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Unclog Your Colon – Simple Remedies For an Severe Constipation Or Impacted Colon

For some people having an impacted colon is uncomfortable, but more importantly, it is very unhealthy. There are several remedies available now for an impacted colon and physicians often prescribe these remedies, while some individuals can do colon cleansing without a physician.

Some symptoms of having an impacted colon are a hard stool that is difficult or painful to pass, abdominal pain, fatigue, as well as other symptoms. However, if you are experiencing any of these symptoms it is probably a good idea to visit a physician to be sure. Ways of preventing an impacted colon are to exercise and have a proper diet.

Teas and Herbal remedies – Remedies for an impacted colon can consist of having a high fiber diet or using fiber supplements. Foods that are high in fiber or have “roughage” assist in the digestive system moving waste through the colon. Another source is by the use of herbs and teas that are essentially made from herbs. Some of these herbs will assist in the ability of waste moving through the colon as well. For some people chamomile tea has proven useful. Finding a good remedy for an impacted colon is not hard to do. Several health magazines articles, local pharmacies and other holistic measures can assist you.

Diet and Exercise – Another remedy is to avoid fatty foods or those foods that are processed, such as some types of cheese for example. Of course there are other foods to avoid, and yet some foods benefit the remedy of an impacted colon. Prunes are a good example of this, or raisins. Obviously a good diet program is beneficial because it not only allows food to digest better, but some of those fat calories are burnt off too. Exercising also assists the digestive track in which waste can move easily through the colon.

Colon Cleansing Supplements – There are several colon-cleansing supplements available on the market today. Sometimes deciding can be difficult, but by simply reading the label an individual can determine if that product is the right one. If you are not sure about a product you can ask a pharmacist or a physician.

Professional Colon Cleansing – Now there are procedures done by physicians that can relieve an impacted colon. Colonics or colonic irrigation, this is done by infusing water into your rectum by a colon therapist which cleanse and flush out your colon. Although these procedures are relatively not painful, for some individuals the simple idea or embarrassment prevents the individual from using this as a remedy.

Obviously there is always the alternative of using laxative products; however some of these products contain ingredients that can cause cramping or abdominal spasms that are just as painful as having an impacted colon.

Several web sites offer information regarding a remedy for an impacted colon, or several remedies. These web sites in some situations are medical sites, while others are based on natural ways by using herbs and other products. Essentially the final decision of which remedy you will use is up to you, so reading the information could be beneficial. Some of the web sites also have various products for certain remedies of an impacted colon that can be purchased via that web site. This depends on which web site you are viewing.

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