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Everything You Want to Know About Hair Loss in Women – An Alternative Medical Perspective – Part 1

Between 21-25 million women suffer from hair loss in the US. Very few are getting the help they need in dealing with this devastating problem. A March 2008 review in the Dermatology Online Journal refers to female alopecia as a “common but puzzling condition” that strikes 10 percent of pre-menopausal women and 50 percent to 75 percent of women 65 years and older. This article concludes, “The need for effective agents is highlighted by the paucity of effective treatments and the substantial psychosocial impact of alopecia on women.”

The importance that is placed upon a full head of beautiful, healthy hair is understood by examining the out of pocket expense an average woman spends on her hair. According to a survey conducted by TRESemme in Britain, women are spending about the equivalent of $50,000. on her hair in her lifetime. This sum represents an average of $160 on shampoos and conditioners, another $120 for styling products and about $520 for haircuts yearly. In addition about 55 percent of women spend an additional $330 per year for hair coloring

Considering these facts, along with the emphasis media, beauty and fashion magazines and tabloids place upon hair: style, color, trends, length, who’s cut their hair, who’s grown bangs…on and on…. Hair has been immortalized as an object of fetish for lovers, writers, artists and poets since the beginning of recorded history. It is no wonder that it can be one of the most demoralizing and upsetting experiences for a woman to experience her “crowing glory” transferring from her head to her brush by consistently increasing numbers of hair follicles.

What makes this all the more frustrating and depressing is that the Western biomedical community does not have the answers that satisfy the majority of women with this problem.

What are the causes? More important…what can you do to prevent or correct this unwanted condition that robs women of one of their most prized possessions: a full head of healthy and beautiful hair. With all the advancements in medicine and research, these are the questions that for the most part have not been answered in a satisfactory manner to those experiencing this dilemma.

I will discuss this problem and address the causes and remedies from two different perspectives. The first perspective will be from the 4000 year old classics of Traditional Chinese medicine. The second will be from a modern day functional endocrinology perspective. Being a practitioner (and life long student) of Chinese medicine and having studied functional endocrinology, I often combine these two approaches effectively in handing many problems that are resistant to conventional allopathic medicine.

Here’s a brief explanation: Functional endocrinology identifies alterations in the endocrine system that are not currently in a disease state at the point of diagnosis. General clinical endocrinology treats conditions of deficiency, overactive or non -functioning organs, and uses pharmaceuticals or hormones to replace, suppress or support the dysfunctional endocrine gland. I find that by combining both the TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) and the functional endocrinology perspectives, I can achieve the best possible outcome for my patients, creating an “Ancient medicine for modern times”. I will attempt to discuss this problem from the homeopathic perspective without getting lost in technicalities; hopefully this will shed new understanding concerning female hair loss.

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