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Pick 3 Lottery Workout Systems That Work

Have you been searching for Pick 3 lottery workout systems that actually work? Are you tired of guessing and relying on luck? Well here’s one system that you should try. It only involves simple mathematics and a bit of concentration. This system is one of the oldest. Although it doesn’t guarantee a hundred percent, it has a high percentage hit. It is called the 123 workout. Here is how it works:

o You begin by using the preceding numbers drawn from the Pick 3 lottery. Just to provide a concrete example, let us use the numbers 468. We will call it the stack number.

o Important Rule of the 123 workout: Do not carry over when adding or subtracting the numbers. Here is an example: 5 + 9 = 4 (instead of 14)

o The next step is adding +1, +2, +3 to each of the numbers. 1+4=5, 2+6=8, 3+8=1 – First Set of Numbers = 581

o Next is subtracting the -1, -1, -1 still from the stack number. 4-1=3, 6-1=5, 8-1=7 – Second Set of Numbers = 357

o Then we now add +2, +3, +5 to the stack number. 2+4=6, 3+6=9, 5+5=0 – Third Set of Numbers = 690

o List down all the numbers you came up with:

– 581

– 357

– 690

o We can now use the TTT method, otherwise known as the Tic Tac Toe method. It is called as such because it does look like a Tic Tac Toe table. Write the numbers in order on each the cells of the table. This table will now serve as your entire guide for this system unlike other Pick 3 lottery workout systems which would require some automated machine.

5 8 1

3 5 7

6 9 0

o Identify the following pattern combinations. For the pattern across, here is an illustration.

Across Numbers

5 8 1 581

3 5 7 357

6 9 0 690

Across 581 – 357 – 690

Down 536 – 859 – 170

Diagonal 550 – 651

Diamond 839 – 879

Half Diamond 551 – 650

Corners 358 – 817 – 709 – 963

H Pattern 535 – 635 – 175 – 075

Cross 859 – 357 – 857 – 358 – 359 – 759

o Remove all the doubles and list down the combinations.

– 581

– 357

– 690

– 536

– 859

– 170

– 550

– 651

– 839

– 879

– 551

– 650

– 358

– 817

– 709

– 963

– 535

– 175

– 075

– 857

– 359

– 759

o Monitor all the numbers that come out in the following days. You will realize that one out of the 22 combinations will be the next hit. Let’s face it; it is better than having to choose from a million other combinations. Your chance of winning the next lottery is now greater having to choose from a smaller set.

Others have tried other Pick 3 lottery workout systems. Some of them are just too complicated. They would require the work of your personal computer, plus it costs much and takes time to download them. This system only requires a pen and a piece of paper. Try this method and see if the numbers really come out. What have you got to lose?

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Exercise Workout Tips – How To Get In Shape Without Quitting Your Job

Most people know how important exercise is to a healthy lifestyle. By exercising regularly, you can lose excess weight, tone muscles and defeat depression. However, if you work 40 or more hours a week, finding time to exercise can be challenging. If you want to exercise more regularly, the first thing you have to do is make room in your schedule. No matter how many hours you work, you can find time to exercise daily.

Often, finding time to exercise is a matter of re-prioritizing the things you do when you aren’t working. Many people come home from work and immediately turn on the television or grab a beer out of the fridge. While it’s important to relax after work, you probably could use some of your down time more productively. For example, instead of watching TV from your favorite easy chair, you could walk in place or use an exercise machine during commercials or even during your favorite show.

Even if you don’t want to give up your relaxation time, you need to make the decision that you want to exercise daily and stick to it. Whether it means getting up half an hour earlier so that you can hit the gym, cutting out some TV time in the evening or exercising during your lunch hour, you can find the time to exercise if you are willing to sacrifice some of the time you spend doing other things.

In addition to finding time to exercise, you might need to rearrange your meal schedule. Many people rush out the door without eating breakfast and grab fast food for lunch. These unhealthy habits can defeat your fitness program before you’ve even begun it. Along with making exercise a priority in your life, you need to make healthy eating a priority. Breakfast is particularly important because eating in the morning stabilizes your metabolism for the rest of the day. If you don’t eat breakfast, you are more likely to overeat throughout the day and won’t do your best work in the morning because your body lacks vitamins and nutrients.

You may not have time to eat a full breakfast every morning, but that shouldn’t stop you from having breakfast. Instead of grabbing a donut from the break room when you get to work, try baking muffins the night before and eating one as you head out the door. Fruit bars are also a good, nutritious way to start the day if you don’t have a lot of time. If you can spare a few minutes, you might also want to try instant oatmeal or cold cereal.

In addition to eating breakfast, make sure you eat a healthy lunch. Most fast food is loaded with fat and calories. Also, fast food is more expensive than you may realize; eating out can easily cost you $20 or more per week. So you should pack a more nutritious lunch instead of stopping by your favorite hamburger place. Salads and fruit are good lunch choices. You can also pack a sandwich. Along with your lunch, pack a bunch of grapes or a couple of pieces of string cheese to have as a mid-morning or mid-afternoon snack if your energy starts to dip.

If you think you don’t have time to work out, then you need to spend a few minutes rearranging your calendar. As the tips above illustrate, you can always make time to work out; it’s a matter of deciding how important it is to you. Taking a few minutes each day to take care of your health will leave you feeling happier and make you a more productive worker.

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Six Pack Abs Cardio Workout Plan

We all want to get maximum results from almost all of the things that we do. This also applies without daily cardio workout plan, and in our goal to stay fit and healthy. What is the purpose of going through all that hard work, spending a good amount of time with it every now and then if we can’t get maximum result from it?

While there are some people whose cases are quite different, some who constantly exercise or follow a certain cardio workout plan are not even getting any result from it. It may be something that they are doing, but definitely it is not the actual cardio workout plan that they have.

Well, this article is written to help you to maximize the result that you will get from your cardio workout plan. You either will lose or gain weight from doing this. All you have to do is to practice or follow the said tips stated in this article.

Tip 1 – Never focus on a specific cardio workout plan. Let’s say you only want to do biking or walking on a tread mill. Of course this will help you to burn calories every time you do it. But the thing is, if you do this repeatedly, it will only target a specific area in your body (it may tone that certain part only), but the next time you do it, you will start to lose fewer calories over time. Try to add other cardio workout exercises to your plan. You can easily add Yoga or Pilates to it. That way, you will introduce fat burning or calorie burning tool to those parts of your body that needs toning or shaping up. Your body will end up burning lots of calorie every time and this will also increase your metabolism.

Tip 2 – Try to incorporate lifting weights to your cardio workout plan. Whether you are new to lifting weights or resistance training, now is the right time that you can try to incorporate it with your cardio workout plan. Not only will this help you with your metabolism it will also help you to build muscles. Our bodies are known to work harder in order to support our muscles more than it supports our body fats; our body also feeds our muscles constantly. Therefore, the more muscles that you have in your body the more it burns calories, even while we are sleeping. So why not incorporate weight lifting or resistance training to your cardio workout plan and maximize the benefits that you will get from your workout.

There are a lot of things that you can actually do to maximize the benefits that you can get from your cardio workout plan. All you have to do is to follow these tips and even add more to it then you are good to go.

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The Bicep Workout Guide

Most people want to believe that there is some sort of best bicep workout that is guaranteed to help them build muscle mass and increase the size of their arms. The truth of the matter is that the idea of the single best bicep workout for everyone is a myth. Everyone’s body is different, because of this, muscle growth is stimulated for everybody by different forms of training. While a certain bicep workout may work well for me, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s guaranteed to help you build bigger biceps. That said, there are a few growth stimulating exercises that you should include in your arm workouts if you really want to force your biceps to grow.

Let’s face it, nothing is more impressive than a pair of thick sleeve stretching biceps, but making your arms grow can be a lot harder than most guys realize. While the common 6 sets of 5 reps of dumbbell curls is fine for beginner and intermediate level trainers, you’ve got to learn how to take your biceps training days to the next level if you really want to build bigger biceps.

Here are a few bicep training tips that have helped me to pack on over 3 inches to my arms over the years. Each of these arm workout tips is tried and true in the trenches and I guarantee that they will help you build bigger arms. Read through each of them and start implementing them one by one – before you know it your bicep workouts will be stimulating some serious growth and everyone will be keeping their eyes on your biceps!

1.) the first tip for an effective bicep workout may seem like it’s completely unrelated to the process of training your arms, but it’s critical to your success. If you’re serious about building bigger arms, then you need to make sure that you’re performing heavy back squats to failure 1 time each week. I’m not completely sure why this works but, I think it has something to do with the amount of growth hormone and testosterone that are released in your body when you perform heavy deadlifts to failure. But trust me when I say it’s extremely effective for increasing the size of the muscles in your arms. Without even training my biceps directly, I’ve personally noticed an increase in the size of my arms by 1″ – 2″ simply making an effort to sell out on my squats!

2.) Make sure that your arm workouts are designed around the most effective growth stimulating muscle building exercises. If you don’t build your arm workouts around the right exercises, you won’t be able to stimulate growth in your arms…simple stuff. Stick with the exercises that allow you to train with heavy weights through a complete range of motion.

My Favorite Bicep Exercises Are…

  1. Barbell Curl
  2. EZ Bar Curl
  3. Alternating Dumbbell Curl
  4. Hammer Curl
  5. Dumbbell Incline Curl
  6. Cable Curls
  7. Preacher Curl
  8. Dumbbell Preacher Curl

80% of my personal bicep workouts start with either barbell curls, ez bar curls or alternating dumbbell curls.

These basic bicep exercises allow me to use heavy weights to blast my arms. If you consistently pound your biceps with heavy weights, they’ll have no choice but to respond by getting bigger and stronger!

3.) Keep the exercises in your bicep workout in the 6 – 8 repetition range. This is within the commonly accepted “muscle building” repetition range, but closer to the lower side. This rep range will allow you to train as heavily as possible while still ensuring that you’re stimulating muscle growth. Whenever I perform arm workouts in the 6 – 8 rep range, my biceps explode.

4.) Design your bicep workouts so that you perform only 2 – 6 sets of 1 or 2 arm exercises max. This will allow you to keep your workout to as reasonable amount of time while ensuring that your biceps get the work they need to lay down new muscle mass. Also make sure to rest for 1.5-2 minutes between sets so that your arms are completely recovered for the next set.

5.) Hit the gym to blast through your bicep workout only once each week. If you just feel like you have to train your biceps more often than this you’re going to have a hard time packing on any muscle mass in your arms. Sure you can get away with it for awhile, but eventually you’re going to hit a wall and actually start losing strength and size in your arms. Instead of taking the volume approach to your biceps workouts, focus on making each workout as intense and gut busting as possible – this is the key to forcing your muscle to grow. Get into the gym, get through your workout then get out as quickly as possible so that you can focus on feeding your body the nutrients that it needs to gain muscle mass.

Take these simple bicep workout tips and run with them…Your arms will start to grow quickly. I know that this advice seems too basic to work, but it’s extremely effective for building big biceps quickly.

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Bodybuilding Workout Routines – Workout Tips For Bodybuilders

In a previous article I wrote about four bodybuilding workout routines to augment your current workouts. This article will expand on that and discuss three more basic workout techniques that every bodybuilder should know and use in their regiment. These include twenty-ones, forced reps, and super sets.

1. Twenty-Ones – this is a great technique that will stimulate muscle fibers that may be underworked with a traditional repetition. So if you feel a portion of a muscle group is lagging behind the definitely use this technique. The technique basically involves performing 21 one repetitions of the same exercise for the same muscle group. You will perform 7 reps in the early range, 7 at the top range and 7 through full range of motion.

Let’s look at the bench press. You would start with the bar on your chest. Lift the weight to mid-position. Do this 7 times. Then lift the weight so your arms are near fully extended. Lower the weight to mid position and push to the top of the motion. Perform this 7 times. Lastly, lower the weight to your chest and perform 7 reps through full range of motion. Best to use a spotter for this one as you can fatigue quickly and easily when using the right weight.

2. Forced Reps – another great technique to fatigue your muscle fibers. This technique can fully exhaust your muscles to the point where it will be difficult to move only under your own weight. Best done last in your workouts. You’ll need a training partner. You perform the exercise in the normal fashion for as many reps as you can do. When you can’t lift the weight anymore your partner helps you just enough to complete the rep. Continue this until your partner has to take most of the load. When this happens you know you have fatigued your muscles fully.

3. Super Sets – this bodybuilding workout routines technique is used to work opposing muscle groups. You perform super sets by doing two exercises for one muscle group and one exercise for the opposing group or vice versa. There is no rest in between sets. Only rest after the complete super set is done. We can stick with our chest example. The opposing muscle group to your chest are your back muscles. You would perform one set of flat bench press, followed by one set of bent over barbell rows followed by another flat bench set. Do these in a row without rest. When all three exercises are completed rest 2 to 3 minutes then repeat. You could substitute another chest exercise for the last set of flat bench press like incline bench or dumbbell presses. Don’t forget to mix it up even more by performing two back exercises and one chest exercise at your next workout.

There are many more bodybuilding tips available. This article covers 3 basic techniques including twenty ones, forced reps and super sets. Start using them by picking one or two techniques to incorporate each week for each muscle group. You will be surprised by the results.

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Schwin Airdyne – Workout Tips

Look, I’ve ridden a Schwin Airdyne for twenty plus years. This may be the most rugged exercise machine ever. It’s fun to use and a great way to get a workout right at home. Here are several tips to help you keep pedaling and get in shape… or stay in shape.

Tip 1 – What’s the plan?

Take the time to decide what you hope to accomplish. It needs to be more specific than “get in shape.” How about a weight loss goal? Maybe you want to prepare for a sport. That means you may need to spend so many hours on the machine. Just set specific, measurable goals.

Tip 2 – Unwritten goals are called wishes.

Only around 3 percent of adults have written goals. Guess what? Those are the people who accomplish things. Write out some goals and get started. Track how you’re doing too.

Tip 3 – When will you do it?

Put a time to your goals and drive to reach the goal. Tomorrow never comes. Put a time down and make it happen.

Tip 4 – Ride today.

Schwinn stationary bikes are ready to go any time. Whether it’s day or night, hot or cold, the time to start is now. No matter what shape you’re in, once you have those written goals, you can start this very day. Get going now…

Tip 5 – Just a few minutes is all it takes.

Doing some riding regularly is the key. A twenty minute workout is a great way to start. You can just hop on and pedal away. Or you can do intervals. That’s as easy as just pedaling hard for a minute or so, then easier for a bit. You can make workouts more complex as you go along. The important part is to just get started. The sooner the better too.

A Schwin Airdyne is the perfect machine to use to get in shape. It will only work though if you get on and pedal. Set some goals. Then write them down and get going today.

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Best Workout Routine

Thank you for reading Best Workout Routine. There’s a maxim known as Pareto’s Principle, more commonly referred to as the 80/20 principle. In a nutshell it means that 80% of your benefits comes out of just 20% of your work. Thus if you had only a few minutes a day to dedicate to your health and fitness, there could be three or four exercises that will deliver a full body workout. I’m not saying anyone abandon your full length routine for this. But if you are hard pressed for time, these would become the best exercise plan to perform. By varying these 3 exercises, you can hit nearly every muscle around your body. This is the best workout routine when you’re busy.

Push Ups.

Pushups have existed for more than a century, They were used by the armed forces after The second world war. It seems that Push ups are one of the very first activities we learn, but then quickly neglect.

What push ups work.

Push-ups efficiently work the Chest, Triceps, Shoulders, and Ab muscles.

How to do a standard push up.

Start out on your hands and knees. Set the hands palms down on the floor directly underneath your shoulders. Extend your legs away with your feet together and your toes touching the ground. Maintain your body as straight as possible. Bend the elbows and slowly move all the way down till the upper body is close to the floor then push back up. That is a regular push up. It exercises both the chest and the triceps.


There looks to be plenty of variations of the push up. I will only name a handful here, but if you search you can discover more.

1. Elevated pushup. This is the same as a standard pushup except your feet are sitting on an item raising them off the ground. The more you raise your lower limbs the more bodyweight you will lift. Raised push ups also adjust the focus to your upper chest along with shoulders.

2. Wide grip pushup. It’s simillar to a regular push-up except you move your hand out wider than shoulder distant a part. The larger grip applies more work on your chest muscles and less on your arms.

3. Diamond pushup. Now take your hands and set them together so your index fingers and your thumbs form a diamond. (This is also known as a heart to heart pushup since your hands make a upside down heart). Have your hands and wrists immediately beneath your chest and place your feet roughly shoulder width a part. These will hit your triceps more than your chest.

If push-ups are too difficult.

Elevate your upper body. this will be the opposite of the elevated push-up. Keep your toes on the ground and position your chest on a bench. The more you lift your upper body the less difficult it gets. You could perform these against a wall if you have to.

Raising the Intensity.

1. Plyometrics. You can increase the intensity of any one of the different types of push-up through exploding off the floor as hard as you can. Try throwing your chest and arms off the surface each and every time you push up.

2. Hand stand push-up. It is done by doing a hand stand near a wall (roughly a ft. away). Next having your feet in contact with the wall for stability. Go down until your scalp touches the floor and then push back upward. This works primarily your shoulders and triceps.

Pull Ups.

Pullups have always been one of my personal favored exercises. I recall in school, I was not the strongest child, but I could do the most pull ups (i had been a thin kid), I was always proud of that.

What pull-ups work.

Pull-ups really are the best workout routine for the upper back out there, they also work biceps and forearms pretty well.

How to do a standard pullup.

You need a pullup rod. Grip the bar with the palms facing away from you. palms should be shoulder width or just a little farther a part. Hang from the rod with your arms straight or slightly bent. Then draw oneself upwards till your chin is above the bar. Next slowly lower your self in a controlled manner to the starting position.


Once again there are a bunch of versions of the pull-up, however i will only highlight a few here.

1. Chin up. Chin ups are just like pull ups but you grab the rod with your palms facing toward you. You typically use a closer grip than a normal pull-up. Chin-ups work your biceps more than ordinary pullups.

2. Close grip pullups. Just like a regular pull up but your hands can be very close to one another. These will work your biceps more than your back.

3. Wide grip pull ups. It is similar to a standard pull up, but you grab the bar around 6 inches wider than your shoulders. Wide grip pull-ups work your upper back muscles more than a common pull up.

If pullups are too difficult.

1. Assisted pull up machine. If you belong to a gym it very likely contains one of these machines. They offer a push to help you to do pull ups. The greater weight you put the less difficult it is. Thus as an example if you happen to be two hundred lbs and you choose fifty pounds of weight on the machine. You will be lifting one hundred and fifty lbs. of your own bodyweight.

3. Lateral pull-downs. This isn’t a pull-up, however it is something a person can perform to increase your own muscle in your upper back. This may be carried out using the lat pull down machine, or even with resistance bands. This movement is similar to pullups and works exactly the same muscles.

Raising the intensity.

1. Weighted pull-ups. Add weight to the pull ups to build up the difficulty.

2. Muscle ups. To do a muscle-up you have to pull-up hard and fast and bring your chest above the rod. When you finish off the rod has to stop at your hips.


I do not mind push ups, and I seriously love pull-ups, but I despise squats. but they happen to be the best workout routine for the lower body. I loathe these because they are so effective. After I finish doing a tough set of squats I feel like I cant walk.

What squats work.

Squats work your lower back, your butt, and the rest of your leg muscles (hamstrings, quadriceps, and calves).

How to do a standard squat.

Stand up with your feet shoulder width a part and set your arms straight out ahead of yourself. Squat down bend at the knees and hips. Hold your bodyweight on the heels only use the rest of your foot for stability. Go down to where the upper thighs are parallel with the flooring, then drive back upward until your lower limbs are just about straight. For safety always perform heavy squats with a power rack. When starting out use very little or no weight until you feel secure with the movements.


1. Front Squat. It is very similar to the common squat other than you carry the barbell with the front of your shoulders. This is harder so you may have to lower the weight. This may also make it possible for you to go lower a lot more than the normal squat.

2. Sumo Squat. This is completed like a standard squat other than your lower limbs will be spread farther a part and the toes are directed outwards.

If squats are too difficult.

1. Place a bench beneath you. If you feel unstable put a chair or bench so that when you arrive at your lowest position your bottom barely touches the stool and thrust back up.

2. Leg Press. When squats are too hard you can begin doing lower-leg presses with a nautilus machine.

Stepping up the intensity.

1. Overhead squat. This is just like a conventional squat but you hold the bar right above your head. It will need you to drastically lessen the weight, but this activity engages your whole body for balance.

2. One leg squat. This is tricky since they’ll need a whole lot of balance. Take a position on a single leg with the other leg raised and somewhat ahead of you. Squat upon a single leg and press back up.

Some final thoughts

Final Thought

The best workout routine in my opinion is a few key exercises that target a whole lot of muscles in the body. I believe a few variations of these three exercises works the most efficiently.

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Simple Workout Tips

Staying fit is so important if you are trying to be healthy. But since there is so much to learn about fitness, it can be hard to determine where to begin. You could do a lot worse than to take a look at the simple fitness tips presented below.

Doing some simple push-ups can help you get your triceps in shape. To target the tricep muscles touch your fingertips and form a diamond, you will be able to focus on the triceps this way.

Be creative in your thinking when designing your new fitness program. Visiting the gym is far from the only way to get exercise. The best way to stay motivated to get fit is to find a plan that you enjoy, so make sure to do that.

To strengthen your thighs and prevent from Torn ligaments. Make your hamstrings and quads stronger by doing leg curls and leg extensions. Doing wall sits can really help strengthen the muscles in your legs. You’ll need a space against the wall which is wide enough for your back. Stand with your back to the wall, approximately 1 1/2 feet away from it. Bend the knees and lean on the wall with your back against it. Bend your knees until the floor and your thighs are parallel. You should appear to be sitting, but without a chair. Remain in this position for as long as you can.

Flex your glutes with each rep as you lift weights above your head. You get a better workout this way and your muscles build properly. The more your spine is stable your risk for injury diminishes.

Test out a bench prior to working out on it. Use your thumb to test by pressing on the top of the padding. If the metal of the bench is all you feel, I would recommend to find a different one.

Never attempt to workout when you are feeling under the weather. When you are sick, your body is weak because it’s working hard to heal. Take it easy on the exercise until you feel better. While you’re healing, make sure you eat well and get plenty of sleep!

As you have learned from this article, there is a lot you can do to get into shape. This knowledge provides a sound basis for continued learning and expansion of your fitness education and abilities. It takes time to achieve your fitness goals, but over time and by using these tips, you will be on the right path.

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The 3 Day Workout Upper Body Strength & Mass Building Program

When you go to the gym, it is very likely you see people performing a vast array of lifting and exercising techniques, and while these “exotic” techniques do work for certain muscle groups and specific desired outcomes, but for pure strength and mass building, the same basic lifting techniques people have always done are simply the most effective. Bench press, military press, squats, pull-ups and dips are still the most effective way to efficiently build mass and increase strength.

I won’t go into complex rep sets and particular lifts; this is more of a general guide to productive lifting. It is directed by a simple concept: lift as much weight as possible. Sounds simple right, it is, but it’s maybe not what you’re thinking. A simple mathematic equation explains this concept: pounds x reps x sets = total lbs. lifted. If you lift 100lbs. in weight for 10 repetitions for 3 sets, the equation looks like this: 100lbs x 10reps x 3sets = 3000lbs. total. Now if your goal is strength and mass, you should increase your weight approx. 35-45%, reduce your repetitions to 5, but increase your sets to 5, then the equation looks like this: 140lbs. x 5reps x 5sets = 3500lbs. giving you an extra 500lbs. lifted (or a 17% increase) per set group, thus building mass and strength faster than traditional 10rep 3set lifts. This mainly only applies to the more basic core exercises such as bench press, pull ups, military press, and squats.

The second basic principle of effective mass and strength building is to remember that resting your muscles is JUST AS important as the workout itself. Muscle doesn’t build while you’re working out, it builds during the rest periods in between workouts (mainly at night while you sleep) . Therefore, if you are going to work out back to back days you need to make sure you don’t use the same muscle group(s) as you did the day before. I like to think of it as having main muscle “groups”. They are not technically grouped muscles, but you’ll understand what I mean in a second. When you do a bench press the two major muscles involved are your chest muscles and triceps. So we’ll call that muscle group 1. When you do a pull-up, the two major muscles involved are your latissimus dorsi (we’ll refer to as Lats) and your biceps. So we’ll call that muscle group 2. The last major muscles on your upper body are your shoulder muscles, and when you do a military press you use your shoulder muscles and triceps. So we’ll call this muscle group 3. Now you’ll notice that your triceps are involved in two different muscle groups. Therefore a typical workout week would go something like this:

Day 1:

Bench press -2 different exercises such as regular bench & incline bench, or regular bench and dumbbell press or some variation (works: chest, triceps)

Butterflies- Using a machine or dumbbells (3 sets of 8 or 10 is sufficient) (works: chest)

Dips/Tricep Extensions- 2 different exercises (works: triceps)

Day 2:

Pull ups/Lat Pulls- 2 different exercises such as pull-ups and lat pulls, or lat pulls and bent over rows (works: lats, biceps)

Curls- 2 different exercises such as barbell and dumbbell curls, or barbell and cable curls (works: biceps)

(Would be a good day to throw in your trap and forearm workouts if wanted)

Day 3:

Military Press (standing or seated)- 2 different exercises such as barbell dumbbell, standing barbell & seated dumbbell, seated dumbbell & machine or some variation (works: shoulders, triceps)

Lateral raise/Front raise- 3 sets of 10 is sufficient (works: shoulders)

Dips/Tricep Extensions- 2 different exercises (works: triceps)

Now the main part of all this is to split up the days you work your triceps. Since they are used in two core muscle groups, to get the most strength building for your chest and shoulders you will want your triceps fully rested, so as I said you can, “lift as much weight as possible”, to get maximum gains.

Lastly, if you’ve been to your local GNC you’ve seen the plethora of pills and liquids and powders and just about anything else you can think of promising to bulk you up fast. In the end, the most productive and cost effective way to supplement your workout is good old fashioned protein. Fish, chicken, eggs, peanuts (peanut butter), and milk are all excellent sources of protein. And as for a supplement, protein drinks are the probably the best way to go. Since I’m not too fond of the thick protein “shakes”, I personally like the clear liquid protein drinks, they taste kind of like Kool-Aid. One I use regularly is IsoPure. They are about $3-4 bucks a piece, but they do contain 40 grams of pure protein, and you can drink them down a whole lot easier if you are have trouble stomaching a blender full of chocolate shake.

Like I said this is a basic strategy for anyone unfamiliar with fundamental strength and mass building workout regimens. It is by no means a strict guideline that must be followed to the letter. One of the biggest parts of keeping a regular workout program is not getting burnt out. If you don’t feel like doing a certain exercise a certain day, don’t force yourself to do it. People will disagree, but they are the same people that work out as hard as they absolutely can for 6 weeks then get burnt out for a year, which achieves nothing. Slow and steady wins the race. But if you follow these simple steps, keep it fun and stay persistent, you’ll soon see you’re achieving your ultimate goal, which is results.

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Advanced Bodybuilding Workout Routine For Monster Mass!

As bodybuilders solidify their adherence to the rules of bodybuilding, something starts to happen. They begin to succeed. They grow like they’ve never grown. Their strength reaches new level, and their bodies reach new sizes. Consistency delivers results. And as results begin to accumulate the body is suddenly able to handle new workloads, and must, in order to continue to grow.

There are two ways a body can be challenged in order to stimulate new growth- Training heavier and training longer. Training heavier is always the goal of beginner and intermediate bodybuilders. But as one reaches advanced levels of bodybuilding, the weights become more and more dangerous, and the body’s joints and tendons become more and more susceptible to injury. The alternative to heavier weights is to train longer – up to two hours per body part.

By definition, this is over training. If you have any element of your bodybuilding regimen unchecked, you will fail. Nutrition, rest, and supplementation need to be covered 100% or you are wasting your time. But if you are able to keep all factors completely in check – and increase them when warranted – you might be ready for 120 minute body part training.

For this example, we’ll examine a chest routine. Suppose you normally complete 4 sets for upper chest (incline bench press), 4 sets for lower/middle chest (flat dumbbell presses) and 4 sets for chest/delt tie-in (cable crossovers). You complete your workout in about 45 to 60 minutes. You will keep this workout, but add new movements to supplement the target areas. Your new workout would look like this:

-3 Sets Flat Bench Press (Warm-Up & Overall Chest)

-4 Sets Incline Bench Press (Upper Chest)

-4 Sets Incline Dumbbell Flies (Upper Chest)

-4 Sets Flat Dumbbell Press (Middle Chest)

-4 Sets Flat Dumbbell Flies (Middle And Outer Chest)

-3 Sets Decline Bench Press (Lower And Middle Chest)

At this point, you would take your ‘recharge’ break. If you’re done, go home. But if you have it in you to complete the 120-minute workout, eat a piece of fruit, stretch a bit, and complete the workout. Your weights will now be lighter and your rep sets higher (10 to 15 reps per set)

-3 Sets Weighted Chest Dips

-4 Sets Dumbbell Pullovers

-4 Sets Cable Crossovers

-5 To 10 Minutes Of Stretching

This workout is not for the faint of heart. You will be sore the next day. Initially, you may need a day off following this routine for the central nervous system (CNS) to recover. Each week, you should be able to add one more day like this to your training regimen until you’re doing 4 to 5 days of 120-minute routines.

Have your post workout nutrition ready ahead of time (whey shake with dextrose) and consume 15 minutes after training with cold water. Hit the showers. Drive home and tackles a very protein-rich, carb-rich meal. Spaghetti and meatballs will beat out a chicken salad any day after this routine. Training for 120 minutes per body part is only recommended for advanced athletes who have all nutritional, sleep, and supplementation bases covered. See if it’s right for you!

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