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Five Easy Steps to Get Bigger Biceps

The biceps muscle is one of the most coveted muscles a person has. for some guys they can practically look at some dumbbells and POW- their arms get bigger. For those of us with out such a superior genetic makeup are not so fortunate. We have to work extra hard to get bigger biceps. Perhaps we have been working too hard. Muscles need time to recover and more importantly they do not do well if trained for a period of time exceeding forty five minutes.

Step 1: Keep your arm routine under forty five minutes.

The biceps muscle is actually two main muscles. To get bigger biceps we need to focus on each part of the biceps separately.

Step 2: Choose three to four exercises that target both the inner and outer head of the muscle. Guys (and girls) with really awesome biceps have a definitive line separating the two heads. to see the best results we must remember this principle. Try using a wide grip on an e-z bar for your standing curls, then switch to a narrow grip for your preacher curls. This will target the inner and outer heads.

A supine grip (palms facing in towards your thighs) should be used to get bigger biceps when using dumbbells.

Step 3: When doing dumbbell curls start with a supine grip, in the middle of your curling motion evenly rotate your wrist until you palm is facing up and at the top of your curl give it an extra twist t really squeeze the muscle hard.

To get bigger biceps we also need to keep stretching in mind.

Step 4: Choose an exercise such as inclined dumbbell curls and really let the arm fully extend and stretch at the bottom. This will allow more blood flow to the muscle cell tissue, pumping nutrients, which you need to get bigger biceps, into the muscle.

Studies have shown that when you work out in the evening you have an increased level of growth hormone.

Step 5: If possible schedule your workouts after work, and then go eat a healthy dinner.

This should help you to get bigger biceps, and it is a good guideline to follow for you other muscle groups.

Bonus Tip: If you are doing cardio before your weight training switch them. Cardiovascular exercise before a weight routine can cause muscle to catabolize. (eat itself) and there is no way that that will help you to get bigger biceps.

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