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Symptoms Of Low Blood Sugar – All About Brain Fog

One of the first symptoms of low blood sugar to be felt by you is normally a cloudy, dense feeling in your head. Often you will want to reach for a coffee with sweeteners to try to clear it.

A fitting expression for this symptom of low blood sugar used by Americans is ‘brain fog’, which very neatly sums up how you feel. The frustration of this seemingly, low-key symptom can only be understood by those who have suffered it day after day. But perhaps it has been best described by a doctor as similar to the after effects of a night on the town. It is a dull, sluggish feeling that lingers all day and you are unable to make clear decisions.

What is the background that brought brain fog into your life?

Energy for the body is needed 24 hours a day, but through convenience Western man now eats 3 times a day and sometimes even skips a meal. Some people regularly omit the first meal of the day, which means the body receives no fuel for at least 12 hours.

This is an invitation to disaster especially if the first ‘meal’ involves coffee and donuts or refined pastries. Excess insulin is fired through your body to cope with this rush of sugar, putting a strain on your pancreas.

This would be acceptable if you were lazing around on holiday but in your daily life of work, college or school, your brain requires massive amounts of regular glucose. A lack of glucose leads to fatigue and when your blood sugar levels crash the feeling of brain fog is the result.

Brain fog cannot be ignored, as your body cannot cope forever with the extremes of low blood sugar. It is time for you to be concerned before you undergo genuine pain and anguish, otherwise your system will begin to deteriorate allowing one of the major illnesses like stroke or diabetes to take hold.

The symptom of brain fog can only be overcome by a change in lifestyle and correcting your diet. As you start feeling better you will be encouraged to continue on this road to well-being knowing that you will be able, once again, to cope with all that life throws at you. Today more and more doctors are acknowledging brain fog is a symptom of hypoglycemia and it is not just a figment of your imagination.

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