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Symptoms of a Panic Attack – Freak Out Symptoms

Panic attacks can truly set one into a real “panic” that can go beyond upsetting. This especially applies if a person is going through symptoms of a panic attack for the first time. It not only takes over the body and mind. It also shakes up the soul of whoever is doing their best to not feel like they are going crazy when everything feels out of focus and seems crazy. This is why knowledge of the symptoms should be known to a potential sufferer of this condition.

Those who suffer with a panic attack for the very first time may end up calling 911 for help. Because they do honestly believe that, they are in the midst of either having a nervous breakdown or heart attack. Effects of an anxiety attack are as different as are people. Panic and anxiety attacks are linked to the fear of not being able to get away from a situation that may be bad and or agoraphobia, which is an anxiety disorder that is marked, by the avoidance of public and strange places and the fear of having a panic or anxiety attack in a place one cannot readily escape from easily.

Anxiety attacks bring with them a fear of the unknown for first time victims. Nonetheless, it is through understanding of the problem itself, one can begin to learn to deal with the upsetting episodes for what they truly are in essence. Getting all the knowledge that a person can on panic attacks is the key to easing the fear generated by them. Knowledge is power and power over panic attacks is what someone wants to be in control again.

Panic attacks do not have any triggers. That are obvious; however, there are some key symptoms. That is evident of this disorder. They are as follows:

1. Generated fear that one is actually about to die

2. Chest pains

3. Presence of hot flashes or chills

4. Shortness of breath

5. Presence of heart palpitations and sweating profusely

Panic attacks can have varying symptoms. Some of the ones mentioned here are just an example of a few on the list. These symptoms are the very thing that help a mental health expert to diagnose a patient. Panic and anxiety attack symptoms also include smothering, choking, light-headiness, feeling of nausea, uncontrollable trembling, amid some of the traits.

However, there may be no obvious real triggers for some panic attacks as was previously stated. Panic disorder in itself does have some causes and amid these causes are heredity, phobias, hyperventilation syndrome, the use of some medications, chronic/serious illness, and lack of assertiveness in one’s life, the list goes on.

Understanding the various symptoms of panic and anxiety attacks is a step in the right direction towards understanding what panic attacks are all about overall. The key symptoms can actually make a person believe that their body is about to be done with when in actuality it is just the opposite.

The numerous symptoms that come into play are protecting the body from any impending harm. This physiological reply is known as the fight or flight response where a person’s body is being prepared to take on something very strenuous in nature if one must. The symptoms of a panic attack do not spell doom only eventual sweaty survival.

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