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Four Habits That Make You Remain Elegant Like Audrey Hepburn

Perhaps you will feel so depressed once thinking that you will get old someday. Now that the order of nature can not be resisted, why not accept that with a smile?

Try to develop the following five habits, and then you will remain elegant just like Hepburn.

First, do not give up your life goal.

Do not give up the goal in life even if you have already retired. A man with a purpose will have more contact with people around naturally, thereby reducing the sense of loneliness and making themselves look much more younger than the actual age.

Studies show that old people who take part in social activities and often stay with their friends and family tend to live a longer life. They have better cognitive ability than their peers and their body are much more healthy.

Second, regard exercise as work.

First of all you should redefine the word “exercise.” John Law is the initiator of the Mac Arthur Foundation. Besides, he is also the co-author of the book “to grow old successfully.” In the book he said, “You do not have to go to the gym four days a week since any exercise is beneficial. In fact, a 30-minute walk for several times a week is also effective aerobic exercise. “

Third, it helps lose weight to have more meals a day but less food each time.

It is much better to have a small amount of food 5 to 6 times every day than a large amount 2 to 3 times. Thus you will never eat too much by the way of controlling the shares. If you eat too many times each day, your metabolism will naturally speed up. But if you do not eat or eat too much, it will slow down the metabolism.

Fourth, maintain a balance of your body and mind.

Generally, a middle-aged man will lose 1% to 2% of physical strength with age every year, which will make people become more inactive. And the yoga and tai chi are exercise that are very suitable for the old people, for they can increase flexibility of the body, enhance physical strength and promote balance.

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