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Natural Remedy for Anxiety – Out of The Box Anxiety Treatments

These days, it would seem as if a new natural or herbal remedy is discovered every day to cure all common ailments. In fact, these kinds of remedies are quickly taking over the prescription medications and traditional methods. The traditional medications are being used to treat the symptoms of stress and anxiety disorders, but the chemical substances cause people to develop unhealthy dependency and habits. Stick around and learn more about natural remedy for anxiety disorder.

If you are using a good herbal remedy, you can get relief from anxiety without the negative side effects. Although all herbal remedies might not be an effective treatment for anxiety, there are many which have been proven to give good results.

With the right combination and dosage, herbs with powerful anti-anxiety components can actually relieve most of the symptoms related to anxiety and stress disorders.

Many scientific studies have been conducted with regards to the effects of using herbal or natural remedy for anxiety.

In case you are thinking about a natural method to deal with your anxiety, its best to use the herbs which have proven to be efficient from these scientific studies. A few of the herbs which were discovered to be effective through tests and studies are:

  • Valerian: It’s possible to get relief from anxiety disorder if you are using this herb. One of the main benefits would be the fact that it is powerful enough to take effect really fast. Some people have reported experiencing a relief in panic attacks after just one hour of taking this herb.
  • Passion flower extract: This is an effective cure for panic attacks, stress and anxiety. When this extract is combined with an herb such as valerian, this will become a very powerful herbal remedy for stress and anxiety, even more than using any other compound.
  • L-theanine: This is a green tea extract which is thought to be as powerful as a few of the medications now available. Perhaps the main difference with this is that it’s not habit forming or addictive.
  • Seredyn: This treatment includes valerian, L-theanine and passion flower extract. With this combination, you will get a proven herbal remedy that has given some impressive results in the treatment of most anxiety related ailments.

In addition to the natural remedies for anxiety mentioned above, you can also take advantage of other methods such as relaxation, muscles relaxation techniques, and controlled breathing. A trained professional like a therapist will give you helpful information about these types of treatment and methods. Acupuncture and hypnotherapy have also been proven to be effective treatments for conditions related to stress and anxiety.

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