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Review of SunSplash Tanning and D Lite (No Tan) Systems

If you are like me, a deep tan is quite appealing. However, the sun exposure that is required to achieve that beautiful tan is far from appealing. I will add to that by saying that some exposure to the sun is important to ensure that your body receives the right amount of Vitamin D, and that your Melatonin levels fluctuate appropriately. Apart from spurts of sun exposure, it is not safe for your skin to receive much more than this. If it does, you will face the complication of burning, and even serious problems like skin cancer. Here, I will review a product that I used to achieve a natural looking tan by not having to expose myself to dangerous levels of sun exposure – SunSplash Tanning and D Lite (No Tan) Systems.

It all started when a friend of mine visited a local tanning salon. The results that she achieved were remarkable. Her reasoning for pursuing this method of tanning was that she was too busy to spend hours in the sun in order to get the tan that she had wanted for so many years. She then suggested to me that I participate in tanning bed exposure to achieve the tan I had always dreamed of. You see, I work from home and I educate both of my active boys from home. My husband also worked from home, but we would often find ourselves scraping the barrel for enough time to do all of the things that we had to do on a day to day basis – much less time to visit a tanning salon.

My husband and I worked it out and he stated that he would take care of things if this is what I wanted to do, but to be careful. I was so excited! That is until I took the time to research tanning beds. I quickly learned that this form of tanning provides no health benefits, and over time, it can actually damage your organs and other internal components of the body! Needless to say, I quickly changed my mind on this little experiment and never made it to the tanning salon. My interest was peaked, however, and I decided that I should take the time to determine if there were any other types of safe alternatives to tanning beds. This is when I ran across a website that sold the SunSplash Tanning and D Lite (No Tan) Systems.

Now, with this tanning method, I discovered that it produces nearly the same amount of sunlight that the actual sun produces, which meant that it also helped the body receive a sufficient amount of Vitamin D. Melatonin levels could also be regulated by using this tanning system which includes approximately eight different lights. So, basically, this was much safer than standard tanning beds in that it uses reflective lighting technology to deliver the rays that help tan the skin and provide nutrients to the body! I could not believe it.

Now, after just a couple of months of using the SunSplash Tanning and D Lite (No Tan) Systems, I sport a luxurious tan. In addition to this, I look and feel better all the way around. I highly recommend this system to anyone who desires the same!

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