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Hardgainer Routine

Of the millions of people that workout at their local gym everyday, a good percentage of them are hardgainers. Hardgainers are people who have more difficulty than others adding strength and muscle mass. It has nothing to do with how often or hard they workout, it is simply their body type that holds them back.

The reason their body type is holding them back is because they are not adjusting their workout routine. If a hardgainer copies the workout routine from one of their jacked friends who gains muscle and weight easily, this is going to be counterproductive. Since a hardgainer’s muscles recover slower than other people’s, copying this type of person’s weight room habits only hurts them. They actually will become weaker since they are working out when their muscles are tired and not fully recovered. This also makes them more susceptible to injury and illness.

Another place to avoid going for training tips and programs is muscle magazines. These magazines are also intended for people who don’t struggle to put on muscle mass. When hardgainers copy these plans, they overtrain and have no chance to gain much strength and muscle. That is why so many hardgainers stop working out.

The world is filled with a lot more hardgainers than you see struggling at the gym. Ninety-nine percent of these hardgainers don’t know why they can’t add muscle and weight to their frames. The key is working out for a shorter period of time and less often during the week. Three to four hours a week is all you need. This gives your muscles ample time to recover which will allow you to reap the rewards you have always been after.

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