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How to Attract Beautiful Mature Women (5 Amazing Tips)

Did you know that pick up lines are completely worthless when it comes to attracting women to you? What if I told you that mature women would have a natural undeniable attraction for you if you worked on just these 5 things in your life? Did you know that being rich, having expensive cars and showering women with gifts is not only unnecessary but also attracts the wrong type of women?

In fact if you don’t do these 5 things you have no chance of getting a beautiful mature woman! You would end up alone or with an unattractive destructive toxic immature girl.

Here is your elite 5 man commandments you need to do for yourself so you can be confident enough to pick up any woman that you desire.


A real beautiful authentic mature woman desires a man with passion. She looks beyond the little boys who shower her with gifts (that most likely they can’t afford) or shows off in a car they can’t afford. Mature women are looking for a man who has figured the world out… not a boy that has no direction about his future. What makes you PASSIONATE? What wakes you up in the morning? Maybe you love music… or maybe you love writing… maybe you’re passionate about starting a business.

If you start working on things you’re passionate about the confidence will flow through your entire body and your positive energy will be magnets to women. Most men (or boys) have no idea what they want to do with their life. When a woman finds a man who knows exactly what he wants it’s a very refreshing feeling for them.

2. Exercise at least 4 times a week

You don’t have to go the gym and become the strongest man in the world. Do women like men with amazing bodies? Well yes… but it’s not as important as you probably think. This topic kind of goes hand in hand with having ambition. When you work out frequently it shows women that you value yourself, you have high expectations and it also boosts your confidence for the remainder of the day.

If you go out for a nice run in the morning you’ll have an unlimited source of energy throughout the day. You can also meet a lot of women running in the park, doing yoga or simply being at the gym. Plus it wouldn’t hurt to do a little cardio if you plan to get laid, you need a lot of energy to please a woman!

3. Tell Her NO

Why do nice guys always finish last? Well they never finish unless they’re really lucky. By the way getting a girl to have sex with you has nothing to do with getting lucky, you’re either good at it or you’re not… the good thing is you can learn to be better.

The reason women aren’t attracted to nice guys is because they’re too easy, women can wak all over them! Nice Guys will say “Yes” to every woman’s command and then the woman takes full control. Not only is this uncomfortable for the guy, but the woman doesn’t see that you’re good enough for her (even though deep down you probably are). So say NO to her! Even if you’re saying no just to say it. If she wants you to buy her a drink tell her “No I got a better idea, you can buy me a drink” or if she wants to go out Friday say “No… I’m busy Friday, how about Thursday?” Women love men who call the shots. You don’t have to be mean when you say no… But you also don’t want to make yourself an available doormat she can walk all over.

4. Be Well Groomed, Have a Sense of Fashion.

Women want a well groomed man period. You don’t have to look like a male model but you need to take care of yourself. Trim your long dangling nose hairs, shave the back of your neck, trim your caterpillar eyebrows trim your the hair on your balls. You don’t want to be a hairy caveman.

As for fashion you don’t need to walk around in a fitted suit (although that probably wouldn’t hurt)… but where a good cologne (NOT AXE body spray), wear a nice button up shirt or a nice polo. You don’t need to go overboard but make sure you clothes fit you nicely, wear nice fitted jeans. Sagging pants or nut hugging skinny jeans doesn’t make you look like a mature gentleman. If you want beautiful mature women think “what do they like?”. I don’t want you to change yourself… but you have to make some modifications.

5. Be a Leader

Women love men who can lead… this goes hand in hand with saying “NO” to women… well I guess all of these features go hand in hand. Making the decisions when you first start dating is crucial. I’m not saying you need to be Hitler but if you’re taking her out you call the shots. Make it a surprise for her like she’s anticipating not know where you 2 are going next. The worst thing you want is the two of you saying “I don’t know… what do you want?” This shows weakness and will land you straight into the friend zone.

Don’t worry too much if she’ll like the restaurant you’ll take her to, if she’s a mature beautiful woman she’ll be delighted that you took her out in the first place… if she’s snobby then that just means you can save time and cut her from your roster. The most important thing is showing her that you can lead.

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