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12 Free Beauty Tips- Make-Up And Cosmetics

Use these 12 free beauty tips to ensure you get the maximum benefit from your choice of make-up and cosmetics:

Free Beauty Tip #1:

When shopping for lip color and eye shadow, put a clean sheet of white paper in your bag. New lip colors can be tested on the paper along with a strip of eye shadow. You can then examine the colors in daylight outside, away from the artificial lighting in the store.

Free Beauty Tip #2:

Fragrance: Use two light formulas together to lock a scent in rather than a heavy application of one fragrance which can overwhelm those close to you. Using a scented body cream and then lightly spraying with an eau de toilette or parfum of the same scent will still result in a long-lasting effect.

Free Beauty Tip #3:

Just use regular cold cream to remove oil-based makeup.

Free Beauty Tip #4:

Make your nails seem more slender by applying a dark nail varnish down the center part of the nail being careful not to take it right to the edge of the sides of nail.

Free Beauty Tip #5:

When testing the color of a foundation and you are already wearing a foundation, use the areas on your neck or inner arm. The skin tone in these areas matches the face more closely than the hands and a better judgment can be made.

Free Beauty Tip #6:

To find the best spot to apply blush, smile widely, take note of where the cheek rises to a round shape. This lifted part of the cheek is the best place for blush to look natural as a flush will often color this area of the cheek.

Free Beauty Tip #7:

For concealer to last many hours, be sure to apply it in small amounts at a time in two or three layers. This technique guarantees long wear.

Free Beauty Tip #8:

With oily skin, avoid toners that contain alcohol as these can dry out the skin and block impurities beneath the surface. To avoid over drying the skin use toners containing AHA’s. They help to smooth the skin’s texture.

Free Beauty Tip #9:

Every so often gather all the make-up you have from various places and do an analysis. Be ruthless and throw out anything over two years old, that has a musty odor, that is messy or runny, where liquids have separated, or anything that is dirty or falling apart such as sponges and brushes. By optimizing in this way you can purchase new supplies where needed and keep your make-up kit in top condition.

Free Beauty Tip #10.

If you have oily skin, use very little moisturizer or, if possible, none at all. Too much moisturizer on oily skin can cause makeup to slide away.

Free Beauty Tip #11:

If lip lines are a problem, apply lipstick vertically instead of horizontally.

Free Beauty Tip #12:

When removing makeup, take a Q-tip which has been dipped in a non-oily remover and run it over the eyelashes to take off any remaining mascara.

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The Mechanism of Acne – How Spots Are Formed on Our Skin

Most people do not know the process of which acne forms. This article is written to show you the step-by-step process that results in acne. After you read this article, you will know more about how acne forms on your skin than most of the other acne sufferers.

1. The Pores Get Clogged By Dead Skin Cells

As we already are aware of, our skin is continuously renewing itself by removing dead cells off its top surface. Sometimes, hormones stimulate the sebum glands and dead skin cells begin to accumulate inside the pore. Dead skin cells start to gather more rapidly and then filling the pore when the body produces more sebum.

2. Dead Skin Cells Mix with Sebum to Create a Sticky Mixture

Our body can produce much more facial oil than usually due to hormonal imbalance caused by stress, diet and inner changes as well as other internal factors. The dead skin cells mix up with the sebum and form a very sticky and oily substance that eventually plugs the pore and locking its contents inside.

3. Bacteria Multiply!

Very soon, the acne causing bacteria begin to thrive on this amount of food. These bacteria then discharge the wastes which makes the inflammation worse.

4. More Inflammation

The bacteria which cause acne contribute to the inflammatory nature of acne by inducing skin cells to secrete proinflammatory cytokines.These chemicals cause inflammation because they attract special cell killers, better known as neutrophils.

5. White Substance or Pus Builds Up

Neutrophils are the major defense against bacterial infection as they “consume” other cells and foreign substances that irritate the immune system. The acne-causing bacteria release lipases and other enzymes which contribute to inflammation.

6. You Get Blackheads or Whiteheads

If the surface of the pore is too small and air cannot reach the infected sebum inside the pore, whitehead forms. If the pore is wide open, and air is able to reach the sticky mixture, you get blackhead when the mixture get oxidized.

7. Acne is Now Visible

If your body’s immune response is weak, then the inflammation turns the acne lesion into a whitehead, nodule or even a cyst. It’s important to get your immune system working at optimum level for this reason.

8. We Panic

As soon as we see the red swollen bump, we get terrified and stressed. We try to find all the best cures for acne, but since most products on sale in the market are made from irritating chemical substances, it’s highly unlike for acne to clear up.

9. Eventually, Acne Does Clear Up

When your body’s hormonal system readjust itself, acne starts to clear up since no further infections occur.

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Skin Care – Five Great Natural Skin Care Tips You Can Do at Home

Don’t let skin trouble get in the way of looking your best. Skin care is something easy that you can do at home. Here are some great natural care tips that will keep it healthy and looking great.


Try a little exfoliation everyday. How do you exfoliate? Take a soft brush and brush your skin everyday before you take a shower. Exfoliation gets rid of the dry skin that chokes your pores and keeps them from getting the oxygen they need. This dead stuff accumulates everyday if you don’t brush.

Not only does it help with your health, it also has a calming effect. It detoxifies, and helps with circulate, making sure that you’re getting all the oxygen you need. For best results, use a dry brush, and exfoliate every morning just before your shower.

Wear A Carrot Mask

Grate a carrot and mix it with honey. Put this homemade solution all over your face and let it sit for 15 minutes. Make sure you don’t surprise anybody with your new look!

Carrots contain beta carotene and vitamin A, which both act as anti-aging agents. They prevent. Carrot extract is used in lots of all-natural products. Instead of buying them, why not mix your own at home?

Try A Humidifier

A humidifier is a great way to keep yourself moisturized without any cream or moistures. Humidifiers help to regulate the moisture in the air, and this can help a great deal, especially in the winter months when there is cool, dry air. Even if you don’t live in a dry climate, this dry air could be causing you problems.

The Sun Is Not Your Friend

No matter what you do, never go out in the sun without sunscreen. Even if you have a dark complexion and you tan naturally, constant unprotected sunshine causes serious damage. You may not see it from day to day, but over the years, constant sunshine turns your skin hard and leathery. Never forget to put on sunscreen if you’re going to be out in the sun.

Choose A Healthy Lifestyle

Few people realize just how much your lifestyle shows on your face. Maintaining a healthy balance in your life will help to clear up some issues. We all know that too much chocolate or greasy foods cause pimples. In the same way, what you eat shows up on your face. Eat a healthy diet of green vegetables, whole grains and meats in moderation.

Smoking and drinking also show on your face. Both dry you out and keep your skin from getting the oxygen it needs to be fully healthy. If you’re a smoker, try quitting, and if you drink, try cutting back. You’ll see results quickly and you’ll thank yourself.

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Acne – Natural Cure From The Inside Out

A natural cure for Acne presents a radical departure from traditional medical treatment. Holistic ways to stop Acne is to supplement the body from the inside to stop breakouts.

Supplementing the body with herbs and essential vitamins is a more realistic answer to the problem of acne than the topical medications that are often prescribed for this condition. Acne is not an easily treatable condition. If it were, no one would have it.

In addition the problem with acne starts from the inside. The problem with acne is toxins in the body, not toxins on the skin. Using a product, supplement of natural cleaning of the body will help most individuals with those awful breakouts.

Cleaning, moisturizing and medicating the skin are still important to the overall cure for acne, but until the internal cells of the entire body are dealt with, acne will continue to plague individuals.

A normal skin care regimen includes complete cleaning, medicating and moisturizing the skin. The bacteria on the skin has to be cleansed from the skin on a daily basis. Cleaning the skin twice per day is important for acne and non acne sufferers. Everyone should avoid touching their face. Never pick pimples.

Obtaining a clear pimple free complexion starts with nutrition and efficient elimination of foods from the body. There are groups of herbs and supplements that provide antioxidants to the body. Since acne is believed to be a result of imbalance in the body.

Acne shows up about the same time that hormones start their chaotic reign at puberty. In addition, there are impurities that are not released from the body because teenagers refuse to drink enough water to flush the McDonalds and those milk products out of their bodies.

One Dermatologist suggested that his teenage patients stop drinking milk. The hypothesis was that iodine causes acne. Iodine is used in commercial breads and in the processing of milk.

If you use a lot of iodized salt, you might want to switch to sea salt that can be found in health food stores. Acne is caused from imbalances and impurities within the body, and that’s why it is important to treat the problem from the inside out rather than the outside in.

Other physical causes of acne are deficiencies in zinc, vitamin A, and some essential fatty acids such as linoleic acid. Poor digestion should also be addressed by a good diet and digestive supplements. Do not take antacids.

Protecting your system from free radicals will help the skin fight infections. Anti-oxidants fight inflammation that causes the redness and heals damaged skin naturally. It just makes sense that if the cause of acne is internal than internal cleansing and supplementation is the answer.

Nature has a cure everything. My mom told me that. I believe her.

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Acne Tips – 3 Tips to Get Rid of Your Acne Infection Forever

Are you worried about your acne infection? Are you still concerned about your facial skin? Is your flawed skin tone starting to bother you way too often? If the answer to even a single question is ‘yes’, it’s time you read this article with care.

Keep Your Face Oil Free

Blemishes are known to strike at will. Especially if you are a teenager, the chances are that you may be suffering from either blackheads or whiteheads. To be able to get rid of them, you would be required to cleanse your face with fresh water and mild soap. You simply need to remove the excess oil from your face.

Make Use Of A Face Pack

Pollution and stress play a major role in aggravating the acne infection. In order to remove the pollutants from the surface of your facial skin, you simply need to apply a face pack, preferably a fruit facial, on a weekly basis. Likewise, you can try and soothe your mind by listening to soft music.

Apply An Anti-Acne Cream

There are plenty of anti-blemish supplements available in the market today. In order to avoid the occurrence of whiteheads and blackheads, you need to try and apply an anti-blemish cream on a regular basis. These creams are readily available through an online store. Simply place an order and the cream of your choice would be delivered to your doorstep.

In order to look good and maintain a flawless skin tone, you need to try and make use of the above mentioned tips on a regular basis.

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History of Skin Care: The Royalty of Ancient Egypt, 3000 BC-1070 BC

Secrets of the Egyptian Queens

The Ancient Egyptians were known for their knowledge of beauty and their appreciation of luxury. Even today, the remains of their vast palaces, temples and monuments attract archeologists and tourists alike. The Egyptians are legendary for their precision and technique, using methods that today’s technology still cannot explain. Their quest for perfection was not limited to the great pyramids, however, but also to the perfection of the human appearance. In fact, the Egyptians’ knowledge of beauty is as legendary as the sphinx, and they were the first culture to develop and record their skin care methods and techniques.

Many Egyptian queens were renowned for mastering the finer points of skin care and beauty. Even today, Cleopatra is considered to have been one of the most beautiful women who ever lived. She was an avid student of beauty techniques and authored one of the first books of beauty secrets. Her secrets included bathing in milk and rubbing her skin with aloe vera. Queen Nefertiti and her two daughters were also renowned for their beauty and were buried with a number of cosmetic implements, such as tubes of the kohl they used to line their eyes. Queen Thutu was another pioneer of make up and skin care techniques. She used pumice stones to exfoliate her skin, and had a special bronze dish used to mix herbs and plant compounds into beauty ointments and eye shadows.

The Desert Effect

Skin care techniques were not only important for queens, however, but were an important part of Egyptian court life. The hot, dry desert air took its toll on the skin, and many cosmetics were developed to keep the body’s largest organ soft and supple. In fact, combating the climate was one of the main concerns of many Egyptian beauty regimens. Most noble men and women wore their hair short or shaved their heads to allow for better aeration and easier scalp care. They covered their bare heads with elaborate wigs made of human hair, plant fibers and sheep’s wool. Plant oils were used as moisturizers and were liberally applied to the whole body. While these were necessary to combat the effects of the dry air, they were also scented with fine perfumes which helped keep the wearer smelling fresh all day. In fact, the Egyptians were expert at mixing perfumes and many of the perfume pots found in tombs still contain traces of their original scents, thousands of years after they were buried.

While their sense of cleanliness and hygiene may have originated in response to the climate, the Egyptians soon developed elaborate skin care systems based on a deep knowledge of plants, oils and organic compounds. Noble men and women were expected to bathe daily, and many applied scented oils to their bath water. Exfoliating scrubs were made from sand and aloe vera. Numerous formulas for body oils were developed to help treat specific skin ailments. Some formulas, such as those made to fade stretch marks, were intended mainly for women. Others, such as those made to prevent balding and promote hair growth, were intended mainly for men.

The Egyptian nobility also developed a number of cosmetics intended for special occasions. Many perfumes and incenses were used in religious ceremonies, particularly during the last rights before burial. Other cosmetics were used for more festive occasions. Women and men would attend parties, their eyes lined with thick kohl and their heads adorned with their most elaborately decorated wigs. They would often attach cones of perfumed wax to the tops of their wigs. These cones would slowly melt, releasing the scent of jasmine and frankincense into the air.

The Beginning of the Book of How to Make the Old Young

The Egyptians valued youthful vibrancy and beauty and developed many concoctions intended to smooth away wrinkles and regrow lost hair. Some of these were even compiled into a book titled The Beginning of the Book of How to Make the Old Young. Fenugreek, a grass-like plant with a number of medicinal and ceremonial applications, was the main ingredient in many anti-aging lotions. Concentrated fenugreek oil was considered to be a potent skin care treatment that would erase wrinkles and other blemishes, leaving the skin eternally youthful. Even in death, good skin care and a youthful appearance were important to the Egyptians. Many tombs contain the perfume pots, the make up containers and the remnants of body oils necessary for maintaining a beautiful, youthful appearance in the afterlife.

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Beauty Tips – Dealing With Sagging Eyelids

Are your eyelids starting to sag so much that it’s time to do something about it? Relax, you have options that are both fast and affordable.

Super Fast Fix for Sagging Eyelids

If you are no longer playing around with sagging eyelids and cosmetic surgery is completely out of the question, you need to seriously consider plastic eyelid inserts. I know that sounded kind of painful, but it’s not.

These plastic eyelid inserts go over your eyelid, are hidden in the newly created or enlarged crease and show more of your eyes. Such inserts are marketed under names like “Eye Magic, Instant Eye Lift” and “Dream Look, Instant Eye Lift”. And you can get a one-month, set of 64 eye strips for around $20 US.

Though these inserts act fast, the eye lifting effect goes away as soon as you remove the insert. For a more long-lasting result that requires significantly more patience, try yoga.

If you are no longer playing around with sagging eyelids and cosmetic surgery is completely out of the question, you need to seriously consider plastic eyelid inserts.

Yoga For Sagging Eyes

Marie-Veronique Nadeau, author of The Yoga Facelift, has a quick exercise to rejuvenate baggy eyelids.

To start, place four fingers of each hand on each eyebrow and push the eyebrows up slightly. Shut the eyes. Next, tighten the upper eyelids while pushing them against your fingertips. Hold this for ten seconds and repeat. You can perform this exercise every other day and should notice an improvement within four weeks.

Eye Firming Creams

No eye cream, at present, is truly going to lift your eyelids. However, it will moisturize the lids. This in turn will make your skin look more vibrant. So, use an eye cream but you don’t need to spend a fortune on it. All the same, there is one eye cream specifically designed for the upper eyelid from Bremenn Research Labs called Upper Eyelid Lifter.

Most reviews of this product are either highly positive or called the product over-rated. The manufacturer says that the cream addresses drooping eyelids to make the eyes look more awake. You can get it for around $60 US. You may want to just try a sample at the cosmetics counter because some users noticed an instant lift upon one application.

So, go ahead and deal with your sagging eyelids. Do it now before you can’t even benefit from these easy and budget-friendly beauty tips.


Nadeau, MV. (2007). The Yoga Facelift. San Francisco, CA: Conari Press.

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Acne – Why is Japan an Acne Free Nation?

One may be surprised to know that people of the Orient, especially people of Japan are relatively an acne free nation.

What could be the reason for this teenage blight not erupting periodically to deface the smooth surface of a Japanese face, back, neck and shoulders? Well, the reason is extremely clear. It is the Japanese diet, which has a direct influence on the relatively few cases of acne in Japan. The diet consists of a lot of soya bean, which is extremely good to get cure acne or even prevent it.

And then if there is a remote case of acne, the best home remedy to cure acne is plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables

Do you want a cure acne remedy which works?

Most of the visitors on the Internet out there are looking for the easiest ways in which they can cure acne the natural way. Acne is quite distressing skin ailment. That is the reason why, any person suffering from it would want to look for the easiest way to cure acne naturally, just for the sake of his self-esteem!

One may be surprised to know that people of the Orient, especially people of Japan are relatively an acne free nation. What could be the reason for this teenage blight not erupting periodically to deface the smooth surface of a Japanese face, back, neck and shoulders? Well, the reason is extremely clear.

It is the Japanese diet, which has a direct influence on the relatively few cases of acne in Japan. The diet consists of a lot of soya bean, which is extremely good to get cure acne or even prevent it. And then if there is a remote case of acne, the best home remedy to cure acne is plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables.

Japan is still a country which believes in organic agriculture, and that is the reason why you are not going to find a large number of chemicals and pesticides used on the food, which is going to be eaten by the Japanese. Fresh fruit and fresh vegetables are eaten regularly by children. Apart from that, the food is definitely not fried. That is the reason why you are not going to find Japanese or Koreans suffering from acne.

Acne is aggravated with a large amount of secreted oil, clogging up the pores of the epidermis. So, if you enjoy eating foodstuffs dripping in greasy fat, you are going to add to the oil and fat content, which needs to be removed from your system. And you should not be surprised that you are breaking out in acne, time and time again.

Prevent acne

There is another reason why the Japanese have such smooth skins. Kojic acid is a by-product, which is produced during the fermentation of Sake, the rice wine, of Japan. In small quantities, it is a skin whitener in Japanese cosmetics. There is another natural product, which is used extensively in Japan to cure acne. A child is massaged with Camellia oil, until it is 5 years old. Not only is it going to give the child a smooth and moisturised skin, but it is going to prevent acne from ever occurring.

So become the Lady of the Camellias right away and use one drop of this oil to keep your skin smooth and glowing.

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Skin Beauty Tips – Secret Beauty Tips For Wrinkle Free Skin

For smooth, soft, wrinkle free skin beauty tips should focus on formulas that contain ingredients proven effective in replacing the lost collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid in your skin. Most sources, including the cosmetics companies, claim to be giving you the best advice possible when it comes to what you should be using on your skin.

The products you are more than likely being advised to use don’t feature the right ingredients for smoothing out your wrinkles. Most of the anti aging skin care formulas being developed will feature animal derived collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid meant to be absorbed directly into your skin. Sources will tell you that this is the most effective way for you to replenish your tissue.

For achieving wrinkle free skin beauty tips involving the topical introduction of any of these three firming substances should be ignored. The reason that I say this is that it is physically impossible for your skin to absorb any of these components. It has nothing to do with these compounds being derived from animals, because even human connective tissue is too dense for penetration into the skin to be possible.

So, without any way to add more connective tissue through the skin, what are you going to do in order to smooth out your wrinkles? The answer is that you are going to increase the production of your collagen and elastin, and elevate your hyaluronic acid levels by preventing the polymer from being broken down by enzymes. You are probably wondering how you are going to accomplish this.

One of the best smooth skin beauty tips I can give you is to use the all natural formulas featuring Cynergy TK and Phytessence Wakame on your skin. Cynergy TK is a recently developed fusion of protein complexes and enzymes that truly does increase your tissue production. Phytessence Wakame kelp extract protects your hyaluronic acid by inhibiting the destructive behavior of your hyaluronidase enzymes.

For further reducing the wrinkles in your skin beauty tips should always include taking in as many antioxidants as possible, and the formulas featuring Cynergy TK and Phytessence Wakame provide you with more than you will need. These are absolutely the most effective anti aging formulas available, and you really should try them if you want results.

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What Is The Best Moisturizer For Acne-Prone Skin?

When trying to find what is the best moisturizer for acne-prone skin, you will be amazed to find how many lotions, creams, rubs, and masks are available as treatment options for your acne-prone skin.

Trying to label one over another as the “best…” is extremely difficult considering the pros of the ones you have already researched. Without trying to make a list of “the best” moisturizer for acne-prone skin, there are in fact a few that manage to hold the top positions when researched, and are successful to date for treating acne. Finding what is the best moisturizer for acne-prone skin is possible by keeping in mind what it needs to include in the contents and what it claims to produce. The following are some key ingredients and expectations that are necessary to look for in choosing what is the best moisturizer for acne-prone skin:

  • When cleansing your face with the moisturizing cleanser, gentle is the key. Your hands are the preferred “tool” for washing your face, as a towelette or wash cloth could be entirely too rough for your skin. If you are not gentle with your washing techniques, the chances of the acne worsening or resulting in scarring is practically eminent. An excellent moisturizing cleanser should effectively clean your skin when used in a gentle cleaning without rupturing the acne sores.
  • The moisturizer chosen should be specifically for the treatment of acne, identifiable by a few key ingredients such as benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid, both of which are instrumental in assisting the treating and lessening of acne sores.
  • Choosing the best moisturizer for your acne-prone skin will be one that will not further irritate your acne by being cosmetic or heavy and pore filling. This moisturizer should be oil-free and with the best of ingredients, be anti-bacterial to help your acne-prone skin to resist any further break-outs.

When considering the moisturizers available on the market today, following these simple steps could save you a lot of time, money, and further aggravation of your acne condition as well. When in doubt, consult your doctor or dermatologist for further instructions or information concerning any topical creams, ointments, or moisturizers you are considering, before applying them. As with any other health related decisions, consulting your doctor or dermatologist is advised for any and all steps in your treatment and recovery as well. Your continued health and happiness are both vastly important, and remembering not to compromise either is a wise decision on your part.

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