especially to look at. Beauty in not limited to a specific gender. However more often than not it is used when it comes to women. A common misconception is that woman use makeup to look beautiful. That is not true. Natural Makeup can enhance your features so it just brings to notice your plus points and minimizes your negatives. That does not mean that it makes a woman beautiful. Beauty is not defined by physical attractiveness alone. Makeup is very common now and is an important part of our everyday regime. In fact for some people make up might me as important as oxygen. But for everyone out there who loves makeup, a small warning – do not over do it. The best way to go about using makeup is to try to make it look simple and elegant. The natural makeup look is the perfect one to try out this season.

For men, words like handsome and striking are a more common occurrence. However that does not deter us from the fact that both men and women may possess beauty. And yes this again is not limited to physical attributes. Some may perceive a person to be a beauty based on a random act of kindness done by said person. Some may even consider you to be a beauty based on the way you talk or cook or act and the list goes on. What we’re trying to say is that beauty is not just what you look like, it’s what you are and what you do with what you are.

Kindness, Selflessness and other such acts are bound to get you the title of a beauty in the eyes in the same way that having a nice face and figure will. It just matters on the people who are looking AT YOU. Some people place a lot of importance on the physical aspect of beauty whereas other place more significance on the spiritual one. In the end it is just about the type of people who are around you and the qualities that you yourself possess! It isn’t wrong if people place more importance on physical beauty because that is what we see about a person at first glance.

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