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To Eat or Not to Eat: Best & Worst Workout Foods

You’re an hour away from your workout and you know you need to eat up. What do you do? Will you raid your fridge? Go to the nearest fast food chain and search for their healthiest foods? What do you eat in the first place? First, calm down. Second, think about your options-what you should eat and what you should avoid. Check out these best and worst workout foods.

Worst workout foods… and drinks

Pasta, white rice and potatoes. It’s true you need carbs to give you energy. But these type of carbs, besides being packed with calories, will pass through your system in a flash.

Soda. Regular or diet, drinking soda before a workout is just a no-no. Regular sodas are packed with sugar and calories. The carbonation can make you bloated, which may lead to an upset stomach. The diet kind may not have sugar or calories but is still carbonated. Although most people would argue that a caffeine boost would help during a workout, you should opt for a better alternative, like green tea or even a small cup of brewed coffee without the cream and sugar.

Spicy foods. Yes, spicy foods can help speed up metabolism. But eating it before a workout may give you heartburn.

Fast food. This may seem obvious to most people, but others still grab a fast food meal before they go to the gym. Their reason? They’ll burn the extra calories anyway. However, fast food with its high-fat and calorie content can make you sluggish. Also, you’ll miss out on actual weight loss when you’re just burning fast food calories in the gym.

Energy drinks. It seems to make sense, too. You need energy for a workout so you gulp an energy drink. But most energy drinks are packed with sugar, caffeine and carbonation. You may end up crashing, bloated or with acid reflux mid-workout.

Best Workout Foods and Drinks

Oatmeal with fruits. Oatmeal, like whole grains, is the type of carbohydrates which is best for workouts. With its high fiber content, energy (in the form of sugar) can be constantly released in your bloodstream throughout the workout. The fruits give you an extra dose of nutrients.

Omelet. Eggs give you a protein boost and they are light on the tummy. When making an omelet, mix whole eggs plus extra whites for more protein.

Turkey. Speaking of protein, turkey is a great source without worrying about the fat. If your workout is more intense than usual, turkey is your best bet. Chicken breast, without the skin, can serve as an alternative. Grill an olive oil-drizzled turkey or chicken breast. Throw in some veggies like carrots and zucchini in the grill and you’ll have a great pre-workout meal. Since this is considered as a heavy meal, you can eat it two hours before a workout.

Veggie sticks and almond butter. Athletes love almonds because they are packed with fiber, vitamins and other nutrients. Almond butter has minimal fat, sodium and sugar compared to peanut butter. Celery or carrot sticks with almond butter is not only nutritious, but can provide a steady supply of energy for a light workout.

Greek yoghurt with fruits. Greek yoghurt is like ‘super yoghurt’. It has less calories than regular yoghurt but twice the protein, lower fat, half the sodium and an incredibly high amount of calcium. Add some berries, a banana and you’ll have a meal which can power you through light to moderate workouts. You can also make a Greek yoghurt smoothie.

Water. This won’t come as no surprise because water is the best drink in the planet. Drink two cups an hour before a workout so you won’t be concerned about going to the bathroom too often and disrupting your workout.

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