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Milk Thistle Benefits – How This Herb Can Help Women With Lumpy Breast Tissue

If you are one of those women who are plagued with lumps in your breasts, you’ll know how worrisome it can be at times. Of course it’s always really important to get any lumps checked out by your doctor. No question. But what we’re talking about here are those benign lumps which can come and go with your monthly cycle. So in this article we’re going to take a look at how milk thistle benefits women with lumpy breast tissue.

I happen to be one of these women, too and so I know what it is like when you are routinely checking your breasts as advised and suddenly find that there is a new bump somewhere. This happened to me again a few weeks back, and despite the fact I have this history, I was still really upset so I went off to have it checked out and put my mind at rest. Yes, it was nothing abnormal. Which was a relief.

But the doctor did point out that I had severe lymphatic congestion which accounted for some unpleasant swollen lymph nodes, tiredness and irritability. Well, I knew it was time to go back to my old herbal remedy. And that’s what I want to share with you today. It’s milk thistle.

Not many women know about this amazing plant and what it can do for you. Did you know milk thistle benefits include relieving symptoms of congested lymph?

This plant is renowned for its ability to regenerate the liver and protect it from toxins. But little is known about how it supports the lymphatic system to transport toxins back out through your blood stream to cleanse your body. When this isn’t working properly, your skin can erupt with all sorts of complaints including acne and boils. You can feel very depressed and out of sorts. And the lymph can build up in all sorts of places. With me this has always been in the breast tissue.

So taking this herb on a daily basis is key to reducing those lymphatic blockages we can feel as lumps. I have been doing this again for about 3 weeks and already I have noticed a big difference. In order to support this process I do daily yoga stretching exercises to help shift the energy and keep my bodily fluids flowing. And something else you might want to do is pour yourself a lovely warm bath and fully immerse yourself in it for a while. Switch off to everything else and fully relax to heighten the experience.

Now, I’m actually killing two birds with one stone here because the milk thistle benefits are many. This powerful herb is also protecting my liver, cleansing it and helping to promote new liver cell growth. And my liver does so many jobs, it’s a miracle that it manages to keep up with its tasks. If your liver doesn’t function properly, you can get seriously ill. Nurturing it with herbs is one of the best things you can do.

But in order to fully enjoy the benefits of milk thistle you need to make sure that it is standardized to contain at least 70 – 80% of its active compound silymarin. This is the ingredient that brings about the medicinal benefits. Now, as with every form of cleansing and detoxing, you have to make sure that you drink large amounts of water to flush all the toxins that get released out of your body. Otherwise they will build up and you can end up feeling really ill.

A really good way to take advantage of milk thistle benefits is to take them combined in a quality nutritional supplement. Ideally with a selection of other herbs that cleanse and support your immune system to enhance your feeling of well-being. Choose a form that is specifically suited to your needs. If you’d like to read more about the benefits of nutritional supplementing, you can read some detailed information on a brand I recommend on my website.

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Women’s Clothing – Today’s Fashions

Today’s women’s clothing are a line of ultimate representation of a woman’s body confidence that will make her all the more stylish and glamorous. Find about the lessons of women’s clothing and the cardinal rules of dressing up in relation to your body shape as you read on.

1. The Summer style

The heat is on! Pull on your khakis and that plain shirt. – oooh, don’t even try to. Plain tees are too boring to beat the heat. Get load and do it through colors. Summer is all about kooky pattern mixes, wild and exotic colors. Try on some batiks or embroidered fabric tops, uniquely patterned skirts or clothes that are rich in colored pretty ruffles. If you want to still stick with your jeans, pair it up with off-the-shoulder tunic as a cover up.

2. The Simple but elegant style

Dressing up sexy does not always mean micro mini skirts and super tight tube tops. Try on some sassy classic look. Make it loose, not tight. Full-skirted, not gripping. Flatter the looseness of a longer, full-skirted dress that will go with your height and don’t be afraid to stand out. Skinny and tall women will look good on belted dresses with stiff pleats that are so forties look.

3. Cheer up style

Who says only the kids can dress sweet and funky? Deduct 8 to 10 years your real age with colorful, swooshy dress that will make you feel dancing the Mary Poppins’ way. It’s okay to dress sweet and funky as long as you know where to wear it and the right accessories to go with it.

4. One of a kind find

The perfect way to make a fashion statement is to try on women’s clothing that are hot and would seem uniquely yours. Floral and metal studs are classic embellishment combos to the unusual fabric.

5. Shape up!

Covering up isn’t flattering. And broad expanses of fabric emphasize body shape and size. Bare backs, knee-length or shorter skirt, v-neck tops and three-quarter sleeve t-shirts will help you show off some shape. The most flattering with women’s clothes are straight leg or boot cut jeans that will sit on your hips, your waist or just below your hip bone. And remember, that full, round shapes on top and bottom will make you look a bit more round.

6. Red alert!!!

In every women’s clothing diary of style, Red is a classic color that has never bored anyone. It embodies power, bold confidence and certified trickery for figure-flattering because of its deeper-hued incarnation. Also, it has an amazing power to absorb light and conceal darkness.

7. Wear Black when you’re in doubt.

True enough, black makes everyone look slimmer. It is the safest color to be in. Take note of this, black will never fade in the language of fashion, especially in with women’s clothing.

8. Look great in a shift

Shift dresses has a slimming effect because they are constructed with darts at the bust line and seams that enhances curve and waist-shape. Most shift dresses are either knee length or shorter. But both lengths give the same universal slimming effect.

There you have it. I hope I do gave you some useful tips and lessons on women’s clothing. So, dress and feel good at any size!

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Simple Stress Relief: The Power of Laughter

This may strike you as funny but laughing offers powerful natural stress relief and other far ranging health benefits. It’s easy, it’s fun and it’s infectious, more so than any cold, cough or sniffle! And even better, laughter is good for you! According to studies, laughter may relieve pain, relieve stress, bolster happiness and one’s sense of well-being as well as build immunity. For our purposes, let’s focus on the role of laughter as a natural stress relief superstar!

Did you know that the average adult laughs 15 times a day? That seems like a lot of laughing until you learn that a child laughs approximately 400 times a day! Kids certainly do seem happier and less stressed out than the rest of us. So what do kids know about the natural stress relieving benefits of laughter that we adults seem to have forgotten?

  • Laughter decreases the levels of stress hormones in our body like adrenaline, cortisol, dopamine and epinephrine while increasing the secretion of health promoting neurotransmitters and endorphins.
  • Laughter increases our ability to fight infection at the cellular level which translates to a stronger immune system and fewer stress related physical symptoms. In other words, laughter can effectively protect our bodily systems from the effect of further stress.
  • Laughter increases productivity, natural ability, creativity, confidence, efficiency and motivation — while stress, and its insidious cousins, worry and fear, stifle these traits.
  • Laughter keeps us focused in the present. If you really think about it, now is all we have. The past and future don’t exist (except in our heads) so living fully in the present is critical because it’s the only time we can experience happiness.
  • Laughter is social! Smiling and shared laughter binds people together and promotes greater intimacy. Laughing is infectious: your resulting good mood can help elevate the mood of others around you. Better moods mean reduced stress levels which can stop or prevent conflict, diffuse tension and help people acknowledge differing points of view.
  • Laughter makes “life” not so bad. A light-hearted, humorous approach to life is important for keeping healthy. Those who are able to laugh during difficult times may view their circumstances as less threatening and serious and therefore, more tolerable than people who don’t laugh as much. “Laughers” find life more enjoyable because they don’t worry as much. While life isn’t always fun, it’s more fun with regular laughter.
  • Laughter is relaxing as it invokes a physical and emotional release.
  • OK, now we know why and how laughter is such a powerful natural stress relief method, here are some suggestions for how to get more of it in your life so we can catch up to the kids!
  • Fake it! Your laugh doesn’t have to be genuine. The good news is the body can’t distinguish between fake laughter or real laughter and both versions produce the same “happy” body chemistry. The fake laughs will most likely lead to real laughter anyway!
  • Laugh instead of cry!Instead of getting frustrated, try to laugh. Look for the ridiculousness of your quandary and note that someday you’ll look back on it and laugh. Well why not laugh about it now? Getting more lighthearted and silly makes laughing easier which helps you manage stressful events much better. And if you really can’t find anything to be amused about, be amused at NOT being amused. Make fun of how serious you are and that will help you find genuine amusement, laughter, and stress relief.
  • Truly funny movies and TV comedies that make you laugh out loud are great natural stress relievers. This is an easy way to get laughter in your life thanks to online video services like Netflix.
  • Hang with Friends. Socializing with good friends ups your laughter quotient considerably. Laughter is contagious so you’ll laugh more in the good company of others. Social activities like the movies, sports events and parties set you up for lots of laughs and good feelings. Be sure to share your time with people who make you feel good as often as possible.
  • Do Laughter Yoga. Laughter Yoga can help recondition ourselves to laugh. It’s easy and fun and better yet, anyone can do it regardless of one’s physical stamina. If you’re a joiner, Laughter Yoga clubs are being started all over the country but you can also easily learn and on your own.

So many people look to the world for natural stress relief methods without realizing that they can relieve stress naturally themselves with simple laughter. The body is wired to laugh – it knows how to do it, regardless of what your ego tells you. It’s just out of practice. What’s more, you don’t need to be jokey, be well humored or even be happy to benefit from the stress relieving benefits of laughter. It’s easy to laugh your stress away – please give this awesome natural stress relief method a try and see for yourself.

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Top 7 EFT Books on Amazon

If you love EFT, (Emotional Freedom Technique), then you’ll want to print a copy of this list. These are the most wished for books on Amazon. This means there is probably a book or two on this list your EFTer would love. Save yourself some time by using this list as a shopping list. Your EFTer will love you for it.

1.The EFT Manual (EFT: Emotional Freedom Techniques) by Gary Craig. (4.5 out of 5 stars)

No surprise that this freely available pdf is now No.1 on the Amazon EFT list. Gary started EFT for us all. No matter how you learned of or about EFT. It came from here. Learn EFT from the Original EFT master.A must read.

2.Five Simple Steps to Emotional Healing: The Last Self-Help Book You Will Ever Need by Gloria Arenson. (5 out of 5 stars)

A clearly laid out and concise extension to EFTs basic doings. If you haven’t been ‘getting’ EFT to work for you. This may just be the bridge that you need to start clearing your own emotions. As it says, maybe ‘the last self-help book you will need. This is a very practical hands on book. Happy Days

3.EFT for Procrastination (EFT: Emotional Freedom Techniques) by Gloria Arenson. (5 out of 5 Stars)

Another book by Gloria, this time just focusing on how to apply EFT to procrastination. If you are about to stop reading this book or put things off. Then this is the book for you. This is a small and compact book, which you can carry with you and take out when you need it.

4.EFT for the Highly Sensitive Temperament (EFT: Emotional Freedom Techniques) by Rue Hass. (5 out of 5 stars)

Perhaps the worse thing about this book is the title. I did get confused about highly sensitive temperament. Then thought oh, she just means highly sensitive. If you are highly sensitive, then this is a great addition to your EFT library. Yet, if you are ‘shy’ do you go looking for help and assistance?

5.Improve Your Eyesight with EFT: Emotional Freedom Techniques by EFT Carol Look (5 out of 5 stars)

I’ve improved eyesight before with hypnosis and it works a treat. It is great to see improve your eyesight as an application of EFT. As ever, I’m always impressed with the detail and breath of Carol’s tapping. She always seems to cover all her bases, leaving no stone unturned.

6.Freedom at Your Fingertips: Get Rapid Physical and Emotional Relief with the Breakthrough System of Tapping by Ron Ball and Joseph Mercola (4.5 out of 5 stars)

This is can be used by a beginner to EFT, but for me it is more of a Question and Answer and How do I use EFT for… Think of a question about EFT. In here you will find an answer for it. A great Q and A reference guide.

7.EFT for PTSD (EFT: Emotional Freedom Techniques) by Gary Craig. (4.5 out of 5 stars)

Perhaps this is where EFT has been used or show its application the most. If you get to watch any of Gary’s intro DVDs. This is where you’ll see the amazing power of EFT. Recorded live sessions with war veterans. This book is an excellent resource guide.

Isn’t it about time you started expanding your EFT knowledge?

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The Mystic Power of Nam Myoho Renge Kyo

I have been on the spiritual path since my birth and I have had the blessings of many divine souls and personalities–both living and non-living. Deeply influenced by Hindu gods and after a brief stint with atheism during my college days in the 1970s I discovered Jesus Christ as my personal saviour. But soon thereafter I discovered Sri Aurobindo through his writings in the library of St. Stephen’s College, New Delhi. I also came in touch with The Divine Mother of Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Puducherry. I regard myself as an exponent of Sri Aurobindo’s Integral Yoga believing in the maxim “All life is Yoga.”

In my long journey of ups and downs in life, I also experienced the grace and blessings of Sai Baba of Shirdi. However, the turning point came in 2007 when a friend introduced me to the mantra “Nam Myoho Renge Kyo” and asked me to chant it along with determinations about my goals. I did not ask him for the meaning of the mantra and just went on chanting it. Soon I experienced many benefits relating to finances, health and relationships.

My friend told me that Nam Myoho Renge Kyo was revealed by a Japanese Buddhist monk Nichiren Daishonin who lived in the 13th century. Nichiren intensively studied the Buddhist scriptures and came to the conclusion that the Lotus Sutra was the panacea for transforming the people’s suffering and leading them to the state of absolute happiness. He further affirmed that all human beings possessed the Buddha nature and could attain Buddhahood. Chanting of Nam Myoho Renge Kyo, the title of the Lotus Sutra, alone will enable people to attain Buddhahood and have the strength and wisdom to challenge and overcome all challenges. Nichiren established that the practice of Nam Myoho Renge Kyo was capable of awakening our and others’ happiness.

Whenever I was under stress or I faced adverse situations in life, I used to chant Nam Myoho Renge Kyo till I saw breakthroughs.

The period between 2012 and 2015 was of intense struggle. I seriously started chanting Nam Myoho Renge Kyo in mid-2014 and I am happy to say that I became a member of the Bharat Soka Gakkai (BSG)–the Indian offshoot of the Soka Gakkai International (SGI) in January 2015. There are several sects that are adherents of Nichiren Buddhism—the main being Nichiren Shoshu and the Soka Gakkai.

I have been regularly attending monthly discussion meetings which are held in the districts where members participate in several Gakkai activities, recite Gongyo and chant Daimoku (Nam Myoho Renge Kyo) and share experiences. Guests are welcome to attend these meetings. I regularly read the Goshos—the writings of Nichiren Daishonin. It is rather uncanny that the Goshos written centuries ago have relevance even now. Senior leaders in faith also recommend reading the words of SGI President Daisaku Ikeda available through his large number of books. We regard Mr. Ikeda, now in his eighties, as our Sensei and strive to forge a mentor-disciple relationship based on faith, practice and study. .

I have had several victories including expiation of financial, health and relationship karmas which I have shared in the meetings. What has appealed to me the most is on our human revolution and sharing our faith with others.

Nichiren’s Buddhism is a vast subject and I will strive to share my knowledge in subsequent articles.

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Pain Relief – The Psoas Muscle Can Be the Key

What if I told you that this muscle you’ve probably never heard of could be the key to releasing your knee pain, your ankle pain, your shoulder pain and your neck pain? It may be hard to believe, but by the end of this article you will understand why releasing this muscle can relieve pain and tightness from our feet to our heads. Releasing the psoas can be the key to opening up the body and allowing it to expand and relax.

You have two psoas muscles, one on each side. The psoas is your hip flexor. It is attached to every vertebrae of your lumbar (low) spine. It descends into the pelvis and joins with the iliacus muscle in your hip socket and then dives down to attach to your femur in the back, near your sits-bone. It is the muscle that lifts your leg when you walk, run, and bike. It also does a little bit of rotation of the leg and can bring the low back closer to the pelvis and legs. If tight it will pull the legs up and into the hip sockets at a slight rotation. It will also pull the back down and forward, compressing the joints and tilting the pelvis. This pull can cause repercussions in the knees, feet, shoulders and neck. If I compared you body to a bicycle wheel, the psoas would be the center, and if the center gets warped the outside will get warped too.

When the psoas is tight it will rotate the femur. Of course we walk with our feet straight which puts a twist where? That’s right…the joint that really doesn’t like to twist. The knee. It has been my experience that knee problems that aren’t caused by blunt force (i.e. a ski accident), are often a result of a chronically tight psoas muscle. And even when there is a traumatic reason for a knee injury, releasing the psoas can ease extra strain on the knee and result in faster healing and decreased pain. I have a regular massage client who is in his 50’s, in good shape, plays basketball and golf, but was plagued by pain in his left knee. He even thought about quitting basketball, but after releasing his psoas and maintaining that release, (I see him every six weeks or so), he really has no knee pain and has been able to continue and even increase his exercise regime.

The psoas can also pull the whole upper body down toward the center. Our body is all interconnected. One thing pulls another thing, which pulls another thing. A tight psoas can pull the shoulders down and in, which can cause everything from sore upper back muscles, to arthritis, bursitis, bone spurs, and torn rotator cuff muscles. This shoulder pull will also affect the neck, pulling it down and forward.

The psoas muscle is the muscle that pulls us into a fetal position. We tend to hold a lot of trauma there, and in our bellies in general. This is one reason we often have trouble with this muscle. Of course sitting all the time doesn’t help either. We spend much more time in flexion, (at our computers, in our cars) than we do in extension. When our psoas gets stuck in flexion it will tilt our whole pelvis and puts extra stress on our spine which we tend to feel in our neck and low back. This cronic pelvis tilt can also cause tight hamstrings, which you can never seem to stretch. You can’t stretch them because they’re already stretched do to the pelvic tilt.

There is hope! There are many wonderful ways to release your psoas muscle. You could see a massage therapist that is comfortable working on the psoas (just ask them before you make the appointment). There are great stretches to be done and something called creative rest where you lie on your back with your feet up on a chair and allow your low back to fall on the floor and your hip sockets to release. Yoga and Pilates can be effective ways to work on the psoas.

Being successful in decreasing our pain and stiffness lies in treating the cause, not just the symptoms. Once you release the pull (which is often the psoas) everything else can release. Now that you know what the problem might be you will be much more successful at finding solutions.

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Slimming Naturally (Conclusion)

Mealtime Suggestion

Upon rising, drink a glass of purer fruit juice, herb tea, or apple cider vinegar which is about a teaspoon mixed with honey and hot water. This apple cider vinegar with water concoction is an effective slimming formula for me as it has been for many centuries. Apple cider melts fatty deposits in your bloodstream so it enhances the circulation of blood.

For breakfast, you can have some muesli with yogurt and whole grain cereal with skimmed or soy milk. Some alternatives would be fresh fruit with wheat germs and yogurt, or toasted bread with sunflower margarine and honey or savory spread. Drink herb tea, cereal coffee substitute, or pure fruit juice.

For lunch, we have some vegetarian savory made with cheese, nuts or grains or legumes, with a selection of vegetables in season. Or have a mixed vegetable salad with baked unpeeled potato or baked onions. For dessert, try a soaked dried fruit, baked apple, fresh fruit, granola, yogurt, natural fruit jelly, or a tofu dessert, which is tofu is eaten with dried fruit, fresh fruit, or honey.

For supper, eat the kind of food you had for lunch but do so before 6 p.m. Or, you could have something light, like a vegetable soap or fruit. You can also try a mixed salad and yogurt with some vegetarian savory and tofu.

Herbal tea are vital whether you are on a diet or not because they have a string of health benefits. These tea concoctions help reduce body weight. You can try chamomile tea and lemon. This done by boiling a cup of water to a slice of lemon and one teaspoon of chamomile. Cover and leaved overnight. Drink it first thing in the morning. Or, you drink a glass of unsweetened grape juice before breakfast and another in the afternoon. Another concoction is prepared using onions. Chopped onion is added to a glass of boiling water. Then add a few drops of lemon juice. Drink this first thing in the morning.

Aloe Vera is a wonderful tonic that requires sugar and fat metabolism. You can drink two teaspoon of aloe Vera mixed with apple juice. If you do not like the taste of Aloe Vera, you can take this in capsule from which is available at health-food store

The Exercise Factor

Medical science strongly supports the importance of regular exercise. A group of middle-aged men and women followed a fitness program. They showed lower level of blood sugar, fats , cholesterol, and gains in flexibility, strength, and stamina. Longer programs reaped greater benefits such as reduced tensions, improved respiratory capacity, lowered body fat, and increase in one’s sense of well-being.

With regular exercise, the metabolic rate increase, the digestive and circulatory system improve, the heart muscles grow stronger, and the skin acquires glow.

Regular exercise could mean a 5-mile brisk walk a day, swimming, taichi, biking, or yoga asanas. But if you have a heart or uterus problem, jogging is not advisable.

General yoga practice helps combat obesity by toning muscles and enhancing body awareness and willpower, facilitating a more sensible eating pattern. Abdominal contractions prevent and reduce fat bellies and lessen the risk of incurring back disorders.

Alternative Ways

The Ayurvedas has many recommendation for losing weight. Using lemon juice is a very effective means. This is like going to a juice fasting, which also cleanses your body of all toxins.

On the first day, juice or three pieces of lemon mixed with an equal amount of water should be given. One lemon per day should be added until the juice of 12 lemons is consumed per day. The number should be decreased in the same order until three lemons are taken a day You will feel hungry and weak on the first two days, but after that, your condition will stabilize.

Another formula is using bananas and skimmed milk. The daily diet is restricted to six bananas and four glasses of skimmed milk for a period of 10 to 15 days. Then green vegetables may be gradually added, reducing the intake of bananas from six to four. Continue this diet until you achieve the desire weight level. Bananas are ideal for overweight people as it has practically non-sodium.

Base on some recent researches, cabbage has a valuable ingredient called tar tonic acid which inhibits the conversion of sugar and carbohydrates into fat. Taking cabbage salad would be one of the simplest and painless ways of staying slim. A hundred grams of cabbage yields only 27 kilo-calories of energy, while the same quantity of wheat bread will yield about 240 calories, so you get fewer calories while having a lasting feeling of fullness in the stomach. It is also easily digestible.

Losing the first few pounds is easy as this is only water, but shedding the next ones will be a bit hard. Don’t get discourage by this. A steady weight loss is better than an abrupt one because it stays, provided that you also maintain this with proper food intake. Have a better healthful feeling and “thoughts”.

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Meditation Is the Gateway to Supernatural Powers

Meditation is something that is practiced by millions of people all over the world. And you don’t have to be a particular religion to meditate; absolutely anyone can reap the wonderful benefits that meditation has to offer. In general, most people meditate for one or more of the following reasons: to achieve inner peace and tranquility, to increase their concentration, to rid themselves of a disease that is difficult to treat, or to improve a particular area of their life, such as their career or love life. As you can see, meditation can afford you numerous benefits, and as a result, more and more people are giving it a try.

Another benefit of meditation, which is a bit controversial, is the attainment of supernatural powers. In order for this to happen, however, you have to meditate in a very systematic way. Successful instances of this occurring are evidenced in ancient Buddhist texts. Ancient meditation practitioners were highly devoted to their craft, but it is still possible to achieve these results even today as long as you practice meditation in the same way that the ancient Buddhists did.

First of all, you have to strongly believe in mediation and that the attainment of supernatural powers is possible. Next, you have to plan out your meditation routine. For optimal success, you should start doing your meditation two times a day for 10-15 minutes in the morning and 10-15 minutes in the evening. Then, after a couple weeks of doing this, you should increase your meditation time to 20 minutes per sitting. Then, increase your time again after another couple of weeks have passed until you are able to comfortably meditate for four hours per sitting. This process may take many months or even years to complete, but in order to attain supernatural powers, your meditation has to be your top priority, and you must be willing to sacrifice everything for it.

When you are meditating, it is very important that you are in the proper surroundings. You need to be in a place where you will not be disturbed by any external things. Therefore, you should avoid meditating in places where there are lots of people or noises that will be distracting to you.

It is also to your advantage to make sure that you are well-groomed while you are meditating. You want to get your mind to the purest state possible. Therefore, it helps for your body to also be very clean and pure. Before sitting down to meditate, try to do things like wash up, trim your nails, comb your hair, and put on clean clothes. Moreover, the location where you are meditating should be as clean as possible as well. So if you are meditating in your home, try to tidy up a bit beforehand.

When you practice the art of meditation, you want to retain a meditative state of mind even when you are not actively meditating. This means that you ought to live a simple and peaceful lifestyle. Do not kill or harm any creature; this means small insects too. Do not carry any kind of weapon. Rid your brain of hateful or jealous thoughts. Do not steal, lie, or gossip behind people’s backs. Free yourself from materialistic wants and desires and try to eat as a vegetarian or vegan as often as you can.

In order to get to the point where you could attain supernatural powers, you have to reach the fourth level of meditation, but you should be aware that not all types of meditation will lead to this fourth level. During your meditations, you should try to focus on breathing and equanimity.

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Learn 5 Simple Ancient Chinese Healing Techniques

The Chinese have been practicing simple healing techniques that have been passed down for generations. In this article you will learn 5 secret techniques that will help you keep focus and regulate the temperature of your body.

Ancient Chinese Healing Secret #1

Place your palm on your stomach. You will notice that after leaving your hand on your stomach for even less than a minute, you will feel the warmth of your hand radiating throughout your body to help keep you warm. What do I do in the summer to keep cool then? Ironically, the answer is the same, keeping your palm over your stomach tends to regulate the temperature of your body to the ideal temperature and keep you cool. Chinese people know that even if you are sleeping in the middle of summer heat, you still cover your stomach, or you might catch a cold. Interesting isn’t it?

Ancient Chinese Healing Secret #2

Drink plenty of hot liquids. Americans live a lifestyle of drinking water or juices as cold as they come, this quickly lowers your body’s core temperature. While it feels cool and refreshing, it is also making it easier to get sick. Chinese people have been drinking hot tea since Ancient Chinese Civilization. This has a double bonus, you get the vitamins from the tea, and you kill any bacteria inside your throat while keeping your body nice and warm. What is one the first signs of a cold, is it not the itchy feeling in your throat that makes you want to cough?

Ancient Chinese Healing Secret #3

Your body will heal itself, or you won’t get well. Think about it, unless you require surgery or have a broken limb, pretty much the main factor in how fast your body recovers from any sickness is how strong your immunity is. So what do you do if you get sick then? Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables to boost your immunity and get plenty of rest, apply the first technique to make sure your body temperature is regulated, also practice the second technique, but you already know this one right.

Ancient Chinese Healing Secret #4

Take long deep breaths while practicing the first technique. Yoga shows the benefits of deep breathing to help you stay focused and helps to align your body physically and mentally. The technique of covering the stomach and deep breathing really helps you relax, which makes it easier to fall asleep. The technique is to breath in slowly and deeply and breath out from the mouth, notice all the heat coming from your breath, a few breaths, and you will feel more relaxed.

Ancient Chinese Healing Secret #5

Don’t rely heavily on drugs. I am talking about OTC or prescription drugs. In general, relying heavily on any outside source from your body is only allowing your body’s natural resistance to use the boost as a crutch and will lower your body’s natural ability to fight off the sickness. Building a high immunity requires your body to fight off the sickness by itself, so that it gets stronger. If you keep assisting it along, it will have no need to generate the resistance needed, weakening your body’s defenses. Instead, try the above methods and get plenty of rest.

What does this all mean?

This means that unless you have some sort of cancer or require some kind of surgery, it is in your best interest to practice these techniques to help boost your body’s immunity naturally. With proper application of the techniques, it becomes easier to prevent yourself from getting sick in the first place. The best thing about these techniques is that you can use it on infants to adults with the same results.

Want to learn more?

To learn more secrets and logical reasons as to why it works, I highly suggest you check out the book Pei: Thermal Zone System [] It covers all these, as well as other techniques in detail, and is written in easy to understand language. I hope you all enjoyed this article, and I wish you all good health.

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E-Lybra Bio-Resonance Energy Healing Effects On Multiple Sclerosis

Over a period of around three months I have been giving e-Lybra bio-resonance re-balancing sessions to a client who has Multiple Sclerosis symptoms. Gill (not her real name) is in her early thirties and has been suffering from difficulties walking due to uncertain balance and a weakness in her left pelvic region and leg. The vision in her left eye could be poor sometimes and her right arm was often subject to tremors. Her bladder was also affected by the condition and she would sometimes need to urinate several times in a very short space of time, badly affecting her work and life style. Understandably at times her mood her suffered through the MS, essentially she is a feisty young woman who has a positive and optimistic attitude to her health and views herself as someone who is prepared to think outside of the box. I truly believe that this is what brought her to me. She was willing to try something new and outside of conventional help.

After the very first session, Gill had a big boost of energy. Even the hour plus drive home did not seem as difficult as she would have expected. As can happen with these chronic conditions, the benefits do not always last and more sessions are required until gradually the benefits ‘hold’ and we can work at deeper levels. However after the last session she felt so good that she went out into the garden and sawed up a branch and took it to the tidy tip – all with no ill effects!

Interestingly Gill noticed that her MS symptoms began after she had wisdom teeth extraction under general anesthetic. She had particular problems with her left leg after the operation and has always wondered about the connection. Oddly, during her e-Lybra sessions Gill has been aware of movement in her jaw.

Gill’s sessions have been monthly face to face and in between times, remote sessions once or twice a week, all sessions running for around two hours. Using just a hair sample and an e-capsule it is easy to run effective energetic healing from a distance.

To date Gill feels that she is 80% better and we are working on getting her nearer 100%.

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