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Get Rid of Bald Spots – 3 Proven Ways to Get More Hair

Suffering from hair loss is hard enough. So that means you can’t afford to live your life with bald spots present on your scalp. You have to get rid of them and do it fast.

Instead of relying solely on today’s hair loss treatments which can cost you a fortune, why not fix the problem some other way? There are highly-effective ways to get rid of bald spots and grow more hair. These methods will truly work to help you fight that threat of going bald much faster.

One way to do this is by helping blood vessels in the scalp carry more blood and nutrients to your follicle roots. You can make this happen by mixing four ounces of almond oil into six ounces of bay essential oils.

Essential oils are natural oils such as lavender, rosemary and jojoba oils. All are proven to increase hair growth and eliminate thin hair since they nourish your follicle roots.

Keep in mind that one key factor in getting rid of bald spots is to always make sure your scalp is getting sufficient blood circulation.

A second way to improve the way your hair is growing is by means of vitamins. Vitamins such as biotin are essential to maintaining and thickening your thin hair.

Bald spots can occur from a lack of nutrients in your body. This isn’t always your fault. You can end up with a certain illness and thus lose hair from various nutrients that your body are lacking.

Last but not least the third way to grow more hair is by taking better care of it. Genetics can cause hair loss if it runs in your family, but usually hair fall results from some other means. Your own personal haircare habits can influence your ability to stop your hair from thinning.

Be very careful of what type of shampoo you’re using. Many are very strong and strip your hair out over time. Stick to all-natural ones, especially those with herbs and vitamins infused in them.

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